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Best Union - Cap solutions
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Best Union - Cap solutions


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. November 26th, 2010 Best Union – Cap solutions
  • 2. OmniTicket (Best Union) and Cap Solutions Omniticket (part of Best Union Group) and Cap developed a range of innovative solutions combining electronic ticketing and access control systems with mobile applications, fidelity and marketing tools, mobile methods for providing georeferenced services. Bos Mobile Suite is an innovative mobile solution focused on managing all steps of exhibithion, theme park experience and convention center modules. Using their smartphone visitors can create their perfect visit reducing dead times and improve the quality of their experience. The solution is divided in different modules, that we can be defined in this way:
  • 3. Covered sectors BOS Mobile Suite is a solution with a main property of versatility. Each module can be adopted to create new opportunities in many sectors. This is important to improve the quality of the business and to increase the customer satisfaction and fidelity:
  • 4. BOS Modules The client can choose the correct mix of modules, reflecting his particular needs and interests. The list below represents all modules in order to generate value for the final user. All system is based on the use of a QR code to offer services of e-ticketing and beyond, to create a rich experience charactherized by an high personalized component. We can order modules for their Fidelity Capability: Fidelity Capability
  • 5. Mobile Ticketing (1) First module is Mobile Ticketing. It covers the essential functions of ticketing wich become available for all smartphones and mobile phones. After online purchase this module allows to download a QR code that arrives directly on the smartphone to simplify “ the passage ” at event’s or exhibition’s turnstiles. The maximum advantage consists in the easy reading of the code through a dispositive positioned near standard turnstiles. In the images below we have an example of application adopted for the “Ancient Rome Park”: It’s possible to observe separately the code. its transfer to a generic smartphone, the access between turnstiles
  • 6. Mobile Services (1) What is Bump ? Transfer of the ticket by smartphone to Ipad (or reverse): it’s a useful operation to enhance package services during the event. To confirm new services in a real time , the visitor can ask to a member of staff the upgrade of the ticket. The iPad becomes a Work Tool The operator receives on his/her iPad the new code (if new person and new ticket) or confirmation (if upgrade of the same ticket) for adding the new activity and then repeat the transfer (only to give the new ticket to the client)
  • 7. Mobile Services (2) With this module it’s easy to consult informations about attractions, shows, conferences and to reserve assigned seatings. The two images represent two subsequent steps: In the first frame there is a sequence of the attractions, and for each of these, a button named “view details” for having more information and a button to make a reservation. Before and during the confirmation
  • 8. Mobile Fidelity The module is based on a georeferenced map system where you can find all attractions, food location, merchandise, exhibition locations reflecting general profile or your specific interests. To have a personalized map, before the event, you can select from your web site a group of favourite locations. The result is a map that reports details of what you have chosen, to make easy your visit at the exhibition.
  • 9. Mobile Fidelity (2)
    • I nformations about waiting times:
    • BOS Mobile Suite has the method to adapt to different system which could calculate waiting times.
    • With BOS these information are immediately available on smartphone.
    • Two possible systems:
    • The first implicates the use of a manager interface on mobile phone to insert the wait times of all attractions. Characterized by an high tech component.
    • The second one receive this data from BOS.
    • For people without an advanced smartphone, informations about waiting times can be seen through infopoints
  • 10. Mobile Fidelity (3) Others i nformations and Communications Services BOS Mobile Suite has also possibilities to interact with other mobile systems, totems or touch screens
  • 11. Custom mobile apps Go to the future In custom mobile applications, Mobile Suite offers the option of «augmented reality». It will be sufficient to frame a subject to have all details you need. It’s an iPhone/iPad (or Android) application that can be personalized on client needs and specific communication brand (the image is related to a custom application for Dolomiti Superski).