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Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Engagement …

Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Engagement
Tuesday, Nov 23 8:00a
at Soho Hotel, London, E4 9, United Kingdom
I am delighted to invite you to our next seminar which addresses what has very much been the 'hot' marketing topic of the year, and which is certain to grow dramatically in importance in 2011: Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Engagement .

Whilst brands are increasingly recognising the significant commercial advantage that can be secured by tracking unfiltered, unscripted and real-time consumer feedback within blogs, forums, discussion boards, networks, video sharing communities and other 'social' environments, many have yet to formalise their approach in terms of:

· the appropriate mix of services/tools to be employed in order to maximise the relevance and accuracy of any tracking activity
· how best to analyse/interpret the resultant output to ensure the delivery of genuinely actionable insights, rather than mere data
· the appropriate strategies to be employed with regard to the lead influencer community
· how to maximise the reach and effectiveness of any engagement strategies. read more

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  • That sounds like a really awesome thing, I'm sorry to have missed it. Were there a lot of seminars on Calgary social media? or was it more globally-based?
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  • 1. Refining Business Insights Using Online Listening Platforms
    Marshall Sponder
    November 23rd, 2010, London
  • 2. Confusion and Uncertainty surround vast number of Analytics Service Providers, Clients, needs and wants
  • 3. Effective Listening requires mapping information against a model
    Each Business and each Business Sector is different. We need to understand how the business functions, and map it to how we measure.
    Understand Business Context in order to make online listening effective (i.e.: how does online behavior map back to a business need) then map Business Context to Measurement Context.
    Learn to translate information monitoring and analytics platforms gather and map these to business processes and ultimately to business reports.
  • 4. Stakes are High, How do you choose?
  • 5. Needing to know enough about you to know what your don’t knowthat is different than what you want to hear
  • 6. Being in the position to ask the right questions
    to get the insights you really need isn’t easy
  • 7. Getting to the right answers starts by gathering contextually relevant information
    Know what a client really needs to know (often unarticulated, start with needs analysis and gap analysis).
    Find out what to “listen for” (define as specific phrases, often complex keyword queries).
    Organize monitoring around the questions we are trying to answer and make sense of for the clients (and for ourselves).
  • 8. Choosing the Right Tools
  • 9. Choosing Tools Wisely .. Or Not!
    Technology and implementation choices have a profound impact on time spent listening and gathering information and ultimately, providing insight.
  • 10. Choosing Wisely
    Information flow growing so quickly everyone has a fragmented view of what is available. Platform consultants such as myself, are more aware of what is going on “out there” and can advise on choices.
    Choices are often made without fully understanding what is available(both vendor & clients share this problem) create much longer workflow. More expansive to support and producing employee dissatisfaction.
  • 11. What does the Right Choice look like?
    Ability to organize, synthesize information quickly. Able to build very complex models (taxonomies)
    Merge keyword based search technologies with semantic capabilities (machine learning)
    Able to handle massive query strings (as there are massive amounts of data to collect and process, more every day).
    Cut down workflow, increase quality of output
  • 12. Social Media Strategy + Technology
    Digital Strategy most effective when creativity is married with a deep mastery of technical platforms used to deliver messaging and listen for responses (& engage audience with).
    Entire teams should understand and master all aspects of the technologies used to listen and engage.
    Ensure that whatever is promised to clients can be delivered comfortably.
    If strategy and technology are done well, no one needs to work more than 40-50 hours a week. Long hours are a function of broken internal processes and bad technology choices (often difficult to back out of).
  • 13. Integrasco’s Open Sourced Technology
    can run massive amounts of data very quickly
    Keyword Query is several pages long – most platforms can not handle such a query. Analysis of client’s data requires more powerful platforms and technologies than most companies end up using.
  • 14. Vodafone Use Case
    Most use cases above require processing massive amounts of data quickly
  • 15. Integrasco’s platforms leverage several technologies and expertise to provide comprehensive solutions
  • 16. Integrasco’s Monitoring Platform acts as a hub, collecting data and mapping it in a useful way so it can be acted upon.
  • 17. Find out what to listen for and marry your business goals with your measurement processes.
    Technology can make or break your business, need to know what’s out there and make the right choices.
    The wrong technologies make more work to do, the right technologies eliminate much of the work.
    Platforms that can handle very large datasets are needed for more complex problems, and these platforms are becoming more in vogue today.
    Executive Summary
  • 18. Marshall Sponder