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Is seo dead   opinion poll

Is seo dead opinion poll



WebMarketing War conducted an “Is SEO Dead” Opinion Poll asking various industry experts, analysts and bloggers to delve deep into the impact of current changes within the seo industry. These ...

WebMarketing War conducted an “Is SEO Dead” Opinion Poll asking various industry experts, analysts and bloggers to delve deep into the impact of current changes within the seo industry. These changes are hitting the publishers and the marketers alike and will have long term implications on how a website should be promoted on the web.  A total of 113 seo professionals participated. The common conclusion which we arrived at from the reactions of those who participated or reacted was - SEO isn't dead and would remain relevant ,however it will evolves over time.



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  • SEO cannot be dead, what currently happening is just a transformation! Old Techniques are now replaced with new one.
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    Is seo dead   opinion poll Is seo dead opinion poll Presentation Transcript

    • Opinion Poll Is SEO Dead?Conducted by
    • Is SEO Dead?Executive SummaryWe at WebMarketing War conducted an “Is SEO Dead” Opinion Pollasking various industry experts, analysts and bloggers to delve deepinto the impact of current changes within the seo industry. Thesechanges are hitting the publishers and the marketers alike and willhave long term implications on how a website should be promotedon the web. A total of 113 seo professionals participated . Most ofthe respondents were affected by Googles penguin’s update. Out ofall the participants, 75% of the respondents were from the age group25- 40. As far the geographic participation is concerned, theserespondents were mainly from Asia (56 %), followed by Europe (21%)and America (21%). 71 % claimed their expertise was of the expertlevel followed by veteran (15%) and beginners (14%).The common conclusion which we arrived at from the reactions ofthose who participated or reacted was - SEO isnt dead and wouldremain relevant ,however it will evolves over time. One of theparticipant summed it up quite nicely - “as long as people search forstuff and other people want to get stuff found, there will always besome aspect of SEO involved .”
    • Is SEO Dead?The key findings1.Post penguin update seo professionals are relying more on social media.2.SEO Professional are still not using guest posts heavily for link building.3.Majority believed that social signals have become a an important ranking signal for the searchengines4.Surprisingly, despite of penguins onslaught against low quality link building techniques,majority were still sticking with the same. this was one area of research5.Majority of the respondents agreed that Google is making it tough for small publishers toappear in top 10 results.6.Respondents were a divided lot in when asked if they observed any increase in their ppcspend. this clearly indicated that the immediate impact of penguin has made seo professionalshift their focus on social media instead of ppc.Below is the detailed analysis of the questions asked in the poll, along with reactions of thosewho participated.
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis 52% of the respondents were affected (either completely or somewhat) by Google’s penguin update. 42% said they were yet to see any effect of such change in Googles algorithm . 6% were unsure if their website experienced any change at all.ReactionsSEO or search engine optimization being dead would essentially mean that there wasnt aneed to optimize results on search engines. Since search engines are still functional, the needto obtain best result for a particular search query will always be there. Hence, a better way ofputting it would be "SEO is changing everyday“. The recent changes and updates in thealgorithms of popular search engines had made search results more social. Hence,using social media as a marketing tool is the most effective way to do SEO for a businesstoday ! Well have to wait and see whats in store for the future. - Amanda
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis 57% of the respondents said in the post penguin scenario, they have been using more of social media (either completely or somewhat). 35% did not agree to it whereas 8% were unsure about it. Marketers have been observing a rise in the social media activities of the traditional search engine optimizers. Analysts also confirm that they see a more seriousReactions approach in terms of creation ofTraditional SEO is dead. With the new social media strategies which are nowupdates to their algorithm Google has Put full moving towards content basedemphasis on relevance and has put marketing.spammers at a stand still. It is all aboutinformation that pertains to what we arelooking for. It is no longer SEO, itsKEO(knowledge engine optimization).Michael Hence
