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My Presentation to guests at the Synthesio sponsored book signing for Social Media Analytics at The Hospital Club on January 25th, 2012 in London

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  • Self serve – Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian SM2, etcFull service – Integrasco, Brandtology, Synthesio, Converseon, etcHybrid – Additional Reporting included with Self Serve.Internal – Some companies build their own listening and analytics platforms for internal/private use.
  • Brand Analysis / Brand Sentiment (yes – but often a lot of work)
  • Synthesio book signing marshall sponder - delivered

    1. 1. Synthesizing Social Media Analytics with Synthesio Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC London, January 25, 2012 @TheHospitalClub
    2. 2. An Introduction Marshall Sponder is the Author of the McGraw- Hill book, Social Media Analytics, he is independent Web analytics, data and SEO/SEM specialist working in the field of market research, social media, networking, and Outbound Communications. Marshall’s blog is and book site is
    3. 3. Challenges to Getting Analytics Implemented Well
    4. 4. Getting it RightSelecting the best platform, processes andpeople are crucial to “getting it right”.Should you choose wrong (as too oftenhappens), your projects will fail to deliverthe desired results.
    5. 5. SMM can be visualized as a 3 Stage Continuous Process
    6. 6. Success comes partly fromyour Organizational DNA
    7. 7. Social Media DNA has a lot to do with making the right choicesEach businessshould choose theiruse cases, withdisparate needsfrom variousstakeholder plannedfor in advance.
    8. 8. Before Strategy there is Self Knowledge Company
    9. 9. Who are the Stakeholders?
    10. 10. Circa 1957 - 20121957 – Radioactive MutantKiller Crabs absorb the minds oftheir victims in fictional movie.Today – Many companiesbelieve, that by hiring smartpeople, they are “absorbing”their knowledge.
    11. 11. Identify the Right Firms & Platforms to Consider
    12. 12. Social Isn’t Just One ThingNo platform does it all sohow to even begin to choose? Care of Gary Angel –
    13. 13. Each Use Case may require a Unique Tool Operational Metrics AdvancedNLP Analysis Listening & Influence Categorization Leading to integration issues impacting the quality of your results Customer Listening & Data Web Integration Analytics Engagement Care of Gary Angel – & Attrition
    14. 14. Free tools help you get your monitoring feet wet,but can’t provide a complete, dependable solution
    15. 15. Synthesio also introduced the idea of monitoring for “brand type” Each type of Brand has different monitoring and Analytics needs
    16. 16. 3 Use Cases
    17. 17. Where do you want to go? Consumer PR Monitoring Social Research & Support CampaignsListening for Listening and Automating of Insights Engagement the engagementSocial Media Traditional Coverage* Media Workflow Coverage*NLP (machine Influencer Operational learning) Identification Metrics Rich TopicCategorization Low-Latency Categorization Care of Gary Angel –
    18. 18. ) Example: Customer & Market/Product Research 1 Speed Style0.5 Screen Res. Form Factor Hardware Gameplay Media Use Integration 0 Apps OS 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 Connect Screen Size Price-0.5 Reliability -1 Care of Gary Angel –
    19. 19. Example: Monitoring
    20. 20. Example: Social Campaigns Care of The New York Times
    21. 21. Use platforms that complement each other Care of Gary Angel – Full Service
    22. 22. 4 Types of SocialMedia Analytics Platforms
    23. 23. Self-serve HybridFull-service
    24. 24. Differencesbetween tools
    25. 25. Platform Definitions• Self serve – Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian SM2, etc.• Full service –Synthesio, Converseon, Integrasco, Brandtology, etc.• Hybrid – Additional Reporting included with Self Serve.• Internal – Some companies build their own listening and analytics platforms for internal/private use.
    26. 26. But, you need a good data sampleRead more: Creative Commons License: Attribution
    27. 27. Mature Organizations Can Profit From Social Technologies; Immature Groups may not Source: Collective Intellect
    28. 28. Social Analytics Used For … Brand Analysis & International Market Brand Sentiment monitoring Research Industry and + - Influencer competitive Sentiment Identification Research Analysis
    29. 29. Identifying Influencers – Synthesio Rank
    30. 30. Sentiment Analysis –overall and Granular
    31. 31. Brand Analysis and Brand Sentiment
    32. 32. Market Research
    33. 33. Competitive Research and SOV
    34. 34. International Monitoring
    35. 35. Synthesio Case Study of Accor Hotelsas published in Social Media Analytics• 90 countries• 145,000 affiliates• 4,100 hotels and close to 500,000 rooms• The group’s brands offer various options to suit guests staying with them for either business or pleasure.
