Cartography and Web GIS - Jack Dangermond


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Jack Dangermond addresses The British Cartographic Society for their 50th Anniversary. Discussing Web GIS and Cartography.

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Cartography and Web GIS - Jack Dangermond

  1. 1. Cartography and Web GIS Trends in Underlying Geospatial Technologies Thank You for Inviting Me
  2. 2. Your Work Making a Difference Increasingly Using GIS
  3. 3. GIS Provides a Strong Platform Leveraging a Common Database for Products and Services Production Workflows Authoritative Database Map and Analytic Products Collect Once, Use Many Times
  4. 4. Creating Advanced Cartographic Products Bathymetry Topography Tracking Disease Great Barrier Reef Australia Czech Republic Swisstopo Shale Potential Military Cartography Philippines Geology USGS United States Lidar Mapping NATO Winnebago Mars
  5. 5. Supporting Automated Mapping and Charting Systems Road Atlas Aeronautical Nautical Charting Estonia US-FAA US-NOAA Road Map Automated Map Production Michelin Guide Maps Netherlands
  6. 6. Lidar Generating 3-D Cartography Solar Energy Visualizing Forests Wasteshed Modeling Industrial Infrastructure North Vancouver Island Los Angeles, California Public Transit Usage Switzerland Particle Deposition Interior Space Modeling Lake Perris, California Prague, Czech Republic New York
  7. 7. Citizen Science Leveraging New Data Sources Web Sports Voting Request for Service Social Networking Minnesota Crowdsourcing Spain History Funding Disaster Reporting Singapore Real Time Traffic Heat Maps Philippines Los Angeles, California Air Traffic Ship Traffic Los Angeles, California Global
  8. 8. Extending The Reach of Mapping
  9. 9. Reaching New Audiences Education – Advancing Geo-Literacy GIS Day | November 20, 2013
  10. 10. Creating Maps That Tell Stories Climate Change Powerful Information Products Market Potential Hot Spots for Conservation World Bank Grants Earthquake Risk - China Asia Flood Risk - Switzerland
  11. 11. Our World Is Facing Serious Challenges Collectively We Need to Create a Better Future Natural Resources Economic Development Globalization Wealth and Poverty Urbanization Social Conflict Loss of Nature Human Health Ecological Change Land Use Population Growth Resource Shortage Cultural Diversity Climate Change Water Inequality Food Biodiversity Energy Leveraging Our Best Science, Technology, and Design
  12. 12. GIS and Mapping Are Already Helping Us Understand Integrative Visual Qualitative Systematic Comprehensive Providing the Practical Means for Transforming Our World
  13. 13. GIS and Mapping Are Changing How We Think and Act Design Evaluate Plan Prepare Predict Analyze Decide Act Manage Measure Integrating Geographic Science into What We Do
  14. 14. GIS Is Being Transformed Into a Web GIS Web GIS Making GIS Easier, Always Available, and More Social
  15. 15. Web GIS Supports Two Communities Geocentric Workflow and Location Enablement • Comprehensive System • Data management • Professional Applications • • Mapping Integrated W/ Enterprise • GIS Simple/Easy Apps Content Analytics Developer Location Platform
  16. 16. Web GIS Integrates All Data Types As Web Maps and Web Services Enterprise Data Social Media Services Imagery Sensor Networks Maps Big Data Providing a New Medium for GIS
  17. 17. Web GIS Provides a New Pattern For Integration Using Web Maps and Web Services Data Base Centric Web GIS Distributed Services Enabling a Flexible and Agile Approach
  18. 18. Web GIS Can Integrate Anything Linking and Combining Information Dynamic Linking Visual Overlay Hyperlinks Spatial Analysis Mashup Modeling Helping to Discover Patterns and Relationships
  19. 19. Web GIS Also Integrates Organizations and People Breaking Down the Barriers Creating New Relationships Sharing Resources . . . . . . Supporting Collaborative Approaches
  20. 20. Web GIS Connects Everyone Knowledge Workers Executive Access Public Engagement Work Anywhere Enterprise Integration Geospatial Professionals Making Mapping and GIS Available Across Organizations Transforming the Role of GIS
  21. 21. Web GIS Is a New Architecture Integrating All The Common Computing Patterns Open File Based Database Centric Server Centric Web Centric
  22. 22. Web GIS – Accessible from Any Client Desktop Simple Integrated Open Web Device
  23. 23. Web GIS – Powered by Services Simple Integrated Open Server Online Content and Services
