Facebook Marketing 101


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This introductory course to Facebook Marketing explains the benefits of a Fan Page, the value of content creation, communication style, building your fan base organically and expanding your reach through Facebook ad marketing.

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Facebook Marketing 101

  1. 1. Marketing 101
  2. 2. Facebook Fan Page Benefits of a Fan Page The Value of Content Creation Communication Style Building your Fan Base Expanding your Reach Through Ad Marketing
  3. 3. 3 Facebook Social Channels Profile Groups Fan Page
  4. 4. A community portal where members gain insight into an organization’s messaging, news, resource, opportunities, activities & events. (your company or brand page) Each new member/like extends your Fan Page’s reach
  5. 5. • Unlimited to number of fans • Access to Analytic information through Insights • Likes • Reach, • Check-ins • Post Engagement • Available Widgets to increase reach • Facebook Ad Marketing
  6. 6. Understand your organization’s “social” purpose and be authentic. Share events & activities Ask Questions Provide Resources Offer Social Opportunities
  7. 7. • Posting is a social act which inherently increases Social Activity • Engagement with your content, increases your Brand’s Reach • New Content gives people an opportunity to engage with your brand
  8. 8. The more the content can provoke an emotional attachment to it and between people, the higher its value as a social object. This is true for any type of content: • Images • Questions/Answers • Comments • Video • Links to Resources (e.g. articles) • Links to Video (YouTube, Vine, etc.)
  9. 9. • Project your brand’s personality • Authentic • Entertaining • Fun • Helpful • Focus on Engagement • Like other Fan Pages • Post Interesting Content • Don’t oversell • Give Perks
  10. 10. • Invite your closest circle of family and friends • Ask them to promote your page • Invite your employees, partners and brand enthusiast to like your page • Ask them to promote your page • Invite email contacts
  11. 11. Connect with more people outside of your social reach. • Segment ads to reach your target demographic  Location (e.g. Zip Code, City, etc.)  Age  Gender  Education Level  Interest  & more …
  12. 12. Potential Scenario (with $1.00/day budget) • Before Facebook Ad Marketing Social Object Generates 100 Views and 1 Like • After Facebook Ad Marketing Same Social Object Generates 1,000 Views and 10 likes.
  13. 13. Use the Facebook Pages Manager to easily participate on Facebook Use Facebook social plugins on your website to make it easier for people to like and share
  14. 14. Roberto Lopez FuturoStudio.com Like Futuro Studio Follow Futuro Studio