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The New role of marketing in 2013

The New role of marketing in 2013



Marketing Trends and Impact on Marketing. Has your marketing changed? What are the new skills of marketing needed to adjust to the mobile, social and online world of our customers? How do you bridge ...

Marketing Trends and Impact on Marketing. Has your marketing changed? What are the new skills of marketing needed to adjust to the mobile, social and online world of our customers? How do you bridge the process gap between demand generation and sales?



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  • 1999 gestart website bouwer en email marketing -> Wat we do!! Ontwikkeld tot smart email marketing ->1. buyer profiles opbouwen-> demografischnietvoldoende-> zakenvrouw, lease auto- 3 kids-> marieclair-> vrijetijdrennen-> veelkansdatikwel lees-of vanuitvakgebied.2.geatuomatiseerde emails bvjijopentniet, krijg je andere email-> MULTI VLAAI-> jarig email –korting3. Lead scoring pbvgedragkunnen we bepalenwanneerjijlklaar bent omietstekopenSAAS30 miljoen email per dag! Digital 1 op 1…..email is kern--. 3 keerzoveelals TNT alspakketjesrondbrengt…zondervliegtuigen..Zozichtbaar-- postbodeweetalleswie met wiedoet….. Wijdoendatdigitaal we wetenwaterspeelt -> engagement…NOG GEEN DATABASE HELPEN DEZE TE CREERENHELPEN VERRIJKENEN HELPEN ENGAGEMENT DO’S en DON’t  ken je klant-> DATABASE PLAATJE TESTEN AB EMAIL MOBIEL – VISUEEL-> CALL TO ACTIONPUSh
  • Meeste email China en Amerika…….hoofdkantoren Shanghai…. 13 kantoren in CHINA (4 nu) en nog meer in Europa!Wold war craft---game eerste klant in China-> 14 miljoen emails per dag…hoe? Koffers pakken-> niet opgeven doorzetten-> SPAM goodwill regeringen en ISP regelgeving en LOKALE SPELERS EMAIL Local-> OV checkt alles-> te traag vanuit hierOffice in HongKong13 new offices in all Tier 2 cities (we rolling out in 13 cities)Rest of asia.We trying this with low end productManyclients and knowledge about the market
  • ALIBABA TAOBAO (AMAZON PLUS EBAY) KENNEN JULLIE HET? GROTER DAN HEINEKEN 538 BRITISCH TELECOM anders aangepakt resultaat gedrevenEcommerce in China…..hige530M netizens (america 230M en inwoners in europa 503M)Influence from internetFrom friends,They buy together from the office.Order stuff that they bring to the office.And it’s really cheapOfcourse we have also our LV, CUCCI and the shopping centers are still growing. But also APPLE & IKEAIt there place for new companies? Luxiery brands,Car brands?They have the money, They have the strong needs to express there selfs and they need quality stuff.YES, we all need to go to China and Azia.Are we afraid to be coppied? You need to be one step more cleaver & quicker.It’s a run/ sprint.
  • 20 % more productive Welke contentvoor wie in welke fase?Welk social mediatool daarvoor geschiktRecycleCustomize----- Meeting Notes (11/1/12 13:05) -----CIOFinanceCommercial ManLanding page
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NyDXdHVw-yM
  • Ebayknowledhe!
  • Leadsthat are notmeasured in revenu results are useless ACQUISTION, Existing
  • REALmodel- moderne communicatie proces-> vergelijken met daten-> Sittogetherwith marketing and discusstarggets-> veryusefulinsights -> make marketing accountable as well. How are youusing socialReversefunnel:Set clear targetsper phaseMeasure/monitorNEW ROLES OF MARKETING87 % of marketeers and salespeoplewillsaysomethingnegativeabouteachother!!----- Meeting Notes (5/31/13 17:12) -----Funnel management a joint effort-> marketing moving more and more forwardinto the funnel-> need to makesureyou have a joineddefinitionon the idealcustomer, a MQL= nurturing and SQL-> and howyou are going to engage? and use social media throughout the funnel. Best practicewhat i seewhathelps in clarifying the different roles of marketing and sales----- Meeting Notes (5/31/13 17:19) -----In the end u want to createchampions! recommendationsbecomes more and more important. Best practice=reversefunnel marketing and sales and discussforeach stage whatneeds to bedone-> lead to probalbewellknown deals as hitrate, SAL/orders MQL/orders a and newones social media budget/mql social leads/totalleads, mql/sal => including online/social is critical------ Meeting Notes (5/31/13 17:22) -----alignment=% sales time spenton marketing collateral, follow up times MQL-SAL, marketing field/visits, satisfaction (87 % negative)----- Meeting Notes (5/31/13 21:37) -----# social shares, social updates , referrals=champion…salesintelligence=late rfp, % social connectedwithcustomers, loss/win due to intelligence….90% of CEO’ssaidthey NEVER respond to coldemailsorcalls. (Inside View)Unmarketing->abouttrust-> about the right time to handoff a lead to sales-> communication…..nopushingtakingyour time, youdontask a data to kiss at the first time youmeet-> youcankill a salebygoingtoofast. Alsobecause of online a prospect mightbtowseinformationbutnotbeingreadyyet to buy!! Coldcalling is dead-> youneed to do your research and warm up a lead----- Meeting Notes (5/31/13 17:12) -----Who has a nurtingprocess in place? CSF For thosewhohaven'tyetyoucancompareit to dating-> youdontask a date to kiss at the firsttime-> youinvest in dinnersmoviesfind out more etc. And that is exactlywhat we need to ----- Meeting Notes (5/31/13 17:19) -----NURTURING -> need to knowyourprospect-> also the prospect as we have seenknows a lot aboutyou!
  • Most important changes?
  • http://www.smartinsights.com/managing-digital-marketing/resourcing-digital-marketing/evolving-skills-of-the-modern-marketer-infographic/