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Post-Penguin SEO Strategies for Google Success - 8-27-13 slides


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  • 1. OVERVIEW 1 Post-Penguin SEO Strategies for Google Success Mike Turner Director of Business Development 8/27/2013
  • 2. OVERVIEW Are the slides available? Engage with us on Social: Get a consultation: Email us at “” @webmarketing123 webmarketing123 Yes! Just email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 3. OVERVIEW About Webmarketing123
  • 4. OVERVIEW 4 Search Engine Optimization Paid Search / Display Advertising Social Media Website Design International Expansion Custom Measurement and Attribution Our Services Since 2004, we’ve employed a metrics-based approach to converting online visibility into measurable business results
  • 5. OVERVIEW 5 Our approach is built on data-driven strategy and efficient execution. Each campaign includes: Business Research + Strategy Custom Scorecard Tracking Attribution + Data-driven Optimizations
  • 6. OVERVIEW 6 Fast Growing. Award Winning. Top 10 of Bay Area’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies Top 500 Fastest Growing Private US Companies
  • 7. OVERVIEW 7 We are experts at growing revenue for our clients.
  • 8. OVERVIEW Let’s go back to fundamentals. 1. Business objective 2. Business metric 3. SEO metric Grow online revenue. 30% increase in number of monthly proposals. 100% annual increase in conversions from non- branded search terms. First, why do we do SEO?
  • 9. OVERVIEW 9 Because it generates quantifiable revenue. Keywords Monthly Search Volume Resource management 673,000 Portfolio management 207,000 Project management software 59,200 It governance 27,600 Software project management 15,700 Project management tools 14,800 It project management 12,100 Project management office 8,700 Project portfolio management 6,600 Total Monthly Searches 1,024,700 Monthly Cost of Not Ranking on these Keywords Click Through Rate (7%, page 1 average) 71,729 new website visitors Visitor to Lead Rate (1-3%, B2B average) 1,793 new leads Raw Lead to Qualified Rate (15%) 269 new qualified leads Lead to Sale Rate (10%) 27 new deals Average sale price $100,000 $2,700,000 monthly revenue Annual Cost of Not Ranking $32,400,000 annual revenue A simple calculation can inform you how much revenue you’re missing by not ranking for all top keywords:
  • 10. OVERVIEW And you can evaluate success in terms of revenue B2B Revenue from SEO Report:
  • 11. OVERVIEW 11 What you guys care about
  • 12. OVERVIEW 12 Marketing Challenges You Face
  • 13. OVERVIEW 13 Now that you understand the value of revenue- driven SEO… Let’s talk Algorithms.
  • 14. OVERVIEW 14 Google’s ultimate goal is to match the end-user with the most high quality content that is relevant to their search.  Which is why they update their algorithm 500+ times per year When’s the last time you updated your SEO strategy?
  • 15. OVERVIEW 15 “SEO isn't search engine optimization anymore. It is now search experience optimization.” - Matt Cutts, Google, May, 2013
  • 16. OVERVIEW 16 History of Most Influential Algorithm Updates Infographic by Backlink Build DEVALUED THIN CONTENT
  • 17. OVERVIEW 17 Before we dive into Penguin, let’s mull on Panda for a moment…and the role of content in SEO. "This (Panda) update is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites— sites that copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on."
  • 18. OVERVIEW 18 "Content marketing is the umbrella of all techniques that are used to generate traffic, leads, online visibility, and brand awareness/fidelity." - Quora (found via Ann Smarty and Authority Labs)
  • 19. OVERVIEW 19 80 percent of SEOs think they should be working “more” or “much more” closely with writers and marketing team members… to ensure all branded contain is optimized for maximum search visibility. (MarketingProfs 2013 B2B Marketing Report) Have you built SEO into your content marketing strategy?
  • 20. OVERVIEW 20 Content Plan of Attack - Example keyword mapping doc:
  • 21. OVERVIEW 21 Although content is absolutely critical, it is simply one of many factors. What about the other things that Penguin is intended to control?
  • 22. OVERVIEW 22 - Matt Cutts, Google, May, 2013 “Penguin 2.0 is specifically going to target black hat spam, but will be a significantly larger impact on spam than the original Penguin and subsequent Penguin updates have had…”
  • 23. OVERVIEW 23 Examples of Spammy Links
  • 24. OVERVIEW 24 Track Your Links!!!!
