Greek Internet Marketing. 10 must do techniques to drive unstoppable traffic to your site


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The biggest question site owners are asking these days is "how do I get traffic?" It is definitely much harder with the growth spurt of the Internet, however it's not impossible!

There are TONS of ways to build up your traffic. Here are some of the most common methods.

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Greek Internet Marketing. 10 must do techniques to drive unstoppable traffic to your site

  1. 1. 10 “Must Do Techniques” To Drive Unstoppable Traffic To Your Site. Brought to you by
  2. 2. First Technique: Article MarketingMost business experts agree that marketing is everything. This art comes first in every business venture.Marketing blends and integrates all the functions of the business together and presents them to customersin the form of advertising, promotion and other marketing activities. This is why most online businesses orwebsites consider marketing seriously. The importance of marketing lies in its ability to bring the business to the market - where customers dwell and opportunities thrive. In the case of websites, if one wishes to have hissite linked to thousands of other sites in the internet, also known as backlink, then you may consider articlemarketing as your first option.Apparently, the benefits of article marketing are endless, probably because countless possibilities could happen to you.But these things are certain and fundamental. What’s so great about article marketing is that it is the easiest and fastestway to promote your site. Not to mention, not only is it easy and fast, it’s free of charge. Contrary to the typical marketingstrategy in the corporate world, where hundreds and even thousands of dollars are spent, article marketing is free.Later on, we will run through some of the basics in article marketing.Another benefit is that it gives you instant exposure. Ever heard of stories where a song or a book gets that instantsuccess overnight? This is also true with article marketing. It gives you a direct and instant exposure, period.Another proven benefit of article marketing is 100% efficiency. This technique is sure to win if used as a strategy.Then of course since it is marketing, once the effort is done and the seeds have been sowed to the field, all you haveto do is watch and see your website get promoted passively! This means that everyday your site will be promoted,more and more customers will link you, and more visitors will attach your site, and this will go on and on.So how will I do it? Let’s get our hands dirty now as we learn the basic type of article marketing.Here it is.1.First, try to make an article or a review about your brand, in your case – your website, what you are selling or what you are about.2. For example, if your site is about guitars, you may want to make an article about guitars.3.Then post it to popular article directories in the internet.
  3. 3. One or probably the top directory we have today is Post it there and have it published.Ezine Articles hosts thousands of articles and are categorized in many sections.You may check in their site for further reference.3.Then here is the one last thing you shouldn’t miss out - attach your website at the end of your articlepost, i.e. You may want to attach “for more resources or for further reference,please visit my site at” or “Click here to Learn guitar tabs” as anchor text text.Here’s a good example I got from you do this, visitors can follow you to your website, which is our main goal by the way.There are other article directories our there. But these site directories are at the top:, and You may consider these sites in your priority list. Since article marketing is limitless,other web masters can take your content to their own site. Talk about passive marketing.
  4. 4. Second Technique: Social BookmarkingIn the field of website promotions, links are not enough. And most of the time, web masters go through the season of waiting,where they just watch and wait for that visitor to come. Sadly this happens most of the time. The sigmoid curve applies to websitemarketing and promotions as well. At first, your site goes through the process of building, often the hard and difficult process we gothrough in marketing: planning, goals-setting, etc. Then it grows, where many visitors flood and traffic your page. But then soonenough, it declines. This is the reality of most businesses. The S-curve applies to all. So in the area of website marketing and trafficgeneration explosion, we might want to consider some effective solutions if we want to thrive and dominate the internet marketplace.Social Bookmarking has been there for long but only a few people really know what it is really about. Similar to bookmarkingthe favorite pages of your business book or magazine, or bookmarking the last page you’ve just read in your favorite novels,social bookmarking works in the same way too. Contrary to using the bookmark feature of your web browser, social bookmarkinginvolves not only you, but the many users also in the internet. This is why social bookmarking is considered as one of the besteffective ways to promote websites and your brand.Social Bookmarking has some amazing benefits. One of its benefits is heavy promotion. By joining social bookmarking sites,you get to tag or mark your website for others to see. And once it is viewed by many, alas, you give the notion that your websiteis something to be taken seriously, and that your brand is really good. Since you are using the internet and the art of socializationas your primary tools, you are 100% sure that your site will get promoted in the internet. Although it may take time to grow yourmarketability through social bookmarking, once it is marked, it is there. This means that once you have made it to the top list of themost bookmarked sites; you are going to be there for a long time. Your marketability will stay long too. Hard efforts equals to long-termresults.