    36. 36. Cross-analyzing social media results with internal data• Synthesio worked with the Accor corporate marketing team to define a tool that analyzes Internet user satisfaction throughout all stages of a guest’s stay.• Synthesio’s results are systematically cross- analyzed with other internal indicators of quality such as online customer satisfaction surveys and field tests.
    37. 37. Goals of the measurement campaign•Short term goal -> Raise Awareness and Measure Customer Satisfaction (3 mo.)•Mid term goal -> Identify Best Practices (1yr)•Long term goals -> Improve Customer Satisfaction (ongoing)
    38. 38. Custom KPI’sDefinition of customKPIs, anddashboards for eachlevel of hierarchy.Detection of 30topics and sub-topicsto monitor andanalyze in partnershipwith the customerservice department.
    39. 39. Success of the Campaign• Factor 1 - Start Small - Think Big - We started Accor’s project with a small set of hotels, with the idea of proof-testing our service to implement it globally.• Factor 2 – Get Commitment From Internal Teams - The corporate team at Accor worked closely with Synthesio to define the service, and customize it to their needs.• Factor 3 – Keep it simple - When working on global projects like this, there is a tendency to build complicated processes to match everybody’s needs.
    40. 40. Key Performance Indicators CSATHotel Rank Per 1 Rank Per 2 Avg Per 1 Avg Per 2 TrendHotel A 5 1 60 100 Up 40%Hotel B 1 2 81 83 Up 2%Hotel C 6 4 69 75 Up 75%Hotel D 4 5 72 69 Up 3% Hotel Before Arrival Food and Activities Leaving Arrival Beverages Hotel A 100 100 100 0 0 Hotel B 97 84 85 57 67 Hotel C 100 100 100 0 100 Hotel D 83 82 0 0 0
    41. 41. Quality Control Measures• Automated monitoring to control at site level, and hotel level, Team is alerted whenever a change appears on the content harvested.• Qualitative check On a regular basis, quality project leaders work on a sample of data previously analyzed by researchers, and confirm the quality of the data set.• Client’s comments on each dashboard, the client (hoteliers or brand managers) can alert Synthesio of a wrong classification (topic, sentiment).
    42. 42. Issues encountered• For Synthesio the main challenge was data extraction.• For Accor it involved internal clients in the process.• For both, the Cultural, semantic and cross-usable data presented numerous challenges. (re: cultural DNA of the company)• Semantic tools can only be used for a broad top-line analysis. The 30 topics analyzed in 8 languages needed a human understanding.
    43. 43. Issues that aroseFor Synthesio: Staffing or communicationschallenges (internal or with client).• Staff to handle 30 languages• 3 months of R&D to figure out how to pull and assemble data•For Accor: the main obstacles were corporate buy- in at all levels and education. Also, lack of a Road Map, at the beginning of the project.
    44. 44. Main Findings and BenefitsAccor solved the following problems: • Detecting hotels with a bad reputation and alert hoteliers on the importance of customer satisfaction. • Finding new insights. • Increasing overall online reputation by 55%.
    45. 45. Conclusions been• Accor brands’ customer satisfaction has increasing steadily over the past 2 years.• Within the group, the Novatel brand has seen the volume of positive feedback increase by 55% in just 1 year, while the number of negative comments has stagnated.• The brand has also been able to quickly identify and resolve customer issues that used to be difficult to understand.
    46. 46. One Picture – 1000 Words
    47. 47. ConclusionThrough it’s offerings Synthesiosuccessfully addressed and solved afamiliar issue with SMA -That A lot of work is required toturn exploratory data from SocialMedia into something tactical andactionable.Synthesio Delivered
    48. 48. Questions?•Questions from the audience
    49. 49. Futureplays inthis space?ReadCH
    50. 50.• Marshall Sponder• WebMetricsGuru INC.••
    51. 51. Thank You