Social Media Optimization secrets revealed


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Promote your website in top 4 major Social Medias to get more traffic described by Shanmugam Ganesh from Web Rifer Technologies Ambattur, Chennai.

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Social Media Optimization secrets revealed

  1. 1. Social Media Optimization Major Social Media techniques by
  2. 2. Major Social Media  Facebook  Twitter  Google +  Pinterest
  3. 3. 2 Basic Principles #1 Add Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest buttons on your website  (it gives trusting by social media likes, reviews, comments) – These all are recommendations that act as an evidence for your product or service to a new visitor  Ex: 1000 fans for a Facebook fan page is really a good evidence of followers. Easily trusted and gives more confident
  4. 4. 2 Basic Principles #2 Locate your social buttons in right place like Blog posts for allowing them to share your content  Top position or bottom position of your blog. On top position add Twitter, Facebook. At the bottom position add Pinterest, Google+. You can also enable floating social icons.  Get Social buttons for website or blog from Add this or Share this
  5. 5. Facebook 1. Starts with a Fan page 2. Goal is to increase the number of fans 3. Likes, Status, Messages, Comments, and Shares are the major social signals 4. Social Shares – Images are very important (Create images about Product, Company or Brand) 5. You need to make them hit on the post by creative unseen viral image or videos 6. Ask questions to get comments. More comments on your social media increases your search engine reputation also 7. Fans always expect discounts, coupons and offers. Provide them weekly or daily offer announcement in social media 8. Keep your status updates under 90 characters in Facebook
  6. 6. Twitter 1. Increase followers to page (If they follow your page, they gain access to view your image, content or url) 2. Tweets status should be between 120-130 characters (only pages matching these criteria get retweets and followers. Tip: use word document to stay within the range 3. Ask for retweet at the end of the every Tweet. Please retweet or RT 4. In CST time afternoon 3pm to 5pm will be the best post or tweet sharing time. Try to preload your posts and images to deliver on right time interval 5. Use specific keywords in #tag. Because people use twitter search field for content or service lookup
  7. 7. Google + 1. Increase number of circles in your Google+ personal profile. It plays biggest role in Google SEO, therefore aim for 50-100 circles. 2. Add rel author to all content 3. Google+ strategy are SEO pages add +1 on all pages in your website or blog 4. Ask for +1 newsletter or campaign 5. Google+ content locker – people want the content you post which you give for free 6. Ask them to +1 to view the content 7. Review how your profile pic looks on search engine results and adjust it to look professional when they appeared for any content on search engines.
  8. 8. Pinterest 1. Keep image width greater than 570px to force click through 2. Optimize image name and alt tag properly. This will show to the people searching on your image alt text 3. Publish new or republish popular infographics on your website and give attribution to the author of that image. Then add the website link in Pinterest and pin it 4. Now that viral infographic image of some other author helps to drive traffic to your website 5. Repin already pinned image
  9. 9. Thank you To know more about Technology, Search Engine and Social Media updates please visit Please write to us on any inquiry related to SEO, SEM and SMO Training in Chennai. / Call 98848 78817 / 90430 78817