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This is my presentation at DragonSearchMar

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  • are 16 concepts, known on the Internet as “memes” that only videos that  go viral have, in the right combinations.
  • Art is encoding information in a new way
  • Dec 21 122112 Marshall Sponder

    1. 1. Marshall SponderWebMetricsGuru INCDecember 21st2012, DragonSearchMarketing -Kingston NY
    2. 2. 2013 Begins with A Brave New World• New Big Data (end users maturing while platforms become simpler, more user-friendly) & being a Data Nerd is Cool.• New Geo-Location mass adoption – (geofensing, passive telepresence)• New sense of TeliTransparency and TeleIntelligence• New Democratization of Knowledge• “Every Thing” turns to a metric, live with it!
    3. 3. Finding a New Way to work with Data• Finding the New right approach (need a “workspace” built to put the data onto and into – much like a workbench with groves.• Need Better Tools to operate on the data• Need New Frameworks to assemble the data• Need New ideas of what your looking for (hard to look at information with no idea what you are going to get out of it)• All of this is encapsulated in what I Call “continuums”
    4. 4. Defining Your Taxonomy is Key to making Data usefulThe following slides will explore ways to classifyinformation based on the issues we all have to dealwith. This is similar to what I teach at RutgersUniversity Social Media for The Arts in a specialcourse I created.
    5. 5. Design of Rutgers Social Media For The Arts Fall 2012 Training the Artists of the Future
    6. 6. Find Your Passion
    7. 7. Know what to Listen for Before Listening
    8. 8. Right taxonomies• We need a way to look at information and decide what we should do with it.• Most platforms on the market will be unable to provide the right taxonomies and workflow to get much useful from them, that is what I found and struggle with.• So I came up with my own set of questions and taxonomies.
    9. 9. Finding the Right Taxonomy• Public vs. Private (put your thoughts out there or keep them private)• Metadata or Just Rich Media Data• Massive Messaging or a few Strategic Messages• Social Connectedness or Solo (how much? N Degrees)• Viral or Not and Why?• Contextual Influentials vs. all around Influence
    10. 10. Finding the Right Approach• Mine your Reputation – What is “out there” to be known• InstaStory – Images that say more with less• Visual Storytelling – Telling stories built around media and a “bigger story”.• Share your location or Not?• Learning to combing all the viewpoints into an Analytics Framework• Deciding what to do with the data and what action is taken from it
    11. 11. The Public / Private ContinuumWide Audience, Small, Select orpossible no audienceoversaturation Level of Restrictive Control No Privacy Restrictions Can’t be found on Social Media at allExtrovert IntrovertThe first thing we need to decide is how much information ispermissible about us to be shared and known with the World.Use Monitoring Tools such as Radian6, Sysomos, Brandwatch andgauge the level of online presence.
    12. 12. Public (everyone) vs. Private (a Fish out of Water)
    13. 13. Rich Metadata vs. No Metadata High Metadata No Metadata
    14. 14. Metadata is King
    15. 15. Need to ask yourself how much Content is enough?
    16. 16. Social Connectedness or Solo
    17. 17. Massive Messaging or very Little .. Too Much Messaging Almost none
    18. 18. Viral or Not?
    19. 19. Viral Deconstructed – keep it short and sweet , and …..There are 16 concepts, known on the Internet as“memes” that only videos that go viral have, in theright combinations.You need 3 of them combined in the right sequence
    20. 20. Mine your Reputation – What is “out there” to be known about you
    21. 21. Contextual Influentials vs. all around Influence (if there is such a thing)Influence is all in context and timing …….
    22. 22. Repair the damage if you have to ..
    23. 23. Telling your Story with compelling imagery and metadata
    24. 24. Figuring out the Story…. And telling it
    25. 25. Share Your Location, or Not?
    26. 26. Using Geo-location creatively, or not? All kinds of possibilities ….
    27. 27. Analytics is Undervalued or Not?
    28. 28. So much to explore .. And little time to organize it meaningfully
    29. 29. It all comes down to..• Deciding where you need to make decisions (and preparing information so you can decide on it).• Learning a New Vocabulary of Meaning• Processing the Information before us in a way that will be helpful to us and those who depend on us.
    30. 30. Framing Decisions
    31. 31. Learning a New Vocabulary of Meaning
    32. 32. Art is Encoding Information in a Personal New Way(but it becomes important when it speaks Universal symbols
    33. 33. Making Information Useful Means Making it Your Own• It’s the one thing none of the tools can offer you.• It’s up to us to come up with our own lexicons and taxonomies that make sense for what we need to do.• We need to take the Unstructured Social Stream and combine it with other data and then use our own Classifications.
    34. 34. Decide what the information is about – and then decide how act on it
    35. 35. Questions
    36. 36. Marshall SponderWebMetricsGuru WebMetricsGuru INC.