Top 10 Mistakes CMOs Will Make in 2013 - webinar


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Top 10 Mistakes CMOs Will Make in 2013 - webinar

  1. 1. 1/15/2013 Top 10 Mistakes CMOs Will Make in 2013Paul Taylor Mike TurnerCEO Director, Bus. Dev. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  2. 2. Practical Matters Yes! Just emailü  Are the slides available? seo@webmarketing123.comü  We’re live tweeting webinar highlights. @webmarketing123ü  Stay informed by following us. webmarketing123ü  Ready to take the next step with us? Request a Complimentary SEO Assessment Today. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  3. 3. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  4. 4. Top 10 Mistakes CMOs Will Make in 2013 1.  Underestimating the Value of Organic Search 2.  Not Making Content a Top Priority 3.  Measuring Success in Terms of Leads Instead of Revenue 4.  Chasing the Latest Shiny Object Before Mastering the Fundamentals 5.  Ignoring Digital in Emerging Markets 6.  Not Having a Social Media Strategy in Place 7.  Investing in Pricey Marketing Tools without a Strong Lead Generation Program 8.  Not Knowing When to Keep In-House and When to Get Help 9.  Losing Sight of Key Metrics Due to Data Overload 10.  Tabling Mobile Optimization for Later @webmarketing123 #wm123
  5. 5. Mistake #1Underestimating the Value of Organic Search Your prospects are searching for you. Every missed search equals a lost opportunity and a consequential win for SEO savvy competitors.Due to the proliferation of online resources, B2B buyers get as far as 70% of the waythrough their purchase decision before contacting a sales representative Searched Visited Site Read Reviews Checked Pricing ENGAGED! …finally. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  6. 6. Mistake #1Underestimating the Value of Organic SearchHave you identified your companys cost of not owning the web?Understand the amount of missed revenue by calculatingthe Cost of Not Ranking on Page 1: @webmarketing123 #wm123
  7. 7. Mistake #2 Not Making Content a Top Priority Your website and content should function as a virtual sales force. B2B companies with anSearched Visited Site Read Reviews Checked Pricing active content curation strategy generate 67% more leads per month ENGAGED! …finally. than those who do not. Educate your consumers at all stages of the buying cycle (Hubspot, §  Insightful whitepapers, interesting webinars, and breaking-news blog posts, etc. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  8. 8. Mistake #3Measuring Success in Terms of Leads instead of RevenueIf you are measuring success solely by leads generated, youhave a limited understanding of what’s driving revenue.Which channels, campaigns, or SEO keywordsgenerate the most revenue for your business?Know which themes are working and you can optimize your totalmarketing mix. In order to measure which campaigns generate revenue, set-up your CRM system so that you can track closed deals back to the campaigns that influenced them. Then, you can start allocating your marketing dollars most effectively. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  9. 9. Mistake #4Chasing the Latest Shiny Object Before Masteringthe Fundamentalsü  Do you own the search rankings for all relevant keywords?ü  At what % are you converting website visitors into new leads? If it’s less than 1%, you have a problem.ü  Is your website set-up for easy lead acquisition or do visitors have to search for your call-to-action? ons: wing visitor questi wer the follo Your s ite must ans m I? 1) Where a do here? I 2) What can uld I do it? 3) Why sho r y element s. After that, eve first 7 second Answer #1 and #2 in swer #3. @webmarketing123 #wm123 of page must an
  10. 10. Mistake #5Ignoring Digital in Emerging MarketsIf you have distribution in place, digital marketing is an easy, quick, cost-effective way toramp up demand and fill your emerging market sales pipeline.Emerging markets’ GDP is growing 3 percent faster than the North AmericanGDP, and is expected to contribute two-thirds of the global GDP by 2030. Make sure to localize content and marketing to the new demographic.For a B2B Fortune 500 Multinational, we generated 21,000+ leads across 3 countries(China, India, and Brazil), 5 operating companies, 20 business units in just 6 months. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  11. 11. Mistake #6Not Having a Social Media Strategy in PlaceProspects are using Social Media to get information Don’t leave social media to the interns. about your company. How are you engaging with them?81% said posts by friends have directlyinfluenced their purchase decisions.(Wildfire)80% of Marketers have generated leadsor sales from Social Media(2012 State of Digital Marketing Report)Don’t stop at simply having a social media page. Make sure you’reempowering your fans and followers with relevant and shareable content. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  12. 12. Mistake #7Investing in Pricey Marketing Tools without aStrong Lead Gen Program Don’t put the cart before the horse. Before you invest in a costly marketing automation system, make sure you optimize your lead generation. (Can’t nurture leads you do not have) Be patient. Digital lead gen programs take time to build and often require fine-tuning in order to achieve optimal results. Consult with an expert to ensure optimum lead gen performance before splurging on the best automation tool on the market. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  13. 13. Mistake #8Not Knowing When to Keep In-House andWhen to Get Help Your marketing team has a lot on its plate. •  Lead generation •  SEO •  PPC Your team may not have the specialized skills or •  website design the time needed to accomplish it all effectively, and •  social media you may not have the budget to hire more in- •  PR house staff. •  content creation •  and more Before you go with any agency partner, ensure the potential revenue generated is significant enough to warrant the cost. The goal of outsourcing is to move the needle, not to simply scale the marketing machine. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  14. 14. Mistake #9Losing Sight of Key Metrics DueTo Data OverloadBefore you decide to measure anything, make surethe metric is meaningful, and that you can takeaction based on the intelligence.ü  Establish goalsü  Assign benchmarks for each KPIü  Delegate ownership accordinglyü  Track these metrics over time to view trend lines and make adjustments frequently Scorecards give you more visibility into and control over your campaigns. @webmarketing123 #wm123
  15. 15. Mistake #10Tabling Mobile Optimization for Later‘The fourth screen’ has gone mainstream with 1 in 4 smartphoneowners also using tablets(comScore)Mobile traffic as a percentage of total website traffic doubled from10% to roughly 20% from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012(BlueTrain Mobile)Mobile commerce to jump from $3 billion in 2010 to $31 billion in2016. Yet only 23% of B2B marketers consider mobile search as“important”(B2B Magazine)An Inside Look:One of our clients experienced a 808%increase in Mobile Traffic(MOM, December 2010-2012) @webmarketing123 #wm123
  16. 16. Key Takeaways1.  Understand the amount of missed revenue by calculating the Cost of Not Ranking on Page 12.  Make content a top priority and ensure you’re targeting prospects at all stages of the buying cycle3.  Measure success in terms of the revenue generated, not just leads4.  Ensure your website is optimized for search and visitors before chasing the latest shiny object5.  Don’t overlook the valuable role digital marketing can play in emerging markets6.  Audit your social media presence and ensure you’re using it most effectively7.  Make sure you establish a lead gen program before investing in costly tools8. Evaluate your team’s workload and identify potential opportunities for improvement9. Make sure you identify, measure key metrics and monitor with a KPI scorecard10. Get ahead of the curve. Optimize for mobile now @webmarketing123 #wm123
  17. 17. Thank you!Download the 2012 State of Digital Marketing ReportVisit the “Insights” page of our websiteGet a Consultation.Email: seo@webmarketing123Talk to a digital marketing expert about your:ü  SEO/PPC/Social Media Marketingü  Measurement/Analytics Approachü  Lead Gen Effectiveness Connect with us Email: Email: @webmarketing123 #wm123
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