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Web studios, is a New York City based full-service digital media company specializing in cutting-edge website design, development, online marketing & seo that keeps you ahead in the competition. Contact us now!

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Web Design Agency New York

  1. 1. WEB STUDIOS, INC.1325 Sixth Ave., Fl 27New York, NY 10019
  2. 2. Upcoming Web Design EventsSo many new techniques crop up over a year, that keeping up todate can be quite challenging, especially with the usual workloadWeb developers have on their plates.Web design and development conferences and workshops. Theseevents not only deliver a huge load of information in a short periodof time, they’re also great for networking with like-mindedprofessionals.This post covers events taking place in about a eight-monthtimeframe up to late October 2013. These conferences take usthrough a good part of the year, so keep a lookout for our nextissue toward the end of the year.There is no way for us to include every possible event, so you aremore than welcome to help us out and provide a comment to anupcoming event that you feel would be of interest to SmashingMagazine’s readers. The list is quite lengthy, so let’s dive in.
  3. 3. An Event Apart Seattle 2013“An Event Apart Seattle is an intensely educational learning session for passionatepractitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code as well as content,usability as well as design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.Join us for twelve great speakers and sessions, plus an optional day-long workshop onmulti-device web design.”When: Apr. 1-3, 2013Where: Seattle, USA HTML5DevConf Spring 2013“The HTML5 Developer Conference has become the largest JavaScript and HTML5developers conference in the world. We provide sessions on Javascript, HTML5, Apps& Games, client, cloud, server, mobile, and more.”When: Apr. 1-3, 2013Where: San Francisco, California, USA ConFESS 2013“The annual Conference For Enterprise Software Solutions will be held inVienna/Austria in Spring 2013. This is the sixth conference organized by IRIAN and theEJUG Austria and the third one under the new brandname “CONFESS”.”When: Apr. 3-5, 2013Where: Vienna, Austria
  4. 4. IA Summit 2013“The IA Summit is the premiere, community-curated, and volunteer-run gatheringon the ever-evolving disciplines of information architecture and experiencedesign. It provides students, practitioners, and anyone interested with greattactical skills, amazing inspiring ideas, and an opportunity to collaborate andcelebrate the great things happening in our communities of practice.”When: Apr. 3-7, 2013Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA BED-Con 2013BED-Con is a technology oriented conference all around the world of Java.When: Apr. 4-5, 2013Where: Berlin, Germany CocoaConf Dallas 2013“CocoaConf Dallas brings a 10-gallon hat full of Cocoa awesomeness to the Big D.With top-notch keynotes (including one by Daniel Steinberg) and technicalsessions.”When: Apr. 4-6, 2013Where: Dallas, Texas, USA
  5. 5. WordCamp Miami 2013“WordCamp Miami 2013 is a three-day event that covers topics relating toWordPress, front-end development, and much more. 2012 brought more than 400students, bloggers, and coders together for two days of education and fun. Expect bigthings for the 4th Annual WordCamp in Miami for 2013.”When: Apr. 5-7, 2013Where: Miami, Florida, USA MadWorld 2013“MadWorld is a two-day conference with a fresh take on technicalcommunication, featuring industry thought leaders and fellow peers from companiessuch as Caradigm (a Microsoft | GE Healthcare company), Blackbaud, N-ableTechnologies, Advanced Language Translation and more!”When: Apr. 7-9, 2013Where: San Diego, California, USA droidcon 2013“droidcon is all about Android, meeting the Android community, learning about thelatest develops and giving you a stage to talk about your apps and solutions or justdiscuss a problem you are facing. What’s more, droidcon is about how businesses areincreasingly utilizing Android and how companies and freelance developers can makemoney out of this.”When: Apr. 7-10, 2013 Where: Berlin, Germany
