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Top 5 SEO Tips Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know


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Webmarketing Webinar: Top 5 SEO Tips Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know

Webmarketing Webinar: Top 5 SEO Tips Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Top 5 SEO Tips Your Competitors Don’t Want You to KnowAudio: 773-945-1011 @WebMarketing123Access code: 328-648-625 @TravisLowSEOEnter PIN # on your screen #wm123
  • 2. Different Tactics in SEOSearch Engine Marketing – A Perspective
  • 3. Tip #1On-page content optimization can be a useful tactic, but only when used strategically. #wm123
  • 4. Tip #2Sites must not only link to you but also use your keyword phrase in their anchor text in order to bump you up on search engine results.Also, be sure to use variations of your keywords …search engines like that #wm123
  • 5. Tip #3Keyword flooding doesn’t place you higher on web searches.Build strongsurrounding contentthroughout the siteand the searchengines willrecognize,understand, andultimately rank yoursite * #wm123
  • 6. Tip #4Flash and frames *can* make your sitesuccessful, as long as you offer an alternateformat for people who don’t have Flashinstalled. #wm123
  • 7. Tip #5Google Adwords Keyword Tool (free) is useful for Google advertisers’ competition data and your own findings and also for differentiating commercial terms from non-commercial ones. #wm123
  • 8. Keep An Eye On Competitors’ SEO Tactics- Identify the keyword target & find SEO data - Google daily/monthly estimated search - Overall number of results in Google (broad match) #wm123
  • 9. Keep An Eye On Competitors’ SEO Tactics- Identify SEO competitors - Who are the sites ranked #1 for each keyword? #wm123
  • 10. Keep An Eye On Competitors’ SEO Tactics- Analyze competition. How? #wm123
  • 11. On-Site Competitive Intelligence- Site URL structure- Site development & coding structure- Use of analytics- Navigational system review #wm123
  • 12. Reverse-Engineer Your Competition- Use Yahoo’s backlink command, or software such as SEO Elite to find every site that is linking to the top 3 sites in your chosen keyword in Google. Why re-invent the wheel? #wm123
  • 13. Reverse-Engineer Your Competition- Analyze links from those sites that your competitors are getting links from and go after the sites that provide value. #wm123
  • 14. Reverse-Engineer Your Competition- Use the same anchor text that is pointing to the competition’s sites for your own incoming links. Try to duplicate the percentage of different anchor text variations used. #wm123
  • 15. Reverse-Engineer Your Competition- Look at the page titles of the top ranking sites and improve your page titles with best practices #wm123
  • 16. Questions?
  • 17. Contact Information Search Engine Marketing – A PerspectiveContact Us for a detailed CustomAnalysis of your website!Please contact: @WebMarketing123 #wm123Mark Powers(800) 619