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WMADV WebMedia has a vast and broad knowledge in the mobile advertising world, managing over 1.5 billions monthly impressions across all platforms and markets.

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WMADV WEBMEDIA - Solution for Publishers

  1. 1. WebMedia Solution for Publishers
  2. 2. About us WebMedia has a vast and broad knowledge in the mobile advertising world, managing over 1.5 billions monthly impressions across all platforms and markets  WebMedia strives to provide the best service using broad experience and advanced optimization technology to its partners WebMedia is directly managing top advertisers, leading agencies and integrated with more than 140 mobile ad networks  WebMedia specializes in optimization and performance of your media; as a result maximizing your media's revenue and providing the highest CPM
  3. 3. Why WebMedia? Advanced traffic optimization system. Connecting our publishers directly to the best direct campaigns, mobile exchanges, top agencies, DSP's and leading ad networks using WebMedia RTB ad server. The scale and the optimization we provide - that's what enables us to find the best paying advertisers in real time and connecting them to our publishers. Global scale. Webmedia is active in more than 30 markets, including all OS and devices, providing 100% monetization of your media. Easy integration. Start a campaign in 3 steps: open an account, place the tag on your side and begin earning money.
  4. 4. Variety of Pricing Models CPI/CPC/CPA price models - option to work with exclusive WebMedia campaigns on performance based models. CPM - Fixed price for 1000 impressions. ECPM/RevShare - Combining all pricing models into one and successfully splitting the profits in favor of the publisher.
  5. 5. Publisher's Benefits Easy and quick integration process Leading brand advertisers worldwide Real time tracking and online reporting Multiple banner sizes and various price models Using a real time optimization system designed specially for mobile Working directly with advertisers guarantees the highest eCPM level Receive full consultation and support from a dedicated account manager
  6. 6. Mobile ad formats Image Standard interactive and non - interactive Ad Units in compliance with IAB guidelines Expand Expandable interactive format Is initiated by the user and can enlarge an ad creative from a traditional size to a bigger size Video User - initiated and auto - initiated video ad format generate higher CTR rates and revenues. As a result increased conversions and profitability for publishers
  7. 7. Our partners
  8. 8. Our contact details in Israel: Tel: 972 8 6229900 Fax: 972 8 8536851 E-mail: contacts@wmadv.com 24 Haorgim st. Ashdod, 77103 Our contact details in Russia: Tel: 7 499 641 0438 Fax: 972 8 8536851 E-mail: contacts@wmadv.com Leninskaya sloboda st. 19, Omega-Plaza, Moscow