  5. 5. So how does social bookmaking work? Here is a simple way to do it: First, join a social bookmarking site, and sign up for a new account. The most popular website on social bookmarking is You may also check other popular sites in the internet.Then once registered, try installing a button on your toolbar. By then you are ready to go. In just a simple click on that website (youmay want to click your own here), you already bookmark it for others to see. The good thing about this technique is that if a friendof yours has a similar interest on your brand or website, he/she may bookmark it also. Then just like the universe, which isconstantly extending, your business will continue to expand and grow in marketability and profit. Social bookmarking is reallysomething.
  6. 6. Third Technique: The Yahoo! Answers StrategyThe third technique in effective website promotion is through the use of a simple “who would ever thought of” tool – the Yahoo!Answers feature of Yahoo. Launched in 2005, this question and answer community site allows people to ask questions and havethem answered by other users in the environment. Its feature makes it an ideal ground for selling promotion to your brand and website.It is surely one of those fantastic places to visit where we could get that instant exposure to potential visitors and yes, customers.And of course why not utilize this feature? Yahoo! Answers breeds countless numbers of internet users from all around the world.If you are looking for an ideal marketplace to promote or sell your website, Yahoo! Answers is the place.Located via the URL , the site contains all the possible questions ever conceived by the human mind.Well some might not seem human at all, or dumb for short, but you may still consider using this tool wisely. How does it work?Here is a simple step to utilize this feature.1. First type in and once inside the site, click on the new user sign up link.2. Upon clicking the button, you will be asked to enter in your personal information, given that you have no yahoo mail account yet.Then after putting in all the details, click the Create My Account button. By then you are ready to go!3. Once registered, you may now post your strategic questions. Or if you want, try to look for questions posted in the environmentthat are somewhat related to your website or brand. Meaning to say, considering your goal to attract more visitors and potentialcustomers to your website, you may want to spot for the needs around. Once you find that question, you may post your humbleanswer there.
  7. 7. 4. Oops! don’t forget to attach your website link to your post. Without this move, you will not be able to promote your product orbrand and you will waste that opportunity to advance your way up in the marketplace. One of the most surprising truths about thisis that most of the users in Yahoo! Answers don’t have marketing and promotions in their mind. You may only find few users who didattached some links to their own sites, which means to say that you are among the first to wisely realize the tremendous benefitsof using the Yahoo! Answers tool.So here is fast run-through example. Let’s say you own a website about guitars and you want to have it promoted fast, then you maysign in to Yahoo! Answers and post a question like, “Where can I buy good guitars?” then since it will be posted in the forum, othersmay give their own advices and tips. But then as a business-minded person, you may post an answer like, “Hey I have found a goodplace to buy good guitar. It’s in” Now what you just did there was you’ve nailed a link in your website link forothers to see, thus, generating more visitors to your website. You can also search for questions related to your topic.For example, a question posted by an unknown user says, “Where can I get online tutorials for the guitar?” Here you may put in yourHumble answer in the post and also add the link of your website there. Don’t forget - post and link.These and many other ways you can do in the Yahoo! Answers tool to generate more traffic and visitors to your page.Cheers to your success.
  8. 8. Fourth Technique: Valuable Blog CommentsBlogs have been used in the internet as sources of information and human expression.They come in different forms ranging from business blogs to personal blogs, and from specific areas like travel and sports.Our fourth technique introduces a way to use blogs as leverage for traffic generation into your own website. This technique is agreat way to get those desired links for your site. And more than that, this is a more of a relevant and meaningful way to attachyour link. As much as possible, we want to avoid being branded as cheap or worse, spam. Thus our fourth technique is throughthe use of valuable blog comments.This works by searching blogs in websites, preferably top blog sites like and awesome sites have thousands of bloggers in them. You may want to fish into these rich, deep waters.So assuming you are planning to promote your website about cooking, you may want to search blogs about cooking and food,also maybe about restaurants. Then you’ll do the 5 step process we will introduce here in order to create valuable blog comments.This will work magic since unlike most blog commentaries; valuable blog comments possess sincerity of intention, relativity to thesubject, and connection of common interest. There will be a 7/10 ratio or a 70% chance that your endorsed links will get throughby the use of this process, contrary to the usual slim 20% probability that most cheap blog commentaries get.There is sure way to get those blog comments running straight up to the trash can. That is through the use of cheap blog comments.Familiar lines like “Awesome Page, please check mine at” are a no in the marketing arena. Simply put – thereare no shortcuts to success. You have to earn it yourself. There is a valuable way to post blog comments. And this is done throughthe use of our 5 step process.Here it is:The first process is to read the blog. That might sound simple. But our brains can trick us to assume that we already know what theblog is usually. So we are not reading at all, but assuming. Take the wisdom of the fully-filled glass of fowl water. Because it is full, itcannot take in new and fresh spring waters. So when we read the blog, make sure you really read it with an open mind.The second process is to understand. This will only happen if we already did the first process. Have we figured out what the blog isreally about? Or you rush in to post your cheap comment without really understanding the whole point of the blog. Understanding isthe key to developing valuable responses and comments
  9. 9. Third process is to relate. This is where connection happens and your comment becomes valuable because is it relevant to the point.We may consider relating our own personal experiences to the blog. How can I relate to the blog? Do I have something valuable to say?If you do, them it is time to go to the fourth process. After reading, understanding and relating to the main point of the blog,then it is time to post your valuable blog comment.Watch and see this process work wonders for you and your business.And of course, the last and final step of the process is to attach the link of your website to your blog commentary.Everything will go easily now as long as you have already followed the initial 4 Steps to creating valuable blog comments.
