Recorded future’s unique temporal analysis has competitors hard marshall sponder 12-13-11-v2


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Looking into the Future with Web Media Analytics

Social media provides companies better access than ever to the pulse of the world, and specifically, the stakeholders closest to their issues. The greater expanse of the web provides an even more diverse set of valuable data about the past, present and future, if it can be properly harnessed.

In a joint webcast on Wednesday, December 21, see how Recorded Future’s temporal analytics help make sense of information overload from the web and act as a complement to the suite of tools used by social media experts like Marshall Sponder, founder of Web Metrics Guru.

We’ll introduce Recorded Future’s technology, and share a live demo as part of a case study conducted with Mr. Sponder (author of the recently published book Social Media Analytics) on using web analysis tools for better understanding issues related to the upcoming World Economic Forum.


Introduction: Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO & Co-Founder
RF Capabilities Demo: Chris Holden, Community Manager
Case Study: Marshall Sponder, Web Metrics Guru
Q&A: Panelists
When: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 11AM Eastern
Where: WebEx Conference

Please register using the form below. You’ll receive an email invite with WebEx details.

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  • "world economic forum" AND ("Peruvian president" OR "Klaus Schwab" OR India OR UAE OR China OR Occupy)
  • Recorded future’s unique temporal analysis has competitors hard marshall sponder 12-13-11-v2

    1. 1. Recorded Future’s Unique Temporal Analysis hascompetitors hard pressed to Compete Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC December 21, 2011
    2. 2. Predictions around WorldEconomic Forum show RF’sunique strengths as ananalytics and forecastingplatform Refer to were able to extract the following talking points pertaining to futurepredictions around the World Economic Forum to take place in January 2012in Davos, CH.• Peruvian president to travel and participate in WEF• Klaus Schwab to lead team of CEOs to Kerala• India, UAE and China are prominent in the WEF proceedings for next January• "Occupy" economic forum planned”: see• Some WEF meetings to be held in Istanbul going forward, refer to for more information
    3. 3. RF automatically categorizes newsstories by location, region, broadtopics and channel – which helpswhen creating a readout or talkingpoints related to predictions.
    4. 4. Sysomos MAP around WEF What does it all mean? 10-20 hours of Analyst work?
    5. 5. The RF temporal timeline is unique – the closest analogy is Google Trends andGoogle Insights for search, that do employ some predictive analysis, but only fortraffic volume, not events. Ops!!! Not good for rest of World Economy?One wonders if the price of Oil per barrel will go down as China ‘s economy slows.
    6. 6. The RF temporal timeline is unique – the closest analogy is Google Trends and GoogleInsights for search, that do employ some predictive analysis, but only for trafficvolume, not events. ? Google’s interface is good for predicting future traffic, but does not attempt to forecast what events may happen.
    7. 7. Alternative energy discussion for 2012• Rising prices to affect both consumers and industry• New technologies, converting disposed plastics into crude• Attempt to change US tax credits for alternative energy use• Dedication of Ukrainian resources to develop alt energies as mentioned by Viktor Yanukovych
    8. 8. does topic analysis and ranking, but is not apredictive tool and is not able to pick up much about many subjects due to a lack of granularity besides basic topicsNo Lists for SolarEnergy, AlternativeEnergy, etc,
    9. 9. RF Alternative Energy Influencers Recorded Future maps out the influencers of various types and shows where and how they are connected.
    10. 10. Radian6 / Salesforce is apowerful monitoringplatform but has no futurestemporal reports and is verylabor intensive to generateinsights from
    11. 11. Brandwatch offerspowerful tools and acleaner dataset thanmost – though it isnot designed toaddress predictiveanalysis of futures.
    12. 12. Energy costs for 2012• Companies talking about need for reducing energy costs: Google, JSW, Cintas, Mitsubishi, Wal-Mart, GSK• Big time focus in Business media• Take a look at some of the most negatively charged discussion versus positive
    13. 13. Big time focus in Business media
    14. 14.’sTrafficDashboard areuseful forkeyword, trafficand competitiveanalysis, butcannot look intothe future.
    15. 15. Summary• Tools shape the data we can pull from them, some are better for one purpose, and worse for others.• The only temporal platform that I know of, specifically designed to forecast possible future events, is Recorded Future.• Recorded Future is the right platform for forecasting and futures analysis and predictions on a variety of subjects, to learn more contact RECORDEDFUTURE.COM
    16. 16. Marshall Sponder WebMetricsGuru INC. @webmetricsguru @smanalyticsbook WebMetricsGuru INC.