Extending IT Investment with Connectivity & Integration


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This is a presentation made by Mr. Eng Chin Kooi who is an executive for WebSphere conectivity and integration. Mr, Eng Chin Kooi's presented on the 12th of June in Bangalore, part of Impact India 2012

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  • Externalizing your EnterpriseSynchronizing with the Outside WorldSecuring, Scaling and SuccessInsights to Action
  • Extending IT Investment with Connectivity & Integration

    1. 1. Extend IT Investment withConnectivity & IntegrationEng Ching KooiExecutiveWebSphere Connectivity & Integration
    2. 2. Businesses are evolving from Local Scope….
    3. 3. ….to Enterprise Scope and Beyond Banking example
    4. 4. They continue to face Integration challenges Banking Retail • Manual account opening • Customers demanding and loan approval seamless cross-channel processes shopping • Siloed connections across • Merchandise stockpiled in banking ecosystem complex supply chains Healthcare Telecommunications • Patient data scattered • Error-prone order across non-standard management processes systems • Rigid service delivery • Need to extend and manage platforms slow new product care beyond the hospital rollout environment
    5. 5. And are relying on Connectivity and Integrationmore than everAn Interconnected Enterprise… • Accelerates new • Informs decisions with • Integrates information service delivery new information and process anywhere • Maximizes the value of • Effectively embraces • Rapidly implements cloud investments new channels change
    6. 6. An Interconnected Enterprise brings information together quickly and flexibly Partners, Suppliers, & Customers The “Internet of Streamlined and Things” secure transactionsSimple connectivity across tradingfrom communitiesdevices, sensors &feeds Internal Enterprise Seamless connectivity across applications and Cloud Applications processes Rich integration between cloud applications and back-end systems
    7. 7. Interconnected Enterprises are succeeding today Innovating in the • Synchronizes customer data across Cloud private, public, and client-facing cloud applications • Improves customer service, and drives $200K ROI per year New Services with • Provides remote monitoring of medical Smart Devices devices in cardiac patients • Improves patient care and increases efficiency Improving • Automates integrated promotion processes processes across across customers and dealers the enterprise • Increases promotion effectiveness by 600%
    8. 8. Smarter organizations are Interconnected Enterprises Able to Able to respond act as instantly one Interconnected Enterprise Able to act Able to everywhere capitalize upon new opportunities
    9. 9. Reliably deliver the right data,to the right place, at the right time
    10. 10. Messaging business drivers • Reliably transport and Financial Markets share all kinds of business  Delivering $1 trillion transactions per day data  Exchanging £400B+ in messages • Connect physical world with the enterprise Government  Agency sends 675m messages per day • Leverage existing  ~ 7,500 agency users & 50,000 citizen investments in hardware & transactions daily networks • Reduce cost of making Banking changes  $7-$35 trillion messaging traffic per day • Grow incrementally  213+ million messages daily • Achieve massive scale“Using my existing team and infrastructure, I need to provide different messaging capabilities for mybusiness applications and scale up, while keeping costs down” – Enterprise Architect, Banking Industry
    11. 11. IBM’s Universal Messaging… that gets the right data to right place, right when needed Any Skills Any End-Points Right Quality-of-Service Any Deployments Vendor Platforms Transactional Client-Server Languages JEE, .NET, etc Guaranteed Backbone COBOL, C/C++, RPC Java, JEE, JMS Operating Systems Point-to-Point Persistent .NET, C#, VB, WCF Exploitation & Support AJAX, Perl, Python… At-Most-Once Peer-to-Peer Applications Orientations Replay Publish/Subscribe Services SAP, Siebel, etc… At-least-once Grid Batches Devices Files Mobile, Wireless, PoS, Bus Messages Best-Effort Sensor, Actuator, RFID… Resources… Fire-and-Forget Multicast Web services Unicast Mindsets SOAP, WSDL, SOAP/JMS Request-Reply Web 2.0 Appliance WSDL, XML, WS-* Fastest speed REST, MEST, KISS HTTP, AJAX, REST,… Cloud Appliances Lowest Latency WebSphere MQ
    12. 12. A Leading Oil, Natural Gas, and Chemical Company Able to Business Need act •Monitor health of miles of oil and natural gaseverywhere pipeline for proactive maintenanceSolution•Instrumented their pipeline with 30,000 control points; managing over 100 messages per second to monitor status changes and publish control commands. Results •99.999% pipeline system availability throughout its production lifespan WebSphere MQ Telemetry
    13. 13. Large Retail store chain reduces costswith Managed File Transfer Meijer replaces aging home-grown file transfer tool increasing reliability and visibility of transfers Customer Needs  Needed to overcome file size limitations & increase reliability  Remove bottlenecks slowing delivery of pricing & PoS data  Replace difficult to maintain, time-consuming and costly tools Real Results  Timely delivery of critical file data without size limitations  Improved visibility & audit of files transfers across business  Reduced admin costs through automation, detection and resending failed transfers due to network outages WebSphere MQ File Transfer Agent
