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Why Your Link Building Doesn't Work


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After months of building inbound links to your site, you still don’t have any keywords ranking on the first page of Google. Why isn’t your company getting the visibility it deserves? …

After months of building inbound links to your site, you still don’t have any keywords ranking on the first page of Google. Why isn’t your company getting the visibility it deserves?

It might be time to reevaluate your link building strategy. With link building making up more than half of your site’s SEO value, you need to formulate a clear, expert strategy to drive the best results.

Does your company have a measurable link building strategy? Learn the keys to an advanced link building strategy on this must-see Webinar.

In Webmarketing123’s Webinar, Why Your Link Building Doesn’t Work, let us show you:

Best practices for constructing the optimum site structure
How to analyze your biggest competitors’ linking strategies
How to utilize link building to drive measurable business results

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  • Link building is the hardest part in SEO process but plays a crucial role in the ranking of a website. That is why link building should not be taken for granted.
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  • 1. Links: The Key to Search Results Success @Webmarketing123 Thank you for joining us! #wm123 We will begin at: 11:00 am PSTAudio: 773-945-1010 12:00 pm MTN 1:00 pm CSTAccess code: 244-715-812 2:00 pm ESTAudio PIN: Shown after joining the Webinar #wm123
  • 2. Topics for Today’s SEO Webinar• SEO Fundamentals• Types of Links• Who Needs a Linking Campaign• How to Set Up Quality Links #wm123
  • 3. #wm123
  • 4. SEO Fundamentals - The 6 Pillars Site Meta Content InboundKeywords URL’s Content Content Siloing Links Successful SEO Campaign #wm123
  • 5. #wm123
  • 6. Types of Links Internal vs. Inbound LinksInternal Links (Content Siloing)• Links within your site, connecting your internal pages• Makes your site look more cohesive to Search Engines and strengthens the theme of your siteInbound Links• From external sites mysite• Serve as “votes” telling search .com engines that your site is useful and relevant. #wm123
  • 7. #wm123
  • 8. Who Needs a Linking Campaign?Every site needs a linking campaign, especially if:• Your site doesn’t have the budget for a full SEO campaign, but wants to boost its ranks• Your site has been optimized but is still not ranking well• Your site needs to be optimized but faces technical limitations #wm123
  • 9. Who Needs a Linking Campaign?If you are not on the 1st page, you are practically invisible Where Searchers Click on the Results Page 8% Only first 1st page 7% Only first 2 pages 17% Only first 3 page 68% More than 3 pages Source: “iProspect Blended Search Results Study” by JupiterResearch, 2008, #wm123
  • 10. #wm123
  • 11. The Importance of Internal Linking Internal Linking Strategy• Sets up a clear organizational structure within your website, making it easier to navigate• Allows search engine spiders to comb through your site and find the major themes and key content Subpages can link to each other and also should link back to the Main Page #wm123
  • 12. Internal Link Best Practice: Strengthen Your Site’s Theme Contact Us• Thematically Group Pages Around Keywords Products• Link Pages Within the Services Same Groups to Further Strengthen Theme of Website• Search Engine Spiders Can Products Services Contact Us See a Theme Across Your Site That Makes Sense Other Relevant Internal Pages #wm123
  • 13. Internal Link Best Practice: Increasing SEO and Usability• Anchor Text Anchor Text• Title Tags Title Tags• Breadcrumb Breadcrumb Navigation Navigation #wm123
  • 14. #wm123
  • 15. Why Inbound Links Are Important• They make up about 50% of SEO value• Your site becomes more credible whenyou have other sites refer to you• Links provide your site with thirdparty validation• Each inbound link is like receiving a“vote” #wm123
  • 16. Inbound Links – Best Practice Domain Authority Diversify Your Links• Use a variety of link sourcesTypes of Inbound Links:• Directories• Article Syndications• Paid Listings• Press Releases• Blogs• Forums #wm123
  • 17. Inbound Links – Best Practice Quality Over Quantity• How do you determine the quality of a link? – Domain Authority – Page Rank – Not „Spammy‟ – Other Respectable Companies Have Links There – Similar Content – Gets Cached Regularly #wm123
  • 18. Inbound Links – Best Practice How to Set Up an Inbound LinkBest Practice for Setting Up Links:1. Keyword as anchor text2. Descriptions supporting keyword in anchor text3. Don’t target all links to your site’s homepage Good Link: Keyword Description Bad link:Click here for spyware removal guides #wm123
  • 19. How to Set Up an Inbound Directory Link1) Submit a link request 2) Request accepted or denied 3) If accepted, link gets listed 4) Google crawls the page of the link 5) Start seeing ranking improvements #wm123
  • 20. Inbound Links - Best Practice Article and Press Release SyndicationBest Practice for Articles/Press Releases• 250-500 words of content• Articles should be non-branded, Press Releases can be branded• Include 3-5 instances of keywords that are hyperlinked to relevant pages on your site Press Release Example: Keyword – Anchor Text #wm123
  • 21. Inbound Links - Best Practice Domain Authority Link ProportioningExample No. Links Sample Keywords •Raspberries 30 •Strawberries Sample Keywords 10 •Berry Recipes •Cooking with Berries Sample Keywords •Healthy Raspberry Recipes 5 •Healthy Strawberry Recipes #wm123
  • 22. Inbound Links - Best Practice Getting the Most Value• Don’t build all your links at once, take your time finding quality links and build at a natural rate• Not all links are created equal• Linking from sites that are legitimate and relevant will give you more link value• Reciprocal linking is not valued as much anymore #wm123
  • 23. An Example of Link Building Gone Wrong• Do not build all your links at once • A natural rate of link building is… • A rate you can maintain over time • Typically not more than ~50 links per month• Build links on totally unrelatedsites • Links must be placed on only relevant sites or relevant sections of sites Nissan Skyline = Bridal Sets? #wm123
  • 24. Key Takeaways• Link building increases your site’s credibility to searchengines, thereby allowing you to rank higher for yourkeywords.• Executing link building correctly requires full timeresources.• Ranking higher on search engines is the most cost-efficient way to get more sales and leads to yourbusiness. #wm123
  • 25. Contact InformationSearch Engine Marketing – A PerspectiveTo understand how to convert onlinevisibility into measurable results…Please contact:Mark Powers(800) 619 #wm123