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PowerPoint presentation created for Lebed Method / Healthy-Steps, Inc.

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Amoena Presentation

  1. 1. Established in 1980 Developed by Joel Lebed, MD, Marc Lebed, MD and Sherry Lebed
  2. 2. • Physical Therapy and Dance in the Surgical Management of Breast Cancer • “Dance” a therapeutic Modality for the Breast Surgery Patient • Dance & Movement Program Improves Quality of Life Measures in Breast Cancer Survivors.
  3. 3. • Future Studies: In Korea waiting to be published in the Korean Nursing Journal from St. Benedicts Hospital • Quinnipiac University and Griffin Hospital in CT, The Effect of the Lebed Method on Upper Extremity Range of Motion, Function, Arm Circumference, and Quality of Life in Post- Operative Breast Cancer Patients • Two abstracts on Healthy-steps from the UK
  4. 4. • 700 Instructors, Approximately 600 are actively teaching. • Approximately 1,800 Healthy-Steps Classes a week are being conducted • Each class will average 12 to 20 people in a class, • 1,000 times 18 in a class = 18,000 people are in Healthy- steps classes every week some where in the world! • In many cases this program is the program of choice for these clients and they stay with the program for years. Making the centers open more classes.
  5. 5. HOW DO WE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT AMOENA Instructors do an introduction at each class where they inform their class of new items (sponsors) and information. i.e. Amoena products. They also have an education table set up at each class with information on it, i.e. information about Amoena. Every two to three months they have an educational day instead of class where they bring in speakers. One of those days is always a ‘boutique’, ‘Nordstrom’s’, if possible, to speak about prosthetics and proper bra wearing, i.e. Amoena. Healthy-Steps Newsletters and special announcements Many of our instructors work at the hospitals and have the opportunity to get Amoena products sold directly at their hospitals, i.e. Colorado, Lutheran Medical Center and Baton Rouge General.
  6. 6. Three Day Certification Training Each year we train approximately 300 to 400 New Instructors and growing
  7. 7. Three Day Certification Training  In our trainings 80% to 90% of our attendees are Allied Health Professionals  We are now becoming the program of choice for many hospitals in the US and abroad. Much of this is due to our Medical Studies and the outcomes of these studies.
  8. 8. Each movement in Healthy-Steps is medically directed by our Medical Director to:  Work the Lymphatic System and decrease swelling  Increase Range of Motion  Increase flexibility  Work on balance and posture  Improve emotional well-being  Promote positive self image  Stabilize weight  Increase femininity and sensuality
  9. 9. 2.5 Million Breast Cancer Survivors Surviving today!  24,000 cases of LE are diagnosed annually in the US alone  Breast Cancer over 50%  How can The Lebed Method work in helping to reduce swelling from Lymphedema?  Major drains/ducts will be open when doing the Lebed Method program and ready to receive more lymph as the pace of the exercises increase
  10. 10. All movements in The Lebed Method are gentle and smooth against resistance/pumping and releasing The deep breathing we do in the Lebed Method expands the lungs and stimulates the Lymphatic’s in and around the lung area and the abdomen below the diaphragm, squeezing the diaphragm.