Social media analytics for the pr industry Mexico City 5-24-12


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Here's my presentation to a conference that happened in Mexico City this week. I don't have the url of the conference but I was asked to pre-record it (which is up on my blog and in YouTube). Here's the deck by itself.

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  • Almost all of these can be used!!!!!
  • And if your going to use Mobile as part of PR - Almost all of these can be used!!!!!
  • Social media analytics for the pr industry Mexico City 5-24-12

    1. 1. SocialPR Analytics Mexico Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru Inc May 24th, 2012
    2. 2. Can Integrity within Social Analytics exist within a PR Spin Culture?
    3. 3. Right Communications R crucial 2 Success
    4. 4. Social PR encompasses several platforms and use cases PR Monitoring & Social Campaigns Consumer Research Support Listening for Insights Automating of the Listening and engagement Engagement Social Media Traditional Coverage* Media Workflow Coverage* NLP (machine Influencer Operational learning) Identification Metrics Rich Topic Low-Latency Categorization Categorization
    5. 5. Including Big Data
    6. 6. PR Talent Crunch Circa 1957 - 2012 1957 – Radioactive Mutant Killer Crabs absorb the minds of their victims in fictional movie. Today – Many companies believe, that by hiring smart people, they are “absorbing” their knowledge. It is more a “culture” problem?
    7. 7. Operational Metrics Social Platforms Advanced NLP Analysis Listening & Influence employed Categorizationvary based on UseCases (whatyou need to Customer Data Listening & Web Integration Analyticsaccomplish) Engagement & AttritionCare of Gary Angel –
    8. 8. … are focusing on the SocialMetrics a core requirement forPR effectiveness, or adistraction – something PRagencies, as currently formedand staffed, don’t do wellenough?Hint: This is the argument Imade in my book. Is thesituation changing?
    9. 9. Social
    10. 10. Mobile
    11. 11. Search / SEM
    12. 12. Glimmers of Hope –Show or Substance?
    13. 13. need a good data sampleCare of
    14. 14. Consider the needs for PR – Client Business often determines how many SM Channels are active1. Need to be active where your customers/followers are.2. Need to determine what are the most profitable channels to them to be active in.3. Need to come up with a business strategy that maximizes the communications within those channels (or integrate / improve the one they have).4. Need to come up with a Measurement Strategy that is aligned with the business strategy.5. Need to tightly MAP/TIE the business / measurement strategy to brick and mortar transactions whenever possible.
    15. 15. What level of Maturity is your Client (or your Agency) operating at? 4. Scaling &1. Dormant 2. Testing 3. Coordinating 5. Empowering Optimization Resistant to any Organization use of social Management Organizational empowers all technologies Individuals or begins to shift toward relevant due to departments coordinate growing and employees; unwillingness to test in isolated across teams improving social fosters & participate or pockets and applications rewards top "analysis departments performers paralysis"Source: Forrester Research
    16. 16. Mature Clients benefit the most from Social Programs Source: Collective Intellect
    17. 17. Planning for Success
    18. 18. Very basic business plan with measurement hooks
    19. 19. Consider adopting a more forensic approach to Social Data to improve the effectiveness ofSocial Programs in behalf of your clients Opportunities/dp/0470932368
    20. 20. Try to have conversations with clients like similar to this one• What Measures do you want to track?• What Decisions would you make differently were one of the measures surprisingly high or low?• What is the threshold of the measure? At what point if the value was exceeded or dipped would an alternative action take place? Source: Douglas Hubbard - The Pulse
    21. 21. Consider thatSocial MediaMeasureable ROI is easiest arrived at byconnecting POINT OF SALE systemswith Social Media
    22. 22. Formulate your plan (beware of “black boxes”) Goal(s): Audience: among Location: Timing : through/ withVehicle (how your going to do it): Venues (where your going to do it): ask fans and customers to Message (Call(S) to Action): Regarding our Product / Service / Program Success will be judged by Metrics/KPI’s
    23. 23. Working Together – Contact Me @Marshall SponderWebMetricsGuru