  6. 6. Breaking Developments 2013: Orlando“Breaking Development focuses on new, emerging techniques for web developmentand design for mobile devices. Our speakers are hand-picked to make sure you getchallenging, well-delivered talks from a variety of different perspectives.”When: Apr. 8-10, 2013Where: Orlando, Florida, USA UX London 2013“3 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience designers.We’re offering inspirational talks in the morning, followed by hands-on workshops inthe afternoon, so each day will have a different theme covering product design,behaviour design and strategic design.”When: Apr. 10-12, 2013Where: London, UK TYPO San Francisco 2013“When you think “contrast,” what comes to mind? Contrasting viewpoints; compareand contrast; the difference between tonal levels in a design? Whatever your vantagepoint, whether you’re thinking about the graphics on your own screen or thedifferences between cultures that inform our industry, we’ve invited our speakers andaudience members to reflect on any variation of the idea of “contrast” in the designworld”.When: Apr. 11-12, 2013Where: San Francisco, California, USA
  7. 7. LeanUX NYC“LeanUX NYC is three days of cutting-edge learning and inspiration for designers,developers, product managers, and entrepreneurs.”When: Apr. 11-13, 2013Where: New York, USA Codemania“Developers have to know what’s happening outside their own world. Some of thebest talks you can hear are deep, technical talks about platforms that you don’t useand maybe will never use.”When: Apr. 12, 2013Where: Auckland, New Zealand Whisky Web II“A web conference created for the web community, by the web community, WhiskyWeb will have something to offer everyone who works with the web, be they adesigner, a developer or something inbetween. Get your geek on in Scotland’sinspiring capital.”When: Apr. 12-13, 2013Where: Edinburgh, UK
  8. 8. Bacon 2013“We bring experts from around the world together for one simple aim, we want toshow you ideas that will motivate you. BACON is made for devs, by devs, and includesa wide range of interesting topics. In 2012, BACON included talks on functionalprogramming, beer, citizen journalism and much more.”When: Apr. 12-13, 2013Where: London, UK Ull 2013“Peepcode has redefined online screencasting, and we’re betting that it will redefinehow much you can learn during an interactive session at a conference. Thecombination of experience, presentation skill and design talent has us drooling at theprospect of seeing” Geoffrey Grosenbach and Neven Mrgan live.When: Apr. 12-14, 2013Where: Dublin, Ireland #iOSOnRailsConf 2013“Ruby developers tend to be technology-curious. We love to explore. We also, often,find ourselves writing back ends to iPhone/iOS front ends. However, Rails and iOS havemore in common than we may know.”When: Apr. 13-14, 2013Where: Alushta, Ukraine
  9. 9. Xamarin Evolve 2013“Join hundreds of fellow mobile developers for Xamarin’s first worldwide developerconference.”When: Apr. 14-17, 2013Where: Austin, Texas, USA MinneWebCon 2013“MinneWebCon’s roots are in people coming together to solve problems and makethings easier, and we are entering our sixth year with a big-time commitment tograssroots knowledge-sharing. You might hear from folks who are working in yourfield, or are in a position you consider light-years from the everyday.”When: Apr. 15-16, 2013Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA HCID2013“FREE talks and workshops around the ideas of creativity, usability, user experience,web accessibility, mobile design, multitouch technologies, service design, tours of ourstate of the art interaction lab and more!”When: Apr. 17, 2013Where: London, UK
  10. 10. Gel 2013 Conference“A conference for leaders, designers, and thinkers who care about creating a goodexperience – in tech, business, and the world. Since its first event in 2003, Gel hasalways introduced attendees to influential ideas – first. Gel was the first major stagefor Wikipedia, Marissa Mayer, Khan Academy, Improv Everywhere, Ze Frank, and manyothers.”When: Apr. 17-19, 2013Where: New York, USA CocoaConf San Jose 2013“For those who are just entering the Cocoa world, we’re bringing our all-day pre-conference iOS tutorial as an optional registration package: come and spend a daygetting up to speed with Xcode, Objective-C, and iPhone development.”When: Apr. 18-20, 2013Where: San Jose, USA Mobile Mobile Conf“Mobile Mobile Conf is a fun little event for developers and creatives brought to youby Applicake, the team behind the legendary European Rails Conference Railsberry.”When: Apr. 18-19, 2013Where: Krakow, Poland
  11. 11. State Of The Browser 2013“Like every year, London Web Standards bring you State of the Browser, a conferencewhere browser representatives are on hand to show us how their technologies arebeing used to bring the web to tablets, smartphones, games consoles and television.Keynote talks, Q&As, breakout sessions and socialising will give you a betterunderstanding of the modern, cross-platform web.”When: Apr. 20, 2013Where: London, UK Frontend DEV Conf ’13“Belarus’s largest frontend conference.”When: Apr. 20, 2013Where: Minsk, Belarus FITC Toronto 2013“With more than 70 renowned digital creators from around the globe, FITC Torontoattendees will be given the opportunity to learn from some of the most influentialnames in the digital space. Covering everything from user experience to the awe-inspiring world of Film Holographic VFX, this three day festival will leave attendeesstimulated and eager to create in new and innovative ways.”When: Apr. 21-23, 2013Where: Toronto, Canada
  12. 12. Realtime Conference Europe 2013This conference is “melting pot conference for realtime technologies. We askedourselves, ‘What would an ideal realtime conference look like? Let’s do that.’”When: Apr. 22-23, 2013Where: Lyon, France UX Immersion Conference 2013 – Mobile“Whether you’re new to designing for mobile or already a pro, you’ll learn tons ofpractical techniques during 2 glorious days of hands-on workshops and 1 day ofsuperb talks.”When: Apr. 22-24, 2013Where: Seattle, Washington, USA JAX 2013JAX is the leading conference in Germany for pragmatic knowledge in the Java andthe enterprise environments.When: Apr. 22-26, 2013Where: Mainz, Germany
  13. 13. railsberry 2013“We want to experiment with a new formula and challenge Rails developers to focuson everything BUT Rails. We want to mix flavors and technologies and try things wenever played with.”When: Apr. 22-23, 2013Where: Krakow, Poland GOTO Chicago 2013“The GOTO Chicago program is created “by developers, for developers” where theemphasis is placed on presenting latest developments as they become relevant andinteresting for the software development community. Some of the industry’s bestspeakers, practioners and trainers will be at GOTO Chicago to present and train on avariety of topic areas.”When: Apr. 23-24, 2013Where: Chicago, USA NEXT Berlin 2013“Today, NEXT Berlin leads the way as a meeting place for the European digital industryand is a vital driving force across borders. At the conference, marketing decision-makers and business developers meet technical experts and creative minds to discusswhat will be important in the next 12 months – a mix that is totally unique amongEuropean conferences.”When: Apr. 23-24, 2013Where: Berlin, Germany
  14. 14. Front Trends 2013Front Trends is an affordable, popular European web technology conference forindustry frontrunners. It it again featuring some of the biggest names in the business.When: Apr. 24-26, 2013Where: Warsaw, Poland Df|Experience Cologne 2013“The Df Conference Series started as Design for Conversion conference back in thedays in Amsterdam. After many succesful DfC we decided that we didn’t want to stickforever to “Conversion” and here we go with “Experience” for this conference. We stillopenly invite experts and professionals from all disciplines, to engage in challenge,broaden our collective knowledge and share our ideas.”When: Apr. 25, 2013Where: Cologne, Germany ConvergeSE 2013“ConvergeSE takes place in beautiful springtime in Columbia, South Carolina. Over thecourse of three days you can dive into intense half and full day sessions, hop fromvenue to venue downtown taking in sessions on topics from design and developmentto business and marketing, and finally experience a full day of inspirational talks froman impressive array of speakers.”When: Apr. 25-27, 2013Where: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
  15. 15. Creative South Design Conference 2013“Columbus Creative, a Co-op of artists from all disciplines of digital and traditionalmedia whose goal is to bring artists together to bring quality art to our community, willpresent its annual Creative South conference. Creative South will expose creative andmarketing professionals, business people, and students to key speakers on the subjectof branding and design in the digital era.”When: Apr. 27-28, 2013Where: Columbia, Georgia, USA Re:Design/UXD 2013“Our theme for 2013 is “James Bond is an Experience Designer: What UXD Can Learnfrom How Others Think” — As we hurtle into the future and the concept of“experiences” changes dramatically by the day, what it means to be an “experiencedesigner” is changing, too. At RE:DESIGN/UXD we’ll dive in and see what we can learnabout crafting the future of experience by thinking like a British spy, a journalist, agenome-code cracker and beyond.”When: Apr. 29-30, 2013Where: Menlo Park, California, USA Future Insights Live – Las Vegas, 2013“Full-day workshops on HTML5 & CSS3, UX, entrepreneurship, Node.js, and real-timeevent handling. Three days of sessions grouped into five tracks: Pure Design, Front-endDev, Back-end Dev, Business, and Mobile. World-class speakers delivering future-focused sessions. Hands-on labs so you can apply your learning right away!” AndMore.When: Apr. 29-Mai 2, 2013Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  16. 16. THANK YOU FOR VISITING WEB STUDIOS, INC. 1325 Sixth Ave., Fl 27 New York, NY 10019 1(888) WEB-0000 NYC: 1(212) 786-6026