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Be a certified Martial Arts instructor in Australia. Get martial arts training from well-known martial arts experts.

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  1. 1. WUSHU- It is a Mandarin Chinese term that represents Chinese martial arts. Itconsists of combat moves, which was developed over years of research andpractice. This martial art technique is built by mimicking the nature and moves ofanimals to some extent and manipulating the „QI‟ energy.
  2. 2. AIKIDO- Aikido means „the Way of unifying (with) life energy‟. It is a form ofJapanese self-defending technique, developed by Morihei Ueshiba. It mirrorsthe philosophy, religious beliefs and martial studies of Japan. Aikido teachesus to defend ourselves without delivering severe injury to the attacker.
  3. 3. TAE KWON DO Tae kwon do is a Korean martial art form that is also South Korea‟s nationalsports. „Tae‟ means striking or breaking with the foot, „kwon‟ means striking orbreaking with the fist and „do‟ means path or way. Therefore, if we put it in acombination, it would mean- “the way of the hand and the foot”. It is actually acombination of sports, cardiovascular exercises, and meditation.
  4. 4. KARATE- Karate first appearedin Ryukyu Islands in Japan. It isa combination of hand fightingtechniques and Chinese kenpostyle. In karate, one can usepunching, kicking, grappling,throwing, etc. as means todefend or attack.
  5. 5. JUDOJudo simply means- “gentle way”. Jigoro Kano created it in the year 1882. Itsmotto is to throw the opponent to the ground and disable his/her ability to moveby using grappling methods. Various kinds of joint locks and chokes are used inthis form of martial art.
  6. 6. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS- Mixed martial arts or MMA is the mixture of everyefficient martial art technique we know of. It uses striking and grapplingtechniques to defeat the opponent. This is the modern interpretation ofancient Olympic sport „Pankration‟.
  7. 7. KUNG FUKung-fu means “achievement through great effort”. It originated from Shaolintemple where monks invented and practiced it in order to harness theenergy of environment and channel it through the body. They believed that ithas capability to improve vitality and health. Soon its potential as a way ofself-defending technique became popular and we came to know about it.
  8. 8. JU JITSU- Ju jitsu or jujutsu is a form of martial art that is born in Japan. Ittends to train a person in order to help them defeat an armored opponent.It means “gentle art”. It uses joint locks, throws, and short weapons tooverpower the opponent.
  9. 9. MUAY THAIMuay Thai is a full contact combat sport of Thailand. It consists ofboxing method with a combination of kicks. It means “the art of eightlimbs”. Punches, kicks, knee strikes are all allowed in this martial art. Amodern form of Muay Thai is kickboxing.
  10. 10. KRAV MAGA- Karv Maga means “Contact combat”. It wasdeveloped by Israel and it consists of striking, wrestling, andgrappling techniques. Its main motto is to subdue counter attacks orstreet fighting by simultaneously using defensive and offensivetechniques.
  11. 11. Martial arts are scientifically designed to improve one’s muscularstrength and improvised immunity system. These ancient arts strengthenthe bodily tissues and amplify one’s capability to perceive the worldbetter. For more information please visit ourwebsite:www.meetyourmartialartsinstructor.com.au