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The New Digital Marketing Playbook - slides 10-08-13


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 1 The New Digital Marketing Playbook Oct 8th, 2013 Mike Turner Director of Business development
  • 2. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Are the slides available? Engage with us on Social: Get a consultation: Email us at “” @webmarketing123 webmarketing123 Yes! Just email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 3. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 About Webmarketing123
  • 4. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 4 Search Engine Optimization Paid Search / Display Advertising Social Media Website Design International Expansion Custom Measurement and Attribution Our Services Since 2004, we’ve employed a metrics-based approach to converting online visibility into measurable business results
  • 5. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 5 Our approach is built on data-driven strategy and efficient execution. Each campaign includes: Business Research + Strategy Custom Scorecard Tracking Attribution + Data-driven Optimizations
  • 6. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 6 Fast Growing. Award Winning. Top 10 of Bay Area’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies Top 500 Fastest Growing Private US Companies
  • 7. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 7 We are experts at growing revenue for our clients.
  • 8. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 8 We have unique experience driving lead generation campaigns for global Fortune 500 companies. Across multiple business units and 4 countries we produced 34,356 new leads for a group of operating companies, including:
  • 9. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Buyers are moving 60-70% of the way through the sales funnel before they engage directly with sales representatives. Shift in how your audience finds you! Why bother W/ SEO? Source:
  • 10. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Whatx≈≈≈≈≈≈ CTR Inquiry Marketing Qualification Sales Qualification 10 Inbound Outbound Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Qualified Leads (SGLs) Close Won Business Opportunities We impact pre-acquisition metrics like CTR & CVR to grow funnel Using variation of SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall™ # of total raw leads Raw lead to Marketing qualified lead (%)? Marketing qualified lead to Sales qualified lead (%)? Sales qualified to closed deal rate (%)? A Quantitative View of Your Business
  • 11. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Why bother W/ SEO?
  • 12. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 12 Digital Marketing has evolved (Well, maybe Google hasn’t changed much) First banner ad ever (1994) -- guess the CTR! Apple and Google in 1999
  • 13. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 13 Old Digital Marketing Playbook SEO PAID SEARCH DISPLAY WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL • “one-time” optimization • Link building • Have “contact us” - phone number and email • Update it once a year • Has downloadable content • Go to publishers directly • Limited optimization • Audience segmentation • Targeting available • Blog, forums, comments • Engage prospects through offline events/promotions
  • 14. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 14 But the old playbook just doesn’t work anymore Competitors are smarter • Competitors are increasingly versed and savvy in digital Advertisers are empowered • More advanced (and efficient) tracking/execution tools available Google’s fighting for users • Constant developments in Google search algorithm More, more, more • More users and advertisers spend more time and more money across more platforms and devices WHY NOT?
  • 15. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Your Competitors might be Outspending you Source:
  • 16. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 16 Channels play different roles in the customer journey
  • 17. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 17 New Digital Marketing Playbook PAID SEARCH DISPLAY WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL • Requires on-page and off-page content • Social signals are important • Constant Algorithm changes • Link diversification necessary • Frequently updated • More advanced analytics/ site personalization • A/B testing • Ad network buying • Efficient pricing/marketplace (RTB, etc) • Improved optimization capabilities • Marketing automation, lead nurturing and scoring• Advanced targeting and optimization features • Multiple platforms for engaging customers and prospects • Empower advocates • Natural links SEO
  • 18. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 18 SEO PAID SEARCH DISPLAY WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL Primary Digital Marketing Levers • Why do you use specific channels? These ones we can help you with. • How many levers are you pulling? • Are you coordinating across channels?
  • 19. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 19 Use SEO to… SEO  Attract and capture in-market customers (interest-based marketing)  Grow the top of your funnel without paid media  Get into the purchase decision process early 90% of clicks on page 1. If not there, you’re invisible to most
  • 20. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 20 Use Paid Search to… PAID SEARCH  Get in front of prospects when they are in-market for your product/service  Get leads from search even when you don’t own top natural listings  Get immediate, reliable results
  • 21. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 21  Get leads from search even when you don’t own top natural listings (Google) Value of running both SEO + Paid Search
  • 22. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Value of running both SEO + Paid Search  Increase your CTR for Organic just by showing paid ads! Source:
  • 23. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 GoogleSite 23 Use Display to… DISPLAY  Get in front of NEW or previously lost prospects  Generate awareness in new markets  Re-engage lost prospects through targeted remarketing Your Site X Your Ad Your Ad LOST PROSPECTS Linkedin X
  • 24. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Personalized ads that are based on behavioral data increase ROI CTR improved by 651%! Retargeting-based Dynamic Creative Case Study– Travelocity
  • 25. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Use Website to… WEBSITE  Improve visiblity (rankings) and user experience  Amplify effectiveness of marketing programs (improving ROI)  Maximize conversions (from anywhere, including Mobile)  Capture information and sell products Your Site X You need: • Clear call to actions • Mobile optimized (responsive design) • Regular analytics review • Optimization of content
  • 26. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 AFTER 3,600 Monthly Visitors (+20%) 50% Bounce Rate (-17%) 4% Conversion Rate (+100%) 72 Leads (+200%) BEFORE 3,000 Monthly Visitors 60% Bounce Rate 2% Conversion Rate 24 Leads 26 Even little improvements lead to big results. In the above example, improved SEO and website engagement drove 200% more leads. WEBSITE
  • 27. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Use Social Media to… SOCIAL MEDIA  Engage prospects and customers  Monitor/manage online brand identity  Empower advocates  Push prospects further down the funnel
  • 28. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 28 In the new playbook… Links without content aren’t effective anymore Build SEO into content creation and leverage Social in your distribution strategy 1. Identify converting landing pages & build content for keyword themes. 2. Distribute content so it gets picked up. But the content must be high quality. 3. Natural links lift rankings.
  • 29. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 29 In the new playbook… You need to optimize for sales and ROI, not vanity metrics like “traffic” or “leads” Know which campaigns and landing pages bring in revenue so you can optimize intelligently.
  • 30. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 30 AppDynamics used a coordinated strategy to get 10X return on marketing investment Goals: Out rank competition for target search terms Increase volume of leads secured through lead generation programs Increase % of raw leads that convert to qualified opportunities Improve ROI for new customers Challenge: AppDynamics needed to revamp lead generation efforts. They knew they were underutilizing SEO as a means of inbound lead generation and were placing too much focus on display ads to promote a free software download. Solution: Established unique KPIs and benchmarks Execute integrated marketing strategy, inc. SEO, PPC, and content creation Large expansion of AppDynamics’ optimization program by introducing additional keywords Results: 73% increase in organic search traffic in <6 months 101% Increase in Organic, non-branded search traffic in <6 months 500% Estimated overall ROI 10X return on marketing investment Client Success • SEO • Paid Search • Content Creation B2B
  • 31. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 You’ll get:  Knowledge of where you rank in relation to competitors  Insight into how much revenue opportunity is available from Search (we’ll do the research)  Actions you can take today to accelerate results from your inbound marketing campaigns 31 Get a second opinion on how your campaigns are performing… or how you should expand them. Simply email or call 800.619.1570 Give us:  Your top keywords  2 or 3 top competitors  Your top objectives THANK YOU Mike Turner Director of Business Development