  • 25. OVERVIEW 25 Beyond Content: Check these off your Penguin Update Check-list 1. Titles and Descriptions Know what these mean and write them properly. Don't have duplicates, too long or over-optimized tags. 2. Anchor Text Is your anchor text over-optimized with keywords? Are you using keywords when domain names should be used? What is the natural way someone would link to your site? This counts with inbound links as well as internally. Beware of over-optimized and overused keyword anchor text. 3. Links – Inbound & Outbound Run a link check. How do your inbound links look? The threshold for spammy links was about 80 percent, it is now down to about 50 percent. That means 50 percent questionable links can keep your site or a page out of the index. Know your link profile. Check Webmaster Tools and look for Red Flags.
  • 26. OVERVIEW 26 Analyzing your Linking Profile
  • 27. OVERVIEW 27 TIP: Garner quality links fast by capitalizing on brand mentions - Set-up “Google Alerts” to know when your brand is mentioned on another site. - Then, reach out to that site and request quality back-links. - That additional quality link will boost your SEO.
  • 28. OVERVIEW 28 Beyond Content: Check these off your Penguin Update Check-list 1. Page Speed For Google, faster loading sites lower the load on Google's end. Check your site using a Page Speed tool and get it above a 90 percent. That seems to be the magic threshold for most. 2. Redirects Get a tool like Screaming Frog and check your site pages for redirects then make sure those redirected pages have a 301 permanent redirect, which tells Google the page has permanently moved 3. Over-Optimization on Non-Content Items This is where someone either adds a keyword to every (or almost every) word to try to rank for the term or where someone adds an overabundance of header or footer links to "help" a site position for known keywords. This won't help and is likely to give the site a penalty.
  • 29. OVERVIEW 29 4. Over-Optimization on Non-Content Items This is where someone either adds a keyword to every (or almost every) word to try to rank for the term or where someone adds an overabundance of header or footer links to "help" a site position for known keywords. This won't help and is likely to give the site a penalty. 5. Alt Attributes How are you using the alt attribute on your images? Don't stuff keywords into this text. Using good alt text, especially when images are replacing text in links, can be very good for a site. In fact, Google will treat this alt text as actual text in these cases. 6. Ad Issues Google doesn't like it when a site seems to only be there to support the ads on it, so an overabundance of above the fold ads can cause the site to receive a penalty. What is too much? Google is a little obtuse about this, but find out what is above the fold for your screen size (not your screen, but the site screen size), then hold up a post it note, if it takes up more space than the note, it is probably too large. Beyond Content: Check these off your Penguin Update Check-list
  • 30. OVERVIEW 30 Beyond Content: Check these off your Penguin Update Check-list 7. Crawl Issues When is the last time you got into your Webmaster Tools and checked how your crawls were going? How is your crawl rate? Are the spiders having any crawl issues? We once had a client who had 28k crawl errors. These will affect your site strength and authority with the "No One Is Home" devaluations. 8. Malware or Rogue Sites For the most part, we're fortunate that Google will email us and tell you that you have malware on your site – but be careful: this isn't always the case. Periodically you want to do a search for your site, see if you trigger malware warnings in a site search or mobile, then check your analytics to make sure no one is running anything on your site like say a rogue Viagra site. Not only can these sites be doing things on your site that could be causing you "hack" issues, but also sending links to their pages on your site causing your link profile to be damaged. What Else? Authorship, Structured Data, URL construction and more….
  • 31. OVERVIEW 31 TIP: Leverage for Rich snippets and improve SERP CTR • Reviews • People • Products • Businesses & organizations • Recipes • Events • Music
  • 32. OVERVIEW TIP: Diversified, quality content can be used for inbound linking Press Releases & Media Coverage Relevant Industry Directories Social Media Profiles Online Forums (Quora, etc.) Guest Blog Posts Content Syndication (whitepapers, infographics) Video
  • 33. OVERVIEW TIP: Disavow Links Tool If you were penalized, get familiar with “Disavow Tool” – Disavow bad ones, but have a plan to replace with relevant ones! (Use a spreadsheet, Identify which are relevant and which aren’t) Some links do more bad than good.
  • 34. OVERVIEW 34 Our best tip of all? Get a website and SEO program audit by experts who can help you get on the right path toward success. You’ll get:  Knowledge of where you rank in relation to competitors  Insight into how much revenue opportunity is available from Search (we’ll do the research)  Actions you can take today to accelerate results from your inbound marketing campaigns Give us:  Your top keywords  2 or 3 top competitors  Your top objectives Simply email or call 800.619.157
  • 35. OVERVIEW 35 Thanks! Mike Turner Director of Business Development Simply email or call 800.619.1570 To set-up a consultation with Mike or one of our experts