Web Promotz - SEO, SEM, SMO, Web Design & development, Flash Website Design services based in Mumbai, India


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Web Promotz providing affordable and professional outsourcing Search Marketing & SEO company based in Mumbai, India.We provide cost effective solution such as outsourcing seo services, outsourcing seo projects, outsourcing ppc campaign, outsourcing web design & web development, seo consultant in India. SEO packages starts from $899 for six months. Cost for PPC campaign management pricing starts at $199 per month. Web Design starts from $300 only.

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Web Promotz - SEO, SEM, SMO, Web Design & development, Flash Website Design services based in Mumbai, India

  1. 1. Web Design, Web Development & Search Engine Marketing Company<br />
  2. 2. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />About us<br />We are the web marketing and web design firm based in Mumbai, India that offers a wide array of quality services.<br />We have been in the field of Search Engine Optimization for the past three years, and have lately ventured into website design and development, so as to make for an overall service provider. <br />Our services encompass online marketing, website design, website development, website maintenance, search engine optimization, search marketing, content management and pay per click advertising (Google Adwords). <br />We possess the expertise required to deliver the high quality standards you seek. <br />
  3. 3. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Web Designing<br />Being primarily a Search Marketing company, we specializes in providing SEO friendly Design / Development service. <br />We strongly believe that SEO friendly design does not mean &quot;boring&quot; websites. <br />
  4. 4. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Web Designing<br />Our Web Site Design Process<br />Initial Consultation During the initial web design consultation we take brief information about your business & find your target audience<br />2) Competitor ResearchWe take information of your competitor website. We research their positive point & negative point. <br />3) Approach We take some favorite websites details from client. After getting all information about the client and their products/ services we make one template (mock copy) of client website & show client to website. <br />4) Web Site Design After confirmation of design (template), we make html page for client. <br />
  5. 5. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Web Development<br />Our Web Site Design Process<br /> Web DevelopmentEach company&apos;s requirements are different, either simple or complex their website needs to be. For Database & programming related website we used following web technologies <br />Database Management:My SQL / Microsoft SQL Server / Oracle <br />Internet/Intranet Technologies:: HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages Client and Server side scripting<br />
  6. 6. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Web Design Cost<br /> Website Design:<br />Web design cost Rs $300 (5 pages).<br /> For flash header it cost Rs $100 per flash file.<br /> Total flash website cost Rs $1,200<br /> Additional Page cost $75 and simple photo gallery Rs $80<br />Dynamic website depends upon the requirement.<br />2) Website Maintenance:<br />Editing Simple Static page Rs $10 per page. Photo gallery $20<br /> For dynamic page it is depends upon the requirement.<br />
  7. 7. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Web Design Projects<br />http://www.webpromotz.com/vipul/Lagyp/index.htm<br />http://www.webpromotz.com/sample/RJ/index.htm<br />http://www.dypisworli.in/<br />http://plogiks.org/<br />http://www.ftracksolutions.com<br />http://www.yuri.in/<br />http://www.travelarenaindia.com/<br />http://rituexports.in<br />http://www.rishikeshexports.in<br />http://www.wonderartsindia.com<br />http://www.furniturekraft.com/ (Start with Flash Intro)<br />http://www.asianec.in/<br />Full Flash Website<br />www.angeloscouture.com<br />www.gangareyenation.com<br />www.rameshandsons.com/site<br />www.sddindia.com<br />www.divajoailliers.com<br />
  8. 8. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />What is Web Marketing<br />Search Engine Optimization: This is an art and science of constructing your website code and copy in such a way that search engines like them and as a result rank your pages highly for relative search terms. If all goes well your website will be listed on first page of search engine’s free listings also called as “natural” or “organic” listings.<br />Search Engine Marketing/ Pay per click: These are the paid or sponsored text listings you typically see on right hand side of search results. You can control the ad copy and also hotlink it to a URL within your website. <br />
  9. 9. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />SEO / PPC Visual Example<br />Your customers see your Listing when theySearch<br />Credit card processing<br />Google technology places your Advertisement (Paid Result) PPC<br />Natural listings( By SEO Work )<br />
  10. 10. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Benefits of SEO<br />Search can help you achieve your business goals<br />Brand visibility<br />It pays off in the long-term<br />People trust Google<br />SEO helps you build a better website<br />
  11. 11. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />SEO Packages<br />
  12. 12. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Link Building Packages<br />
  13. 13. Wednesday, January 06, 2010<br />PPC Packages<br />
  14. 14. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br /> SEO Projects<br />www.yourstory.in - young entrepreneurs India, business entrepreneurs India, social entrepreneurs India<br />www.intagent.com - realtor web design, real estate agent website design, real estate agent web design, real estate broker web design<br />www.creaadesigns.com - graphic designer in India, cheap web designer in India, cheap web designer mumbai<br />www.antraweb.com - tally, tally 9, Manufacturing ERP Software<br />www.reachindiapr.com - Publicity India, Online News Distribution India, pr sub<br />mission India, online pr distribution India, online pr submission India, online news distribution India<br />www.pressmanindia.com - advertising agency India, ad agency India<br />www.northcotemanor.com - Hotel In Lancashire, Weekend Break Lancashire<br />www.northcoteattherovers.com - banquet venues Lancashire, meeting rooms Lancashire, wedding venue Lancashire <br />www.ggmgroundscare.com - Countax tractors, Kubota parts<br />www.northcoteoffsite.com - outside caterers, outside catering <br />
  15. 15. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Contact us<br />6 - Vidya, Kastur Park,Kastur Park Road, Borivali (west),Mumbai - 400092<br />Ph No. - +91-022-28993153<br />Email Id - info@webpromotz.com<br />Hemant M. Anjara - Director - ITMobile No. - 9870260135Email Id - hemant0482@gmail.com<br />Kishor M. Anjara - Director - FinanceMobile No. - 9820859414Email Id - kishor@webpromotz.com<br />
  16. 16. Tuesday, January 05, 2010<br />Thank You<br />