  10. 10. Fifth Technique: The Power of BlogsBlogs are the in thing today. Almost everyone using the internet is well oriented and acquainted to this technology.There are popular websites out there that promote its heavy usage - including popular social networking sites.With the rise of the information age, blogs are becoming the primary mediums for information dissemination covering differenttopics and fields. The master marketer must realize that there is a gold mine in blogs.For our fifth lesson, we will talk about harnessing the power of blogs to generate more traffic into our website.This technique is a very powerful way to promote brands and products. Today, many companies and businesses are realizing thepower of blogs. So if you don’t have this feature in your website, you might consider having one now. Blogs open up doors thatare not there as when you have a single regular website. Popular blog platforms include WordPress, Blogger and Livejournal.You may check for other blog platforms in the internet, but these three are at the top.The benefits of using blogs in order to create more site traffic are immeasurable. Maybe because blogging is an ongoing activityand it has turned into a major source of sharing information in the internet. So how do blogs work? Blogs usually come out form ourstream of consciousness. Most would say that blogs are really base on opinions on one’ self, which by the way makes it even morepotent since personal opinions are true, honest and frank. So if a potential buyer sees that there are positive blogs about a specificproduct, then that customer is more likely to buy the product. In the same way, if you provide blogs about your website or yourproduct, and you post it in top blog platforms; then you will likely gain more visitors in your site and even close that deal for a sale.
  11. 11. Most blog platforms even have the option to send your newly created blog to your contact list. And since it is free, your blog may continue to wander off to the nth degree, get shared to other people, and read more by interested customers. So are you beginning to see now why blogs are considered to be a very potent and powerful tool in your promoting your website? Here is an easy way to start harnessing the power of blogs. 1.If you already have a website, you may start creating your own blog site as well, or add up a blog feature in your website. 2.For example, if your site is, you may want to add as your blog site. 3.Or just about any name as long as it fits your choice.1.Then you may also post blogs in popular websites to have them viewed by the public.1.Also don’t forget to notify your friends or other people you know in your contact list when posting that blog. In the battlefield2.of the best, you have to be wise and smart, blogging is the perfect weapon for you in this fight.
  12. 12. Sixth Technique: Using SquidooAre you looking for a popular website that will post your own site as well - for free? Well Squidoo is what you are looking for.Squidoo is a community site that enables users to create their own customized pages, also called lenses, for various topics andsubjects. Being one of the most visited websites in the internet, Squidoo is a very ideal place to market and sell your website.No need to learn html to post that page, in one simple registration in the sign-up lens, then you are ready to go. Let’s take a diveand look at how Squidoo works and find out too why this tool is in our list of the top strategies for generating more traffic intoour website.Here are some great reasons to consider using Squidoo in our own marketing arsenal: One reason is because of its popularity.Many people browse in Squidoo primarily for information purposes. Students with school assignments love to search for answersin the site’s lenses. Due to its wide range of topics, from food and cooking to art and music, users can now find their niche andpost in their own creative site for others to see. Someone out there may be in need of your product. And because it is new andgrowing, you will be attracting not only a generation of users but everyone using this technology. Probably the most practical andimportant reason for using this tool is that it is free. Yes, think about it well. You are being advertised by Squidoo and endorsed tothousands of users, and you pay nothing. Just a little effort in signing up, then let Squidoo do the advertising.So here’s how to use Squidoo as a strategic tool in generating traffic explosion to your website.1.First, type in the URL the page is fully load, go to the upper right corner and click sign up. After the registration process, you are good in your website.