    • Is SEO Dead? Reactions SEO will never die until the day that search engines die. The industry has evolved, though.SEO now plays "second fiddle" to conversion optimization. Actually, I would order it as follows: 1. Usability Optimization -- making sure that visitors can easily navigate your site and do what you want them to do. 2. Conversion Optimization -- making sure thatAnalysis your product pages sell and removing any12% admitted that their usage of guest barriers that may prevent that.posts as a link building technique has 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO - weincreased. Whereas 52 % were of the already know that that is *smile*)opinion that they somewhat rely on it or iftheir dependence is same as before. 36 % A better answer (atleast IMHO) to seek iscategorically stated , they dont use guest "how has SEO evolved from where it was 5post at all. Guest Posts have always been years go" or something like that...one of the most effective way off link Elise Connorsbuilding however not many are resortingto it in the post penguin scenario.
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis A huge 56% emphatically said that social signals like, facebook likes, retweets, shares are slowly becoming an important ranking signal whereas 34% were not that confident. 10% replied in negative. Google along with Bing has time and againReactions emphasized that over a periodSEO will never be dead it is the heart of all business online of time social signals will carryand offline business, if you noticed more and more more or less equal weight agecompanies will also include their advertisement on tv, as compared to back links.radio, magazines and other medium to like them and find The same sentiment wasthem at facebook, because they want traffic and audience reflected in our poll.too. Internet users are growing and growing young andadult and this would be a big opportunity for marketers,what are benefits of online marketing is you can monitorthe status of your business through using different tools,such Google analytics, and many more.Giovanni-Carlo Bagayas
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis Surprisingly an overwhelming 54% said they still use traditional seo techniques like directory submission, article submission and so on. 32 % said, they have reduce their usage of such techniques whereas only 15 % said they no longer use them. This result does open possibilities of further research.ReactionJust think of SEO as quality content that is always what it says on the box, do nothing obnoxiousand be engagingly relevant for your target market and you are 75% of the way there. Naturalbacklinks still count, SMM is a much bigger factor now, but quality content trumps all, especiallywhen information is architected to be semantically meaningful everywhere and always. Outlineyour site by title, use meaningful URLs, write good descriptions using keywords that are relevant,outline your pages using subheadings, use named anchors in-copy, call out important keywordsin copy and cross link to relevant internal content and if possible quality related external content,dont overengineer or do black hat stuff or things that alienate users and watch the magichappen :)Eric Lerner
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis Majority of the respondents (61%)agreed with this. Only 29% did not agree with it whereas 10% were unsure about it. On further analysis, it was observed that, there is a greater sense of Google being more of big brand centric and leaving small publishers at the mercy of PPC. One could get a feeling of unfair play, but nothing much can be done about it.ReactionsGoogle is counting down those organic results though. 10 to 7 to rumored 4. That doesnt tellanybody anything in this industry? Are we just covering our eyes?AdWords is even doing fullblown 4-6 sitelinks now for your ad. They are starting to look like organic results. Are we stillcovering our eyes?Im even starting to see that Local 7 pop up for extremely competitivekeywords which is pushing out the non-locals for that area and keyword. The FTC is even notdoing anything. Ben Guest
    • Is SEO Dead? Analysis This was a divided lot. 38% said that , they did observe an increase in their PPC spend whereas and equal number of respondents disagreed stating that their PC budget allocation is same as before. 24 % of the respondents were unsure about it. This clearly shows that the effect of Google algorithm update is pushing the SEOs more towards social media rather than PPCReactionGoogle is surely encouraging the paid ads thats where they get more revenue but I believe theywill not kill SEO to promote paid ads. All these changes to the UX of their SERP resulted in around30 to 50% more CTR through paid ads but still there is at least another 40% CTR for organiclistings. If they dont return quality websites through organic listings, I think slowly people willsearch for another search engine rather than staying with the one who throws results of thosewho pay money to them.Venkata Gavaskar Dontha
    • Is SEO Dead?About usWeb Marketing War is an Internet Marketing Company providing Search Engine Optimization,Online Brand Building specifically for Start ups and Individual Professionals. We keep ourcustomers updated with the latest of web marketing strategies and innovative business models.Contact usinfo@webmarketingwar.comwww.webmarketingwar.comConnect with ushttp://www.facebook.com/webmarketingwarhttp://twitter.com/webmarketingwar