Why Google Hates Your Website
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Why Google Hates Your Website

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If your company is falling into one of these common traps, you’ll benefit from this 30 minute webinar. ...

If your company is falling into one of these common traps, you’ll benefit from this 30 minute webinar.

Recent updates to the Google algorithm have outpaced your Search Engine Optimization. You’re behind the times- you’re getting penalized in the search rankings for the SEO you paid for in 2004

You’re not creating content, at least not content that generates ranking-boosting links and likes . Your team has the bandwidth to create content or syndicate it, but not both.

You don’t know which search terms are really performing for you, and so your conversion rates from search aren’t moving the needle.

Mike Turner, Webmarketing123’s Director of Business Development, will bring his humor and years of search marketing expertise to this high-impact, complimentary webinar.

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  • Try to avoid picking non-specific terms like “software” / Instead, expand on the general terms to what your company does, like “mobile banking software,” to bring more relevant traffic to your siteThough search volume is important, you must take into account the quality of traffic coming into your site and the relevance of this keyword to your business.
  • There’s a big difference between each ranking position…
  • Write a press release around a release of a product, a milestone, or a company presence at an event. Syndicate your press release through a paid service like PR wire, business wire, or PR Web. Don’t be surprised that there’s a surcharge to have a live link in the press release. These sites are considered highly credible by Google, and your press release could be re-posted by tens or even hundreds or thousands of other websites.
  • Add keywords as alternative-text to photos. This is a best practice for webmasters, since some people use browser add-ons that block images, But there’s a two nuances here. The alt-text renders as a link- so you’ve created an internal link. Share the image (with the alt-text) with partner sites (corporate parent site, conference presenter site, local business directory site) and now you’ve got an external link. I use this example because this kind of opportunity happens year-round across your company, and you’ll want to increase the SEO-IQ of your team such that you’re not letting these go by.
  • Search for your field plus the words “guest blogger” and you’ll likely find more than a few site hosts eager to hear from you! It’s a lot of work to generate fresh content constantly, and bloggers are often very open to having guest posts. Giving samples or freebies to bloggers is also a standard practice.
  • This allows you to close the loop and actually optimize your SEO Campaign. Refocus efforts on the top performing keywords.
  • Before getting knee-deep in all the features Analytics offers, let’s remind ourselves of our over-arching intention. Our goal with Analytics to be able to draw a straight line from the many search queries that are relevant to my company, to know how many of those searchers we acquired, whether through organic, paid search, social media or other kinds of referral traffic, and then measuring the desired visitor behaviors and outcomes that happen on your website. Don’t get sidetracked with absolute numbers of visitors, clicks, social followers, pageviews or time on site. Once you are able to decide what are most essential elements to measure, create custom dashboards to display that information, and share that dashboard to members of various teams.
  • Join us for next week’s webinar about the SEO and Conversion Value of Video