  13. 13. 3. Within minutes you can already set-up your own page. Probably you may want to consider where you will post your lens.There are niches to choose from in the site.That’s easy as counting numbers. This is a very strategic way to get promoted. Oh, before we forget, once your page or lens isposted, your links will be forwarded to the various search engines in the web including the Squidoo traffic as well. So search engineslike and can post your page and its links through Squidoo. So basically what we only need to do issign-up, create a page, link your site into, and then post. So go ahead and try this technique, this is a sure way to generate moretraffic into your page and of course to generate more income and sales. Get Squidoo-fied!
  14. 14. Seventh Technique: Using HubPages On this next lesson, we will learn about using another tool that is very popular today in the internet. Today we will learn how to use HubPages as a powerful marketing tool for generating traffic explosion in our site. Similar to Squidoo, HubPages is designed for sharing advertisements and contents. HubPage’s environment allows users to create individual pages and post specific topics in it. HubPages was officially launched in 2006. Since then, it holds its place in the top 100 most visited web sites in the internet, receiving around 21.2 million visits and 99 million page views. I can see you tickling your chin for here. Yes, this is one powerful website.Considered as a user-generated content site, users can submit pages in an article/ magazine style and these will be posted as webpages, or also called as Hubs. Users called Hubbers can get all intellectual property rights to their Hubs, which is why it gainedso much popularity. Hubbers can post topics up to 1,500 words. Yes, if you wish to write multiple hubs, you may write separateHubs and link them using a feature in the site. You may also add pictures and screenshots into it. Plus it has other great toolsavailable for use on order to enhance your Hub. It has a strong backlink, and generates traffic through the HubPages site itself.So search engines can easily find you if someone will search your post. All of these great and amazing stuff you can have for free.Yes, for free, you can advertise your own website to millions of viewers around the globe.Here’s how to access HubPages and start generating tremendous traffic flow into your own site. Through these tips we can havean overview of the whole, really simple process.1.First, type in and access the site.2.Once in the cool environment, you may click sign in or join to register. Fill up and follow the process and click create my account.
  15. 15. 3. When you are done, congratulations! You are now a Hubber in the site and you are now ready to create your own hub.4. Post your article in the page, add pictures to it, or enhance it even more through the Hubpages tools, then post it.5. Don’t forget to do our finishing move which is to attach a link to your site in your hub for easy access, in case others may want tofollow you to your own site or product you are trying to sell.Here’s an example, you may be the owner of a cooking web site and you wanted to sell your own recipes. Since you want to drawmany followers online, you have marketing in your mind. So you sign up for HubPages in and post an article aboutcooking tips. Probably you will include in there some great tips and the ingredients of the recipe. You may want to present it well sothat viewers would want to know more about you and your work. Then you go ahead and make a proposal in the end and say,“For more free tips about cooking, you may visit my free website” So because you hub was soinformative and good, other viewers will begin to check on your link. Right there and then, you will create instant traffic generationto your website.
  16. 16. Eighth Technique: Propelling PropellerGet your business and career propelled to the higher level through Our lesson today will be about gettingpropelled through the use of the popular news site- Formerly known as, this amazing site isa news generating site operated by AOL. Members can vote which stories are to be included in the front page. Users maycomment on the posted news too. So if carefully planned and written, this quite formal website could be a launch pad to your is a cool website where people post their own news stories. You may expect quality and read-worthy submissionsin this site. So it will be best to post news articles that are somehow good to read. When you do, you will have a lesser chance ofgetting denied in the site. Yes, you may want to be a little conservative in dealing with this site. Like Squidoo and HubPages,Propeller is also free. But you will have to earn it the hard way. Contrary to the previous websites we talked about, Propeller isdifferent in such a way that you will need to come up with something interesting and good, so that the whole community of eagerminds can check and follow you.Considered as a social news portal, where most news and updates is done by users, you will need all the effort. Members will be posting links to stories of any kind. Although not a free-for-all website, it is a moderated site, which means that your post will bereviewed and monitored before it is considered for posting. But your hard efforts will soon pay off. One posted, your strategicarticle will be viewed by honest users who might consider your proposal seriously. Plus! getting inside propeller means thatyou have a strong referral through the site. You will have no problem dealing with false accusations about your site and yourproduct. So users and viewers can now find your amazing article with your link on it in the search engines. willreally propel you to greater heights.So how do we get ourselves propelled to this site?1.First, you may access the website in
  17. 17. 2. And then click sign up for free. Choose sign up for new account and follow the whole registration process.3. Once registered, you may now start posting your news-like article endorsing your product or brand in the end.4. Take note that you will have to be extra careful when choosing and writing your post here.5. Add up the link of your site to it strategically and it should be ready for posting. There are many to generate great traffic toyour own site, and is one site you should try. It will be worth the hard effort. See you in the next lesson.
