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2009 - Online performance for websites
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2009 - Online performance for websites


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Presentation for Podcamp Halifax in Jan 2009 (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Presentation for Podcamp Halifax in Jan 2009 (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Published in: Business
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  • 1. 25 January 2009 Online Performance
  • 2. 25 January 2009 Online Performance Defined It’s all about: Traffic & Conversion Of course, you must make sure to: Reliably Measure Traffic & Conversion So you can: Improve your website’s performance (i.e. your conversion rate) Revenue = Traffic x Conversion rate
  • 3. 25 January 2009 How to measure traffic By far the best available Free tools out there is: Google Analytics is the closest competitor to the top major Web Analytics tools such as Omniture, WebSiteStory, CoreMetrics, ClickTracks You want to make sure that any measuring tool you use is: Cookie based not Session Based
  • 4. 25 January 2009 Web Analytics 101
    • Understanding:
    • Visits vs. Unique Visitors (UV)
    • Pages views
    • Pages/Visit
    • Bounce Rate
    • Average Time spent on site
    • New Visits (Returning Visitors)
    • Traffic sources
    • Searched Keywords on Traffic sources
    • Top landing pages
    • Top Exit pages
    • All these factors influence performance
  • 5. 25 January 2009 Website with lifestyle content. Total pages: 10,000 Performance analysis exercise
  • 6. 25 January 2009 Website with catalogue of products. Total pages: 350 (300 products) Performance analysis exercise
  • 7. 25 January 2009 Website giving access to regional tourism information and suppliers’ listings. Total pages: 8,000 Performance analysis exercise
  • 8. 25 January 2009 Website showcasing only one product. Total pages: 10 Performance analysis exercise
  • 9. 25 January 2009 Improving Performance
    • A few recommendations:
    • Increase traffic (SEO, SEM, etc.)
    • Usability is key
        • don’t make me think (too much)
        • Clear navigation
        • As straight to the point as possible (no clutter)
    • Great (and/or relevant) content
    • Understand conversion funnels and improving upon them
    • Define & focus on landing pages
    • Beware of where visitors enter your site
    • Don’t expect visitors to search within your website
  • 10. 25 January 2009 Stéphane Lagrange www. web target .ca info @ web target .ca
  • 11. Thank You Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese French Russian German Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi Tamil Thai Korean Shalom 25 January 2009