How to guide to asthma treatment part 3
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How to guide to asthma treatment part 3



How to Guide to Asthma treatment 3 part series this presentation looks at the most common alternative asthma treatments, including the one I have found most effective in controlling my asthma

How to Guide to Asthma treatment 3 part series this presentation looks at the most common alternative asthma treatments, including the one I have found most effective in controlling my asthma



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How to guide to asthma treatment part 3 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How to Guide to Asthma Treatment Part 3 Alternative and Complimentary Asthma Treatment
  • 2. Alternative and Complimentary Asthma Treatment Due to The Long Term Effects of Prescription Drugs An Increasing Number of Individuals are Evaluating Alternative And Complimentary Medicines To Control Their Asthma
  • 3. Warning You Should Always Consult Your Doctor Or Asthma Practitioner Before Substituting Your Prescription Drugs With An Alternative Or Complementary Treatment Regime
  • 4. Alternative and Complimentary Asthma Treatment The Major Problem With Alternative And Complimentary Medicines Is The Lack Of Documented Research On Their Efficacy, Although Many Have Been Used For Thousands of Years To Treat Ailments
  • 5. Alternative and Complimentary Asthma Treatment
    • There Are An Increasing Number Of Alternative Treatments That Individuals Are Trying To Control Their Asthma Including
    • Homeopathy
    • Acupuncture
    • Herbal Remedies
    • Salt Therapy
  • 6. Salt Therapy When I Lived In Largs, A Seaside Town On The West Coast Of Scotland, If Had A Tight Chest Or The Preliminary Signs Of An Asthma Attack, I Used To Take The Dog For A Walk Along The Seashore, Found That This Gave Instant Relief. At The Time I Thought That It Was Due To Higher Levels Of Ozone From The Breaking Waves On The Rocks. It Was Later That I Found That It Was Due To High Presence Of Salt In The atmosphere.
  • 7. Salt Therapy I Now Use A Salt Pipe To Control My Asthma And Have Managed To Eliminate The Use Of My Low Dosage Steroid Inhaler. I Do Still Carry My “rescue” Inhaler With Me, But Very Rarely If Ever Use It.
  • 8. Herbal Medicines Herbal Medicine Is The Use Of Plants Or Plant Extracts In The Treatment Of Various Medical Conditions Or As Dietary Supplements
  • 9. Herbal Medicine
    • There Can Be a Number of Problems Associated With The Use of Herbal Remedies
    • They May Not be Pure and Contain Substances Like Pollen Which Maybe a Problem For an Individual Who is Asthmatic
    • Contamination During Manufacture
    • Lack of Documented Evidence on Their Efficacy Although May Have Been Used for Many Thousands of Years
  • 10. Herbal Medicine There Are A Number Of Herbal Mixtures That Have Been Used In Traditional Herbal Medicine To Treat Asthma And Associated Lung Conditions
  • 11. Herbal Teas . Most Devotees Of Herbal Teas Suggest That Both Chamomile And Mint Have The Ability Not Only To Relax Anyone Who Takes Them On A Regular Basis, But They Also Have Anti-allergenic Properties As Well
  • 12. Herbal Teas If You Are Trying To Deal With Asthma, Both These Teas Are Well Worth Trying Because They Can Help To Reduce The Levels Of Stress And Anxiety In Your Everyday Existence Whilst Also Minimizing The Possibilities Of The Kind Of Allergic Reactions That Will Often Trigger An Asthma Attack
  • 13. Herbal Remedies Sage and Lemon Balm Both Of Which Are Believed To Have Significant Healing Powers.
  • 14. Herbal Remedies Rosemary: Rosemary Stimulates The Immune System, Enhances Circulation And Improves The Digestion. It Also Contains Anti-inflammatory Compounds That You Need To Fight Asthma.
  • 15. Herbal Remedies Tarragon: Tarragon A Member Of The Dandelion And Daisy Family, A Herb That Is Extremely Rich In Antioxidants, Antibacterial And Anti-inflammatory Agents. In Addition It Helps To Strengthen Your Immune System
  • 16. Herbal Remedies Motherwort: Motherwort Is Highly Effective For Opening Up The Airways Naturally In Addition It Is A Relaxant So That Stress And Anxiety Which Can Aggravate Asthma Are Reduced
  • 17. Acupuncture It Involves The Use Of Needles That Are Inserted Into The Surface Of The Skin At Certain Key Areas That Are Said To Be Connected Or Associated With The Different body organs. It Is Said That Once These Key Areas Are Stimulated, They Can Correct Any Unorganized Flow Of Energy Into The Different Body Systems.
  • 18. Acupuncture Studies Are Lacking To Actually Prove If It Is Effective Or Not. From The Traditional Healers' Points Of View, It Is Effective. Since A Lot Of People Have Claimed That They Experienced Health Benefits From Acupuncture, It Is Still Widely Used Around The World Today
  • 19. Homeopathy The Homoeopathic Approach Aims To Tap Into The Body’s Own Ability To Heal Itself By Making The Trigger Part Of The Remedy, On The Basis That Stopping The Symptoms Is Not Enough. Asthma Homoeopathy Takes The View That In Order To Treat Asthma Correctly, You Must Treat The Sufferer’s Whole Body At The Same Time, As You Cannot Isolate One Single Cause From The Whole
  • 20. For Further Information on the Development of Asthma, Asthma Triggers and Total Allergen Load Visit