  18. 18. Ninth Technique: Using US Free AdsEver tried browsing those yellow pages directory where in you can see various classified ads? Classified Ads are a sureway to get to get your business going. It is something that has already been around for years. As a form of advertisingcommonly found in newspapers, a typical classified ad is usually composed of texts and small bits of information pertainingto the product. Being grouped within the publication of the publisher, it ranges from different headings: Food, Travel, Sales,Cars, etc. Recent studies show that the market for online classified ads has reached to $15 billion. So probably you are havinglight bulbs blinking in your head right now since using ads as a tool can indeed help you out in generating more traffic into yourown site.So today’s lesson will be about using a popular website called US Free Ads as a wonderful way to get endorsed more in themainstream. Hopefully we could learn more about how ads work and why it is considered as fundamental key to marketing andpromotion. So US Free Ads is a very interesting website to visit. It is a website that can give you traffic and exposure for your site,all for free. This is the one place to get free classified ads. Located at, you can expect to get huge traffic withthe tens of thousands of daily visitors in the site. In just a click, the site can immediately post your ad. This is a very popularwebsite now.So there are more chances here that you can sell faster and better also. This website produces a strong backlink and youcan also get links in the site through the search engines. So posting your website here will make your product sound moreprofessional and trustworthy.Probably one of the best features this site has is the free membership and free slot they offer. Although theyhave an option for you to pay for a monthly membership, you may want to try posting for free first and try to see how it works for you.
  19. 19. Well the good thing about having a monthly subscription is that your ad will stay longer in the site plus other top features.But for starters, again we may try to get the free slot first ands see how it works. There is no harm in trying. So let us havea fast and simple review in using US Free Ads.1.First, access the website www.usfreeads.com2.Then sign up for a new account.1.Once registered, you must have your ad ready for posting. Please bear in mind that even though you are getting slots2.for free, there is a strong competition out there. So getting your ad read by viewers is another thing, so we strongly advice make your presentation good and excellent in the website; that it will be more catchy and appealing to the viewers.4.Then post in the site and there, it is finished. So using US Free Ads is a great way to advertise you product or brand.
  20. 20. Tenth Technique: The Press Release DistributionLesson Ten. Imagine entering into a room filled with media, radio reporters, T.V crew, writers, businessmen, a podium and amicrophone. What do you get? Yes! It is a press release. Press release, sometimes called news release is usually a writtenor a recorded communication directed to the news media, for the primary purpose of releasing something – a product, a newline, a new member, a new name or new strategies. Basically this is common thing in public relations with the main goal ofdrawing attention to viewers and promoting the brand or product to the marketplace. Other purposes could be an announcementof an update or a new event in a company or organization.In the same way, the online marketplace is filled with tough competitors. We need to promote or hard sell our products effectivelyand strategically to the majority of consumers. Therefore a press release in the internet is also a demand and a need in order to thrive.One of the best ways to do that is to access a website specializing on press releases. One site offers this opportunity. You cancheck PRweb and post your press release to the internet through the site.•You may type in click the “create new account button.”2. Once registered, you may write now your article of course with a press release style format.
  21. 21. 1.Once registered, you may write now your article of course with a press release style format.Again, this is not one of those websites that will post even your dumbest of ideas. PRWeb needs sensible and of courseprofessional sounding articles for a press release. You may want to take your time in writing a good press release so that it willpay off in the end. Other website may require you to pay for a press release. So we can say this doing this technique is onlyreserved for those who take marketing and promotions seriously.So it works simply by posting your press releases in sites like PRWeb. The content of your press release could cover all thedetailed information about your product to brand. And just like the slogans we see around, we can do the same online.Just add up those catchy lines, great design and informative yet persuasive content. Here is a brief sample of an outlinewe want to follow in our press release.
  22. 22. A sample structure of a press release includes a Headline, where in we could use to grab more attention and shortly explain the point.It will also include a Dateline that contains the release date of the press release. The Introduction, the Body, and the Closing willthen follow to provide all the details of your brand. Before we end up the article, it is also important to put in the Media contactinformation which includes your name, phone number, email address or other personal information. All of these tips will makeyour site even more appealing and beautiful to the public – a really professional way to generate traffic explosion into your site. Thanks for reading, The Web Tailors Team!