  24. 24. GIS Is a Platform Organizing Content and Managing Access Desktop Web Device Simple Integrated Open Portal Server Online Content and Services Available in the Cloud . . . . . . and On-Premises
  25. 25. Web GIS Includes Online Content – A Living Atlas Ready to Use Best Available Global User Contributed
  26. 26. Online Basemaps Oceans Topographic Imagery Terrain Canvas
  27. 27. GIS Servers and Cloud Services Provide Infrastructure Powerful Data Management and Geospatial Services • • Highly Scalable • Many Apps Secure Any Geospatial Data (Including Real-Time) GIS Server Cloud Resources The Foundation of Enterprise GIS
  28. 28. Web GIS Integrates Real Time Information Enabling Inline Processing and Exploitation of Data Rules JMS Streams Messages Continuous Processing and Analysis
  29. 29. Web GIS Apps Empower Everyone Awareness Focused and Easy to Use on Any Device View / Query Editing / Collection Mapping Dashboard Collector Analysis Location Analytics Story Maps Visualization Office Enabling You to Extend the Power of GIS
  30. 30. Web GIS Also Fully Integrates Desktop Applications Supporting GIS Professionals ¼ Mile 1 Mile ½ Mile Modeling & Spatial Analysis Advanced Cartography Brisbane Editing and Data Management Image Processing CityEngine 3D Visualization To Managing Data, Performing Analysis and Authoring Cartography and visualizations
  31. 31. Desktop Dramatically Improves 3D GIS Integrating Many New Tools 3D City Models • Rule-Driven Content • Publish Web Scenes • 3D Modeling • Lidar Performance Lidar City of Portland Web Scenes Rotterd am Sydney Rule-Driven Content Brisban e . . . Transforming How We See the World
  32. 32. New Desktop Application Improving the User Experience and Adding New Capabilities • Multiple Windows • 64 Bit • Integrated 2D and 3D • More Analytics • Fluid Display • Very Fast
  33. 33. Desktop Is Integrated With Web GIS Providing Content, Online Publishing, and Analytics Online Analytics Enabling • • Watershed Content Management Viewshed Access Profile • Sharing • Collaboration • Apps Drive Time Routing with Traffic Professional GIS Extending Desktop with Web GIS
  34. 34. Web GIS Enables Online Spatial Analytics Leverage Cloud Infrastructure Find Hot Spots Enrich Layer Aggregate Points Drive-Time Areas Enabling New Approaches for GiScience
  35. 35. Web GIS Supports Developers Open - Empowering a New Community
  36. 36. Web GIS is GeoEnabling Business Systems Providing Mapping, Spatial Analysis, and Reporting Microsoft Office Enterprise Systems Spreadsheets Maps for . . . • • • • • • • Office IBM Cognos SharePoint MicroStrategy SAP Salesforce Dynamics Supporting Location Analytics Everywhere
  37. 37. New Cartography Enabled by Web GIS
  38. 38. Solution Templates Maps, Data Models, and Tools • • Easily Configured • Fully Supported • Utilities Free Open Source Military / Security Government Emergency Management Improving Productivity and Leveraging Best Practices
  39. 39. Story Maps A New Medium for Story Telling Online Services, Templates and Resources
  40. 40. Protecting Sacramento’s Water Sources MAP TOUR | The Nature Conservancy
  41. 41. Benthaus Architecture Projects MAP TOUR | Benthaus Architects, Germany
  42. 42. 25 Largest Dams in Switzerland CUSTOM | Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  43. 43. Portals- Organizing Data Access Citizen Access Government Infrastructure Columbus, Ohio US Geospatial Platform Open Data Internal Northern Ireland Barrick Kent Country, UK USDA Geology and Minerals, Peru INSPIRE Geoportal Manaus, Brazil NOAA Netherland s Germany The World Bank Sherwin-Williams
  44. 44. Urban Observatory
  45. 45. Urban Observatory Urban Footprint
  46. 46. Urban Observatory Population Density
  47. 47. Urban Observatory Senior Population
  48. 48. Urban Observatory Youth Population
  49. 49. Urban Observatory Roadspeed
  50. 50. Urban Observatory Real Time Traffic
  51. 51. Urban Observatory Open Space
  52. 52. Web GIS Will Transform Cartography Most Geocentric Work Will Be Integrated Cartographers Are Essential
  53. 53. Web GIS Is an Evolutionary Step Providing a Road Map for a Smarter Society Collaborate Communicate Better Decisions Billions Millions 100’s of Thousands Thousands Society Application Users GIS Professionals Research Leveraging Our Collective Geospatial Investments . . . . . . Making Maps and GIS Available to Everyone
  54. 54. Web GIS Will Also Transform Our World Vision Changing How We See and Manage our World