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Solving the "Not Provided" Epidemic
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Solving the "Not Provided" Epidemic


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. @webmarketing123Solving the Google"Not Provided” EpidemicChandler GaltStrategic
  • 2. @webmarketing123ü  Are the slides available?ü  We’re live tweetingwebinar highlights.ü  Stay informed byfollowing us.ü  Ready to take the next step with us?Practical MattersYes! Just emailseo@webmarketing123.comRequest a Complimentary SEO Consultation Today.@webmarketing123 |
  • 3. @webmarketing123
  • 4. @webmarketing123Agenda1.  “Not Provided” – What is it? Why is it a problem?2.  What you can do today – Current workarounds3.  Our Solution 4.  Key Takeaways
  • 5. @webmarketing123“As part of our commitment to provide a more secure online experience,today we announced that SSL Search on willbecome the default experience for signed in users on”“Not Provided” aka Secure Search aka https://Before, Google Analytics showed you keyword sources onsearches, but no longer provides this for logged in searchers.SSL encryption Explained(October, 2011)announced,
  • 6. @webmarketing123“Not Provided”The #1 Converting Keyword in the World( is your #1converting keyword?
  • 7. @webmarketing123Secure Search is growing rapidly133% Growth in one year.35% of website visitor search data is encrypted.*Up from 15% in March, 2012.*ClickConsult study of over 60 websites(
  • 8. @webmarketing123•  Google (when logged in to Google account)•  Chrome•  Apple iOS•  Firefox•  SafariSearch information is encrypted on the following:
  • 9. @webmarketing123Understanding howcustomers discover anduse your website is vital,but an increasingpercentage of thatinformation is lost.Soon you will have more visits onunknown keywords than known. known keyword visits unknown keyword visits
  • 10. @webmarketing123Poll: What % of your traffic is “Not Provided”?A) 0-20%B) 20-40%C) 40-60%D) I’m not sure
  • 11. @webmarketing123Fortunately, there are things you can do nowHOORAY!
  • 12. @webmarketing123Agenda1.  “Not Provided” – What is it? Why is it a problem?2.  What you can do today – Current workarounds3.  Our Solution 4.  Key Takeaways
  • 13. @webmarketing123Use Google Analytics to understand the scale of the “Not Provided”problem for your business.Analyze what % of traffic is from specific keywordsand then expand based on the volume of “NotProvided” visits.Workaround 1: Extrapolate known data
  • 14. @webmarketing123First three pieces of content we recommend: ü  Analyze SEM/PPC data for keyword-level dataü  Use organic data from other search engines (Bing, etc.)Workaround 2: Analyze Paid Search and Non-Google Data
  • 15. @webmarketing123Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools connection:First three pieces of content we recommend: Workaround 3: Consult the ‘Search Query Report’•  The data is limited to the top 1000 daily search queries and top 1000 daily landing pages for the past 30 days.•  The query reports aren’t tied to landing page reports, or vice-versa, severely limiting their usefulness.
  • 16. @webmarketing123“Search Query Report”To know your higher CTR keywords and what position they’re in, including “Not Provided”.Note: position isn’t always a true indicator of Keyword importance/relevance.
  • 17. @webmarketing123First three pieces of content we recommend: This report tells you general themes that are performing. In Google Analytics, go to:Traffic Sources > Search > OrganicClick on the keyword "not provided"Pick secondary dimension: Traffic Sources > Landing pageWorkaround 4: Analyze Landing Page Traffic and Mapped Keywords
  • 18. @webmarketing123First three pieces of content we recommend: Match LP report to Keyword Mapping document to narrow down potential keyword setRefer to mapping doc and narrow down to most probable keyword set Workaround 4: Analyze Landing Page Traffic and Mapped KeywordsKeywords Monthly Searches Landing Page URL GoogleRankingEmbedded computer 215,000 / 6Embedded computers 205,000 / 6Audio codecs 148,000 /products/audio-products 8Express switches 111,000 /products/audio-products 9Wireless power 34,000 /products/power-management/wireless-power4
  • 19. @webmarketing123You still don’t know which “Not Provided” keywords led toconversions, opportunities, and revenueThis missing data is especially important for B2B:ü  Fewer dealsü  Bigger ticket itemsü  Longer sales cyclesThese workarounds can help, but still a “best guess”
  • 20. @webmarketing123In order to track revenue back to the search terms a customersearched, you have to be able to track and store each interactioninto a single dashboard.But remember, if the keyword is “Not Provided”, then we still do notknow the keyword even if we are pulling it into the CRM.Connecting search data to your CRMKeyTouch Attribution
  • 21. @webmarketing123Agenda1.  “Not Provided” – What is it? Why is it a problem?2.  What you can do today – Current workarounds3.  Our Solution 4.  Key Takeaways
  • 22. @webmarketing123KeywordPredictor Tool originated at internal “Hack Day” toaddress the “Not Provided” epidemic.Concept: Take available known data to gain insight into unknown data.Our Solution - KeywordPredictorSearcher from “San Francisco”Browser used: “Chrome”Searched: “Best Value Company”Visited “Pricing Landing Page”known unknown Searcher from “San Francisco”Browser used: “Chrome”Searched: “Best Value Company”Visited “Pricing Landing Page”BUT WAIT, we do know.. + search volume + keywordmapping document + keywordrankings….
  • 23. @webmarketing123First three pieces of content we recommend: Our Solution - KeywordPredictorKeywordPredictor leverages all available first party and Google™ data, touncover “not provided” search terms with remarkable accuracy.Data points factored into algorithm include:Volume – search volume for relevant keywordsRank/Position – current keyword rankings and click-through-rateLanding Page – which keywords are mapped to visited landing pageSearcher Profiling – shared GA characteristics between known/unknown visitors (Geographic, browser type, etc.)
  • 24. @webmarketing123Our Solution - KeywordPredictorInitial results show remarkable accuracy predicting actual keywords:•  70% confidence, KeywordPredictor can identify the keyword searched.•  90% confidence, the KeywordPredictor algorithm narrows down anencrypted search to one of 5 keywords.Keyword 1Keyword 2Keyword 3Keyword 4Keyword 5Rank/PositionLandingPageSearcherProfiling Volume Most probable keywordBy using multiple data-points to model the most probable search term, our tool uncovers the keywords searchedand assigns a confidence level (%):
  • 25. @webmarketing123See highest probability keywords in opportunity view<< This is what we saw<< Now, we see this
  • 26. @webmarketing123“Not Provided” tool is built into KeyTouch Attribution dashboardDo you know which of yourkeywords contribute to revenue?
  • 27. @webmarketing123Agenda1.  “Not Provided” – What is it? Why is it a problem?2.  What you can do today – Current workarounds3.  Our Solution 4.  Key Takeaways
  • 28. @webmarketing123ü  “Not Provided” search is growing. Soon it will be the majority and youneed a plan in place to address it. Otherwise, lose the ability to strategicallyoptimize your SEO and other marketing.ü  It is possible to leverage available data in Google Analytics, WebmasterTools, and first party data from your SEO program, to proactively restore lostprospect and customer data.Key Takeaways
  • 29. @webmarketing123Sign up for a SEO consultation and discoverthe scale of your “Not Provided” data loss.You may qualify for our beta tool.Email: SEO@WEBMARKETING123.COM Chandler GaltStrategic AccountsThank you! In a 30 minute consultation, learn:ü  Percentage and quality of “not provided” trafficü  How to create valuable custom reports in GA and WMTü  Where you rank against competitorsü  How to measure revenue from your SEO program