  • 1. Why Google Hates Your Website Mike Turner Director of Business Development Webmarketing123 #webmarketing123
  • 2. Digital Marketing Agency specializing inSEO / PPC / Social Media / Website Design Since 2004, we’ve employed a metrics-based approach to converting online visibility into measurable business results.2012 WE’RE ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE U.S. COMPANIES #webmarketing123
  • 3. Some Practical Matters Yes! Just email Are the slides available? seo@webmarketing123.com Tweet today’s event using #123webinar @webmarketing123 facebook.com/webmarketing123 Stay informed by following us. webmarketing123 Ready to take the next step with us? Request a Complimentary SEO Assessment Today. #webmarketing123
  • 4. Agenda1 Does your SEO Foundation Suck?2 How do I get Google to Like Me?3 On-Page Optimization4 Link Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 5. Agenda1 Does your SEO Foundation Suck?2 How do I get Google to Like Me?3 On-Page Optimization4 Link Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 6. Does your SEO Foundation Suck?• How can I tell? • Unsure of the keywords you are targeting or if they are “good” • No keyword mapping • No concerted link building effort • Not tracking keywords from source to paying customer • Little to no content generation efforts that are consistent with keyword mapping • You have ever said the following: “ We did SEO with that one consultant guy that one time” “ Our design firm is taking care of that for us right? – We paid them for it!” “ Don’t we have our internal team taking care of this along with the other 5 duties that they are responsible for?” #webmarketing123
  • 7. Get Your SEO Foundation Right!• How can I tell? • Conducted Keyword Expansion starting with “low hanging fruit” • Conducted keyword mapping • Building links with a target in mind: 10-30 per month and report on this • Tracking keywords from source to paying customer and acting on that intelligence • Generating content based on keyword “themes” that are performing #webmarketing123
  • 8. Google doesn’t hate your site, you just have not made it easy for them to like you!In fact they might not hate you as much as you might think… #webmarketing123
  • 9. How can I tell if Google is starting to like me?• How can I tell? • Step #1 Get Google Analytics Installed • Step #2 Get Google Webmaster Tools Installed • Step #3 Link the two together • Google Webmaster Tools reports on Impressions from an organic perspective! • Example: Say you rank on page 3 of Google for “super awesome “Identify Low Hanging Fruit” keyword” but no one clicked on you – Now you can tell #webmarketing123
  • 10. Who does Google Love? Why? WHO WHY Google Keyword they Rank for Amazon.com Lost of supporting hand tools keyword rich content Wikipedia.com Lost of pages to Index Anything =(Gotomeeting.com Teams who know how to online meetings get Google to like them =)Salesforce.com Lost of Inbound Links crm #webmarketing123
  • 11. Agenda1 Does your SEO Foundation Suck?2 How do I get Google to Like Me?3 On-Page Optimization4 Link Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 12. What do I need to do to make Google like me? Site Meta Content Inbound Keywords URL’s Content Content Siloing Links Successful SEO Campaign #webmarketing123
  • 13. Keyword Optimization Keyword selection is important because it determines the course of your campaign• Best Practices • Have a mix of both generic and “long-tail” terms • It’s not just about search volume • Google your proposed search terms to see if the sites ranking on page 1 are relevant to what your business offers • Expand on your keywords by finding variations • Look at your pages – Is there content with target keywords? #webmarketing123
  • 14. Get your Keywords Right #webmarketing123
  • 15. Use Tools that Google Provides Google Search: Google Keyword Tool #webmarketing123
  • 16. Map your Keywords so you have Blue Prints #webmarketing123
  • 17. Benchmark so you know where you are at #webmarketing123
  • 18. Webmarketing Report Card Benefits:• Get’s higher ups on the same page• Requires agreement on core KPI’s• No question where you are at and what needs improving #webmarketing123
  • 19. Agenda1 Does your SEO Foundation Suck?2 How do I get Google to Like Me?3 On-Page Optimization4 Link Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 20. On-Page OptimizationMeta Content Now that you have:The Key Elements:1.URL2.Page Title3.Description #webmarketing123
  • 21. On-Page OptimizationMeta Content Groups: B2B Lead Gen FacebookInclude descriptive keywords and phrases in page titlesKeywords in the First or Second Position of the Page TitleHave the Greatest Impact! #webmarketing123
  • 22. On-Page Optimization Develop Content Silos Consider your site’s thematic structure• Thematically Group Pages Mobile Around Keywords SMB Enterprise• Link Pages Within The Same Groups To Further Strengthen Theme of Website SMB Enterprise Mobile• Search Engine Spiders Can See a Theme Across Your Site That Makes Sense Other Relevant Internal Pages #webmarketing123
  • 23. Agenda1 Does your SEO Foundation Suck?2 How do I get Google to Like Me?3 On-Page Optimization4 Linking Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 24. Links are Like Votes for Your Website #webmarketing123
  • 25. Three-Month Game Plan Low Hanging Fruit 5 #webmarketing123
  • 26. Three-Month Game Plan Low Hanging Fruit Press ReleasesSource: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/reed-exhibitions-deploys-salesforce-chatter-company-wide-to-accelerate-enterprise-collaboration-105335188.html 5 #webmarketing123
  • 27. Three-Month Game Plan Low Hanging Fruit Press Releases Images & Alt-Text Alt-text: “online presentation software” 5 #webmarketing123
  • 28. Three-Month Game Plan Low Hanging Fruit Press Releases Images & Alt-Text Guest Blogging Google Search: “industry” guest blog 5 #webmarketing123
  • 29. Track Your Links!!!!! #webmarketing123
  • 30. Bonus Material #webmarketing123
  • 31. 2 Major Types of Tracking - B2B• Crawl – Walk – Run • Tracking form fill outs and stopping there • Tying source level and keyword level data to forms in CRM • Pass/Map info as its converted from a lead to an opportunity and report on closed won deals with keyword level data #webmarketing123
  • 32. Can you track revenue attributed tospecific search terms? #webmarketing123
  • 33. Agenda1 Keyword Research & Rankings2 Keyword Mapping & Content Silos3 On-Page Optimization4 Link Building Strategy4 Live Site Analyses #webmarketing123
  • 34. Live Site Analyses:Does Google Your Website? #webmarketing123
  • 35. Cost of Not Ranking:$2,700,000monthly costmultiplied by 12months= 32 million+/year #webmarketing123
  • 37. Does this stuff really work?• Example #1 Capital Equipment Manufacturer • Total Investment: $437,000 – (SEO & PPC) • Pipeline Revenue Generated: $5,913,716 • *Note: Closed loop on organic & PPC traffic from lead to Opportunity in CRM• Example #2 OEM • Total Investment: $74,500 (SEO) • Pipeline Revenue Generated: $2,601,694 • Revenue Generated: $228,232 • Closed Loop tracking #webmarketing123
  • 38. Thank you! We invite you to:Download the 2012 State of Digital Marketing ReportAvailable on our homepage -webmarketing123.comGet a Consultation.  Attract more quality prospectsTalk to a digital marketing expert about your:  Improve organic search rankings  Convert more leads SEO/PPC/Social Media Marketing Measurement/Analytics Approach Lead Gen EffectivenessEmail – seo@webmarketing123Connect with me – mike.t@webmarketing123.com #webmarketing123