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Social smarts presenation   marshall sponder - updated 9-16-12

Social smarts presenation marshall sponder - updated 9-16-12



My presentation to the Netbase and wider social media community on merging web analytics and social media and why it is so important.

My presentation to the Netbase and wider social media community on merging web analytics and social media and why it is so important.



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  • http://www.fubiz.net/2011/07/20/jaume-plensa/
  • Don’t assume your audience know – give this more attentionIf you have set up your Site Analytics tracking properly, figured out how to connect all the dots together in the right framework ,you would know what drove success and failure on your site and you can optimize and improve business outcomes.What about what happens off your site?
  • http://thoughtfaucet.com/making-things/examples/presentation-improving-social-media-via-web-analytics/
  • Map events Who you are?What would you like to iimplement in the next year.3 Bulilit 0
  • 3 actionable steps:Emphasize content & ease of service over priceMarket the mobile ap more aggressivelyCompare Netflix service and advantages to other major competitorsThe top dislikes include the new pricing plan, responses to negative quarterly earnings report & lost customers, and the disconnecting of streaming with DVD service (including the new Quickster service). One of the major dislikes is when people who were upset when Netflix didn’t have the movie they wanted.Movie selection: “Netflix movies suuuck.”, “Cant find a movie on #Netflix...”People are commenting & confused about the plan changes: “@netflix made a mistake, again, and kills plan to separate services. Obvi jumped the gun on…”, “Netflix kills Qwikster. Thank goodness. “Lots of comments on the quarterly earnings: “Can't help but LOL. They really #netflixed themselves - RT: Netflix loses 800,000 subscribers (stock drops 28%) “, “For Netflix, the hits keep on coming -- the bad kind, that is.
  • EnglishBrand with the most buzz: McDonald’sBrand with the greatest positive sentiment: KFCBrand with the greatest consumer passion: KFC
  • http://cloudcomputing.ulitzer.com/node/2311359
  • http://crowdshifter.com/2012/09/07/three-of-four-cmos-say-social-media-impacts-sales/?fb_action_ids=10151103085507771&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.UE4KQryz1_c.like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
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  • http://www.designishistory.com/1940/joseph-albers/
  • Renowned Spanish artist, JaumePlensa, recently completed the following series of sculptures and drawings at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield, England. The artist’s work encourages viewers to explore the art in a tactile and sensorial manner. Plensa is currently exhibiting a sculpture titled “Echo” in Madison Square Park in New York. In a recent park visit, I was mesmerized by the pieces powerful shapes and demanding attention. Be sure to visit the sculpture in New York before it comes down in August.
  • http://blog.gessato.com/2011/07/05/outdoor-museum/
  • bioinformatics.uthsc.edu
  • http://cdn.information-management.com/media/assets/article/1082028/TDWI_fig8.gif
  • You want the data to be structured enough to make it useful, but not so structured that you can’t do anything with it – both extremes are to be avoided.The usefulness of data goes up the more it is structured, up to a point, and Interface Design modulates how those improvements are accessed and ultimately, how useful they will be to end users of the platforms and their clients.
  • http://rocketfuel.com/newsroom/blog/big-data-infographic-of-the-week-conspicuous-consumption
  • http://www.capgemini.com/technology-blog/files/2012/09/big-data-vendors.jpg?ref=nf
  • As information speeds up and mushrooms, we have a harder time keeping up and depend of Analytics Interfaces with stand between us and the raw data. But what if the interface, such as it is, and the workflows, such as they are, is not able to adapt to our own unique business requirements? Because we’re working with mostly unstructured data, we depend on the platform interfaces to the heavy lifting, but in most cases, they have failed, and the data, itself often isn’t organized in a useful way for many customers, and that creates customer churn and dissatisfaction with all analytics platforms.
  • A lot of the tools for Social Media appeal more to marketers and PR professionals and are Right Brain focused. The tools that appeal to Web Analtyics are more left brained and
  • http://www.mcrprint.co.uk/think-print/
  • http://assets.econsultancy.com/images/0002/1120/personalisation-infographic_adobeURL.png
  • Platforms are often describe in the active voice, and by mentioning what your using them for. Often platforms are designed for specific purposes as well.
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/icrossing/4831106489/lightbox/
  • http://www.slideshare.net/tkawaja/social-lumascape-8223008/download
  • Have used 80% (32 out of the 40 platforms listed above) and 22 very closely.
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  • http://www.netmagazine.com/features/how-find-better-clients
  • http://www.likeable.com/2012/08/two-often-overlooked-steps-to-improving-your-social-media-measurement/http://www.slideshare.net/marketingexperiments/metrics-simplified-v5
  • If you can’t take an action based on your analysis, why are you reporting the data?Many metrics marketers think are important to analyze that are in fact not.Which Metrics were useful and allowed you to take action – if you don’t have any, go find them.
  • http://www.slideshare.net/marketingexperiments/metrics-simplified-v5
  • http://cmd.rutgers.edu/programs/online-mini-mba-social-media-arts#tab-Overview