    14. 14. Responding faster with WebSphere MQLow Latency Messaging Bolsa de Comerico de Santiago dramatically accelerate their trading rates and throughput Customer Needs Needed to better integrate with international financial markets Needed to support higher volumes of traffic and fulfil more of its customers’ transactional requirements Real Results  Able to scale 100 times to millions of messages per second  Reduced latency from 2 secs to milliseconds per transaction  Increased customer access to additional market data sources
    15. 15. IBM Messaging continues to grow and evolve MQ Advanced Security MQ Telemetry MQ File MQ Express Transfer Universal Extended MQ Low Messaging Security Latency V7.5 V7.1 MQ V7.0.1 Everyplace V7 Integrated WebSphere MQ V6 Messaging V5.3 Managed V2.1 V5 V5.1 V5.2 JMS 1.1 File Transfer MQ v7.5 V2 V1.1 RCMS HTTP .NET Available June 2012 XML common AJAX JMS criteria REST pub/sub mobile SSL eclipse Web 2.0 MQI multi- SOAP assured platform WebSphere delivery 1990s 2000s 2010s
    16. 16. 16 Accelerating the delivery of next generation applications WebSphere MQ V7.5  Flexible configurations seamless selection of enhanced security, managed file transfer and Telemetry capabilities in one package  Rapid exploitation of new technologies built-in integration of applications on any platform, any devices spanning mainframe to mobile and cloud  Seamless, single console shared backbone for all messaging solutions, mobile/device integration, application messaging and managed file transfers IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 highlights – Enhanced utilization of messaging through use of Managed File Transfer solutions over the messaging backbone – Access to end-to-end message encryption capability A fully integrated messaging with a single install solution with secure, reliable – Increased entitlement to integrated Telemetry capabilities reducing TCO of Mobile applications and and scalable data movement smarter planet technology for today’s development needs – Client applications gain access to transactional integrity and updates across all environments Available June 2012
    17. 17. Achieve Business Agility with an ESB
    18. 18. Separation of concern is critical to achievingbusiness agilityFlexible Business Process Logic“Uncluttered”BusinessProcess LogicIntelligentConnectivity Connectivity LogicLogic The Enterprise Service Bus“Uncluttered”Well Defined .Net JEESelf-Contained Service Service CICS Service MQ ServiceApplication /Service Logic Application/Service Logic
    19. 19. Eliminate point-to-point connectionsUnlock the value of your business data • Simply Connect FROM anywhere, TO anywhere • Simple & Easy –to Install, Learn, Develop, Web 2.0 Microsoft Deploy and Manage • Visually Map and Transform between any two message or file formats Devices Web Services  MATCHES & ROUTES communications between services Applications MQ, JMS, MSMQ  CONVERTS between different transport protocols Databases Files •  TRANSFORMS between different data formats Mainframe  IDENTIFIES & DISTRIBUTES business events CICS / IMS ERP/EIS /CRM Payer with WebSphere Message Broker
    20. 20. Large bank reduces integration complexityBusiness Need• Required continuous integration and capacity from existing e-channel and middleware services deployed on multiple legacy systems• Complexity in launching new e-channel servicesSolution• Defined the overall e-Channels architecture, strategy and roadmap.• Consolidated multiple heterogeneous systems creating an easy to manage a communication hub Results • Simplified integration of multiple e-channel applications • Reduced complexity to manage integration Able to with external systems act as • SOA based system simplified scalability one options for the bank WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere DataPower
    21. 21. Easy development with Patterns-based IntegrationWebSphere Message Broker Patterns – Rapid integration for common scenarios • Select a pattern • Wide range of built-in patterns to solve common integration problems • Take advantage of IBM best practice and field experience • Use a pattern • Extensive help guide users through the process • As few as 4 clicks to a running solution • Create new patterns • Turn your solutions into reusable patterns in less than 5 minutes • Reuse everywhere • Achieve consistency and avoid costly duplication
    22. 22. WebSphere Message Broker V8 New & Available Today! Comprehensive support for integrating Microsoft .Net applications with integrated development experience with MS Visual Studio Record & Replay provides new tooling to enable data flowing from all sources to be viewed, edited, recorded and replayed High performance Open standard parser (DFDL) especially suited to text and binary data New Graphical Mapper for easy transformation -simplifies the creation of maps between data types. Applications and Libraries - Simplifies development, deployment & management of large numbers of flows Simple file to message conversions with in built connectivity to IBM Sterling Connect:Direct (file transfer software) Enhanced integration, increased audit and recording capabilities
    23. 23. Secure the edge of the enterprise
    24. 24. WebSphere DataPower AppliancesOver 1,500 worldwide installations and growing fast Government  Agencies and ministries  Defense and security organizations  Crown corporations Banking  Majority of the big US and European banks  All of the big 5 Canadian banks  Numerous regional banks and credit unions  SaaS providers, ASPs, regulators, etc. Insurance  Used by 95% of top global insurances firms  SaaS providers, ASPs, regulators, etc. Many, many, more  Retailers, Utilities, Power, Oil and Gas, Airlines, etc.
    25. 25. Transforming citizen services to improve quality of lifeBusiness Need Kingdom of Saudi Arabia• Provide anytime, anywhere services to its citizens• Replace time-consuming complex, manual processes, with new e-channel servicesSolution• Automated business processes, to increase agency Able to collaboration act as• Providing citizens with online, voice and mobile device access one to government services• 1,000 citizen services –unemployment, work permits, government payments - deployed as anywhere, anytime electronic services Results • Fundamentally transformed the interaction between the Saudi government and the people, improving citizen quality of life • Anywhere, anytime access enables government to reduce response time from several days to minutes • Greater collaboration improves efficiency staff of government agencies and increases productivity WebSphere DataPower
    26. 26. Securing & Optimizing the EdgeLifecycle Management with Policy Empowers Visibilityand Control Lifecycle Management • Reduce costs and increase Dashboard operational efficiency of enterprise boundaries • Increase enterprise agility through rapid realization of policies and SLAs in response to business change • Centrally manage and govern service, Enforcement and associated policies exposed at service gateway • Enable automatic deployment of Monitoring console operational policies and SLA to service gateways • Be alerted and proactively react to situations and changes in your SOA
    27. 27. Externalizing the Business
    28. 28. The Web Beyond the Browser Web APIs are theBusinesses new, fast-growingAre Evolving business channel stores (800) ###s web sitesNot having an API today is like not having a Web Site in the 90s “$7bn worth of itemsitems on eBay through APIs” “$7bn worth of on eBay through APIs” Mark Carges (Ebay CTO) Mark Carges (Ebay CTO) The API which has easily 10 times more traffic then the website, has been really very important to us.” Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter) “The adoption of Amazon’s Web Web services is currently driving more network “The adoption of Amazon’s services is currently driving more network activity then everything through their traditional web sites.” activity then everything Amazon does Amazon does through their traditional web sites.” (Journalist) Jeff Bar (Amazon evangelist) / Dion Hinchcliffe Jeff Bar (Amazon evangelist) / Dion Hinchcliffe (Journalist) Web 1994 was the “get me a domain and a page” era. Web 2000 was the “make my page(s) interactive and put people on it” era. Web 2010 is the “get rid of pages and glue APIs and people together” era. Robert Scoble (Author of tech blog Scobleizer)
    29. 29. The Engaging Enterprise • Business Users want to engage Apps Customers in new markets • They need to Externalize the Enterprise • They need to get Apps in front of Business User these Customers Enterprise Customer • Apps need APIs that Externalize the Enterprise • App Developers use APIs IT Guy • App Developers are now External to the Enterprise App Developer The Platform • IT Guys need to secure, scale and support the externalized Enterprise Enterprises wants to tap into innovation from a large • Business Users and IT Guys needs community of developers, not Insights so they can respond to just developers they employ business needs
    30. 30. Enabling Rapid and Trusted Entry into theWeb API EconomyWebSphere Cast Iron Live WebSphere Cast Iron Live provides rapid and trusted  Integration Services  Web API services New! Cast Iron Live Web API Services:  Extend business services of an hybrid enterprise through rapid and scalable web API assembly and management  Manage the business of your web API economy through a single solution with a unified user experience that provide business A New Web API services solution analytics, API controls and application that includes rapid assembly of developer management services, governed secure gateway  Socialize and increase adoption of your web and world-class business APIs with an application developer portal that operations and application caters to the application developer developer community Free 90-day trial at webapi.castiron.com
    31. 31. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Live Web API Services Single Solution Providing End-to-End Capabilities in an Attractive Unified Experience 1. Create 2. Socialize 3. ManageDevOps Dashboard for Application Developer Business Ops Dashboard witheasy assembly of new APIs analytics and controls to Portal, with Self-Serviceand to secure and manage publish APIs, document APIs setAPIs from an IT Ops registration and with hooks into quotas, manage communitiesperspective social communities and monitor service levels Free 90-day trial at webapi.castiron.com
    32. 32. Get on the path to becoming an interconnected enterprise “We wanted to build a more flexible, versatile architecture that would make it easier to introduce • Think Big – Build an new systems and replace old ones. The idea is that with each project, we will establish more and more architectural strategy for the long reusable services and components that will facilitate term integration in the future. By introducing IBM [Connectivity & • Start Small – Identify a key Integration] and eliminating point-to-point foundational project as an entry interfaces, we should be able to reduce the amount of time we spend on integration and point reduce TCO over the next five years.” - James Blackburn, Enterprise • Scale Success – Repeat and Architect, Mothercare project successes and realize architectural vision though continuous ROI
    33. 33. Becoming an interconnected enterpriserequires a comprehensive approach and a partner with deep expertise A comprehensive approach • Reduces the cost and complexity of integration solutions • Improves the consistency and reliability of the integration infrastructure Deep expertise • Speeds development and deployment of your solution using best practices to ensure success
    34. 34. Roadmap to accelerate your Business Integrationsuccess Achieve 3 Business Outcomes Situational Connect Awareness 2 People, Processes, and Information 1 Build a Strong Foundation Harness the power of Smarter Planet technologies and the internet of things Leverage investments across • Leverage remote devices for business units, customers rapid response to current Devise a business level partners, suppliers & the cloud situations and predicted capability architecture with future events SOA as a foundation • Integrate supplier & partner • Secure assets within the systems to decrease time to • Build and deploy reusable enterprise & beyond for end market SOA applications and to end protection services • Reuse assets for fast integrations across new & • Ensure high quality & legacy systems eliminate redundancies by promoting the reuse of • Ensure fast and reliable existing services access to business information. Project Scope
    35. 35. How We’re Expanding Connectivity Comprehensive Connectivity & Integration Cell Public cloud Private clouds and Social Business network, base infrastructures Edge workload Optimized BigData stations Gateways Systems Internet Analytics Public Cloud Private Cloud Internet API API Mobiles, Internet network,Tablets, set-top Content delivery Traditionalboxes, sensors, networks data centers devices Trading Partner communities Partners
    36. 36. Connectivity from IBM Delivers Unrivaled Customer Value in Connectivity & Integration market share* Over 10,000 customers worldwide and growing! Report: IBM Named Marketshare Leader in Middleware Software Announcement Marks Beginning of Second Decade of Software Leadership “Gartner reported that IBM continues to be number one in other growing and key areas including the Enterprise Service Bus Suites, Message Oriented Middleware Market,…and Integration Appliances.” April, 2012 * Source: “IBM Named Marketshare Leader in Middleware Software” http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/37376.wss.
    37. 37. IBM is the proven leader in connectivity & integrationLargest Customer Base Strongest Ecosystem • 25,000+ Customers • 1000+ business partners• Customer success stories; • users group 100+ on ibm.com Unparalleled expertise, and level of investment • Over 15 years of industry leadership • 100’s of assets • Broadest, Deepest solution portfolio & services
    38. 38. THANK YOU
    39. 39. BACK UP
    40. 40. 41 DataPower Appliances Drive Business Agility WebSphere DataPower Appliances  WebSphere DataPower Appliances provide a low startup cost, helping companies increase their ROI and reduce their TCO  These specialized, consumable, dedicated appliances combine superior performance and hardened security in a easy-to-deploy form factor  New in the DataPower V5.0: – Security: OAuth 2.0 support extends security capabilities to Web 2.0 & mobile applications – Governance: Provides more consumable and centralized service Governance & SLA management by enhancing integration with WebSphere DataPower WSRR Appliances have been leading – Improved Processing: Improves processing the marketplace since 2003 power with extended memory support for 9005 with proven solutions that and XI50B allowing large messages and more concurrent messages to be processed accelerate time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership Available June 2012
    41. 41. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Bring Service Visibility, Governance and Control to your SOA New enhanced UI for Development New in v8 and Operations roles Use policies to define SLAs Automatically enforce the SLAs with DataPower REST Support Enhanced consumability New Service Consumption View New Charts New Load documents Available May 2012