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The Strangest Places To Put A Toilet
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The Strangest Places To Put A Toilet



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  • 1.  
  • 2. It’s ok to put a men’s bathroom next to a women’s bathroom, but the same idea does not carry over well to actual toilets.
  • 3. Privacy is great while on the john, but this is ridiculous.
  • 4. Unless you’re in some kind of sick pooping contest, you probably don’t want to be facing another person who’s also on the crapper.
  • 5. They say the sound of running water relaxes the bladder, so you should have no trouble peeing in this underwater toilet.
  • 6. No one’s bowels magically turn off when they’re mountain climbing, and the makers of this toilet were probably aware of that fact.
  • 7. Is there anything better than pooping on a balcony where thousands of people can see you? Yes, there is: doing it in private.
  • 8. Ok, we get it, you’re in a hurry. Just remember there are bathrooms on the plane too.
  • 9. We can appreciate the allure of taking a crap near the ocean, but it’s very likely the local fish not as drawn to the idea.
  • 10. For that “On the go” lifestyle.
  • 11. Beautiful sunset, good friends, happy times… and pooping in subzero temperatures. Does life get any better than this?
  • 12. So what do you do when you’re out in nature, and then unexpectedly, nature calls? Your choices are limited, so either find an inexplicably placed outhouse like this one or take a squat behind a bush and hope no one is coming.
  • 13. It’s not the location of this bathroom that scares us, it’s the fact that a car could easily plow into it and the only protection you have is a mirror.
  • 14. Is this an office in the bathroom or a toilet in the office? Either way, the owner of this thing must be a real mover and shaker.