Social smarts presenation   marshall sponder - updated 9-16-12 Social smarts presenation marshall sponder - updated 9-16-12 Presentation Transcript

  • 5 Tips: Why Web + Social Analytics = Smarter Action Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru Inc
  • Promise of Web Analytics (when it works)
  • Social Media Analytics is great for measuring SocialActivities offyour site, on the Web
  • Social Web Analytics allows measurement of both Social + Website, together
  • What does mixing Social and WebAnalytics Look Like? (hint: UCI course)
  • Netflix kills Netflix increases E-mail Quickster streaming library sent to all usersJuly 12, CEO Oct. 4 3rd qtr earnings:announces Sept 18 CEO Netflix loses 800,000price increase apologizes for customers, but price hike but increased net revenue doesn’t change prices
  • Top Themes Top HashtagsTop Positive Themes: Top Positive Hashtags:•Movies •Doctorwho•Blockbuster •Taurus•Watching netflix •Firstworldpains•Devices •News
  • Getting to know the “Customer Mindset” is something Social MediaAnalytics is right for, and something that Web Analytics is generallyunable to do. Netbase is one of the best platforms for this type ofanalysis.
  • NetBase Brand Passion Index English Spanish German Insight: For both McDonalds’s & KFC, Spanish creates a greater buzz than German. McDonald’s buzz is larger than KFC in all languages
  • Web Audience Data Combined with Social Data/ Sentiment is the best option Netflix increases streaming libraryJuly 12,CEOannounces priceincrease
  • Compete.com (Web) + NetBase (Social)1+1=3Once you map thesentiment of peoplewho talk about Netflixto their location on theTraffic Dashboard youhave a “new way” ofvisualizing audiencesentiment by visitorsegment and overall sitereferral traffic
  • Plus, “Big Data” Analytics helps users to find new patterns and insights
  • Thanks to Big Data, Analytics Will Be a $51B Business by 2016: IDC
  • Most CMO’s believe Social Media Impacts Sales (but are uncertain it drives Sales)
  • But most of thetrackable Social Media Activity isn’t integrated with existing Web Analytics solutions.
  • The Mobile Web, Web Tablets andsmart phones, withtheir accompanying apps (most which are socially enabled) arechallenging to trackwell with any single system, Web Analytics, Social or Mobile
  • Mobile / Social Analytics is Complex and a Multi-Platform function today Sonar.me Twitter Analytics website Sailthru AWE.SM Google AnalyticsFacebook Analytics MixPanel for app Click act
  • The majority of companies measure volume oftraffic from social media to their sites (often using Web Analytics)
  • 5 strategies Digital Marketers must get right
  • 1. SEM/Web Analytics Implementation (fusion) 2. Social MediaStrategy that includes Web Analytics 3. Media Buys thatsupport both 4. Marketing Programs covering Every touch 5. Measurement Strategy point That ties it all together!
  • 5 Major Challenges Digital Marketers Face
  • Deep Dives into 5 Major Concerns for Digital Marketers
  • 1. Dirty Data vs. Clean Data (structured)
  • Emerging Media, each Channel needs (evolves) it’s own Analytics Various Photo Web Analytics, Sharing Analytics Google Analytics Platforms Twitter Analytics Various Video and Awe.sm Analytics Moblie – Platforms Flurry, MixPanel, Adobe SC Log based WebLog based Web Analytics,Analytics, FeedBurnerFeedBurner Various Widget Various Message Analytics Board Analytics Platforms Various Chat Room Analytics
  • The Big Data Continuum
  • Structured vs. Unstructured Data Interface Design Workflow Design(UV) Unstructured Data Structured Data
  • How muchunstructur ed data can youlive with?Organizing the data for insights is Ouch major Ouch headache! Ouch Ouch Ouch
  • The “Interface” ProblemAnalytics platforms have not evolved quickly enoughto satisfy stakeholders actual Data Needs (why theybought the platforms in the first place); but userscan’t yet articulate their needs because they don’tunderstand the data or it’s uses as it applies to theireveryday tasks.
  • Medium as Message, improvedAnalytics Interfaces & Workflows will raise analyst Productivity dramatically
  • 2. Data ShapingContinuum More Impersonal vs. More Personal
  • Who do youwant to get yourinformation from?Marketer s Artists, IT/SCI/BIZ
  • Left and Right Brained Siloes and their toolsets (difficult to reconcile)
  • We Need Synthesis of the Left andRight Brain to see Whole Picture
