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A brief introduction to wdd\'s Nearby Notify module — a handy way to incorporate geofence-enabled push notifications at large venues.

A brief introduction to wdd\'s Nearby Notify module — a handy way to incorporate geofence-enabled push notifications at large venues.

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  • 1. Nearby Notify -Geofence Messaging- 2012 IAAPA Technology Showcase2012
  • 2. about us ddonline is an interactive agency in Cleveland/Akron, OH – Founded in 1996 – Create websites, mobile websites, mobile apps for the amusement & attractions industry2012
  • 3. about us ustom design and programming shop lagship MyPark product – Comprehensive mobile guide app – Perfect for parks, festivals, zoos2012
  • 4. going mobile obile devices are a huge part of our daily lives hy? GPS functionality! – Helps us seek out info about the local world around us as traditionally used a “pull” model to collect data2012
  • 5. geofencing udding technology — the “geofence” – Defined region where an action can happen – Example: foursquare “radar” feature for check-ins epresents a “push” model of getting information to users2012
  • 6. geofencing e combined this approach with push notification alerts to create: ‘Nearby Notify’2012
  • 7. nearby notify essages pushed to a user’s device when in a defined area erfect for: – Restaurants – Show Venues – Gift Shops – Much more!2012
  • 8. nearby notify examples2012
  • 9. nearby notify advantages enefits users — they get great deals & info simply by being there. sers’ privacy & rights in mind: – Opt-in: users must agree to receive notifications – Opt-out: can turn off at any time2012
  • 10. nearby notify advantages enefits facility owners — innovative marketing initiative – Rapidly announce new sales opportunities and discounts – Get visual data on where visitors are going throughout the day2012
  • 11. get nearby notify ustom design an app around your specifications uilt into the MyPark app – Replaces separate solutions for a guide app and geofence messaging2012
  • 12. ultimate control owered by our ‘C4’ content management system – Built with this industry in mind eb-based software – Feeds all the content in your app – or website… – or mobile website.2012
  • 13. ultimate control dministrators simply highlight a location and enter a message – Also easily sends mass push notifications2012
  • 14. optimized experience nergy efficient – Intelligent algorithms adjust usage, conserving valuable battery life2012
  • 15. thank you. Visit us at booth #4060!content management ∙ mobile apps ∙ custom websites ∙ mobile websites online ticketing ∙ e-commerce ∙ e-mail marketing ∙ seo ∙ social media www.wddonline.com 2012