  • 3. The Personalized vs. Generic Continuum
  • The Analytics for Personalized messaging isexpensive to create and time consuming to scale
  • Personalization is worth while if there enough time and resources
  • We need just the rightamount of Personalization
  • 4. The Measurement Continuum Activity on Your Websites Conversations OnlinePlatforms are often described by the functions (What) your trying to preform with them
  • Site Focused
  • Social Media Measurement Delivery Process
  • Social Analytics Space is saturated and has 20x more players than the mapshows (tip of the iceberg) and radiates out to adjacent offerings and otherlayers of software (not shown)
  • Earth and Sky
  • Need a Balanced View of Social/Web
  • 5. The Old vs. New Marketing ContinuumOLD NEW“me based” “us based”conservative Open, Eclectic
  • In New Media, Using The Right Title is Very Important
  • Old vs. NewUnderstanding who your Customer is
  • Biggest Challenge is coming up with the Right Metrics
  • Defining your Metrics for Success
  • Assemble Your Analytics Plan
  • Example of a Student’s Analytics Plan Resurrecting George Enescu’s WorkGoal: Audience:Salvage the reputation of the Romanian 20th Among Classical music institutions,century composer, George Enescu enthusiasts, and musicians alikeLocation: Timing:Ideally GeorgeEnescu.com A 6 month campaign period Through/ WithVehicle: Venues:Online videos, online networking, Personal blog, radio stations, YouTube, Ask fans andpodcasts, musicological research musicological conferences, etc. customers toMessage:Enescu’s art ought to be enjoyed and celebrated as the Regarding thework of a deserving, 20th-century masterProgram:Program to promote the musicians and orchestras who wish toexplore Enescu’s work Success will be judged byMetrics/KPI’sPopularity on Google New business connections New visitors to YoutubeTrends and partnerships website statistics
  • Getting Ready
  • Being the right Stakeholder or Client
  • 1. Define personal characteristics and work-style need torealize measurement goals2. Be true to yourself3. Be willing to spend the time to do the necessary researcharound Analytics needs and budgeting4. Get the whole team involved5. Hire the Right Expert(s) to come in and help set it all up
  • Combining Social Media with Web Analytics for Greater InsightsWeb Analytics works well Use Web Analytics toto measure the impact of measure the impact ofSocial Media to your your Social Activitybusiness if your ultimate driving traffic to your ongoal is to bring everyone your Website. Sitethat hears about you in analytics is one aspect toSocial Media back to your measuring social mediaWebsite. If that’s not and any ROI usually has ayour goal, Web Analytics Web analytics componentwill not be very helpful. or input.
  • Measure the impact of Social Activity on your on your Website using Google Analytics.
  • Website Tools are evolving to trackSocial Shares generated by WOM and Social Campaigns that lead back to your site
  • And Track how Social Traffic moves around on your website.
  • Tips: Why Web and Social = Smarter Action
  • 5 Tips: Why Web + Social = Smarter Action1. Apply the “so what?” test to your social media metrics2. Link up Internal House Data and Third Party Panel Data with your Social Media Data3. Make sure you have the right analytics platforms to capture the data you need for your metrics and KPI and they are set up optimally.4. Formulate your objectives and goals such that you can measure with the data your collecting, and results lead to action.5. Track and Measure, colleting data to gain insights, then repeat the process on a regular basis
  • 1. Apply a “so what?” test to your social media metrics and analytics
  • 2. Mash up Other Metrics Data WithYour Social Media Measurement Data
  • 3. Check you have the right platforms in place to collect the needed data
  • 4. Formulate Goals & KPI’s
  • 5. Test and Measure and formulate Insights with the results
  • Learn more about NetBase, in depth,and Social Media Measurement at my UCI Class starting this Winter, again
  • The Arts and Culture Intersect with Social and Web Analyticsat the Rutgers Course I developed and am teaching on Social Media And The Arts Winter/Spring Semester
  • WebMetricsGuru.comMarshall SponderWebMetricsGuru INC.www.webmetricsguru.comwww.smabook.comnow.seo@gmail.com@webmetricsguru@smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC.