Got Video? B2B Marketers' New Secret Weapon for Lead Gen & SEO


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Are you using video strategically to acquire, engage and convert your website visitors?

• Understand how to properly host videos, integrate calls to action and deploy actionable viewer tracking. Learn how to put a dollar value on video's impact in converting viewers to customers.

• Leverage your Video assets for maximum SEO value. A properly tagged and indexed video has a 50x greater chance of ranking on the first page of search results than a textual page (Forrester Research). Hint: Transcripts!

• Match the message to the medium. Engage with early stage prospects on your homepage. Reduce customer service demand with video FAQ. Seed YouTube with customer testimonials.

Whether leveraging your webinar recordings and CEO presentations or developing new video content, this presentation will set you up for success.

Mike Turner, Webmarketing123’s Director of Business Development, and Dane Frederiksen, Principal at Digital Accomplice will share key insights and success stories for successful video development in this high-impact, complimentary webinar.

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  • Launch [ 30 secondvideothatdemonstratesthepowerof digital storytelling ]
  • Dane can talk through this...
  • It's hard for static presentations of images and text to stand out in the noise and clutter of our web surfing experience -> dynamic, video-centric marketing with instant tracking and intelligent reporting that enables fast follow-upExample of internal communicationsDuring the Continental/United merger, the CEO posted regular video updates, called “Jeff’s Journal", which allowed him to speak directly to the whole company and address fears about layoffs and changes to benefits.
  • Too text heavy…can we add charts to help visualize – or cut completely?
  • Too text heavy…can we add charts to help visualize – or cut completely?
  • And (74% of under 40 execs share videos weekly or more often).On Social Media, Video is 400% more engaging than static content. Also, Brand recall is boosted 15%, propensity to purchase, doubled.
  • Salesforce:“It’s like having a virtual salesforce.”“What is Cloud Computing” series viewed over 200,000 in one year. Salesforce has over 1,000 pieces of content getting 7,000+ views/day
  • Why? Because recent algo changes favor recency and video content in the SERP.
  • Title the video with your most important search terms (not your company or product name)TagsConfigure your URLS with search terms as well.upload text summaries or full transcriptions, whether on youtube or on your own site... The text is crawlable,Transcription easy with Services like Mechanical Turk or 3PlayMediaVideo SiteMap:
  • This is a great example of a company we helped to build out their Video LIbrary. Embedded Video transcription.
  • Are you seeking to make your viewer feel a certain way about your brand? Understand your value proposition? Take a particular action? In any case, you first must to engage the viewer long enough to deliver the core message. If there is a desired action, then you have to both motivate the viewer and make it easy to call a phone number, complete a response form, downloading information, share the video, etc. This holds true whether your video is live action, spokesperson, video slideshows, motion graphic or a combination. What will a successful outcome of video viewing be?
  • Just as the tone and style on LinkedIn is different from Facebook or Twitter, viewers have different expectations if they're on YouTube, Slideshare, or your website.OnYouTube, viewers are expecting content that is more subjective, like customer testimonials, product demonstrations and product reviews...On business related websites, they're looking for news, insights, expert advice, speeches and presentations.
  • There's a Variety of technological standards (HTML5, H.264, WebM) and formats (flash, Quicktime, windows media), delivery platforms and devices and networks.Bottom Line: Find a solution that enables your content to be encoded in multiple video formats and bit rates without your doing the conversion, and it should auto-detect type of device and connection speed so the right format will be delivered at optimized quality. (study says 76% consider this necessary or important)“Develop a strategy for maximizing impact of business video distributed to mobile environments or suffer competitive disadvantage of not reaching important audiences.” 60% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing spending in the next 12 months.
  • The main limitations of using platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Vcast, etc. is that they allow only anonymous view tracking and stats, and don’t allow you to supplement the video with text, graphics (like branding), web forms, social media links, sponsorship, call to action buttons... boosting engagement and facilitating that next step. The Forbes Insights Studyof Executive Video Consumption also indicated a clear preference for a mix of video and text.Don't expect to generate conversions from having “Visit this URL for more information” at the end of your video- In an branded environment, you have many more options.Create “just-in-time” resources for prospects that are available exactly when they might be ready for them, proximate in space and time.Example: Sun Microsystems (now a division within Oracle) leveraged video extensively to explain its products. Within a video, prospects can click to download the software they are seeing demonstrated or a whitepaper explaining a concept or feature. All interactions tracked in the CRM, where the salesperson could easily followup.
  • Wherever you host your videos, you ALSO want to be on YouTube.remember those 4 billion video views each day?But YouTube has limitations.If you drive traffic to YouTube,they’ll wander off and not convertYouTube is often blocked by corporate ITSo we recommend hosting on your site, AND on YouTube and potentially other sites as well.
  • Decide what metrics are most relevant for tracking progress towards your goal.It's not just number of hits or views and their location, but total engagement time, videos watched to completion, calls to action links clicked, type of devices, sharing activity, and abilty to link viewership info with previously collected behaviors or profiles. Don't track everything- track what matters.
  • Don’t try to email videos!But Leverage email to drive traffic to video: video + email 2-3x CTRHow? include a professionally branded video player IMAGE in the email bodylink the video player image to the video landing pageConsider a interactive video postcard with unique URL or video landing page, tied to your CRM.
  • Every organization has storytellers who can present the company’s unique value proposition in a personal and informative way. It puts a face on your company and can create a personal bond between the viewer and your company. Acknowledge your storytellers. Get them set up with rel=author tags so Google will privilege their content in search results.
  • Jumpstart your Video Program with existing content: break a 45-60 minute webinar into shorter sections. How about footage of CEO at a conference? Or you can just set up a camera at an internal training session or presentation, or media interview.
  • For many companies, making a "This is Who We Are" is a good first project.
  • Got Video? B2B Marketers' New Secret Weapon for Lead Gen & SEO

    1. 1. Got Video? B2B Marketers’ New SecretWeapon for Lead Gen & SEO Alex Dunks Dane Frederiksen Senior SEO Analyst Principal Webmarketing123 Digital Accomplice @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    2. 2. Digital Marketing Agency specializing inSEO / PPC / Social Media / Website Design Since 2004, we’ve employed a metrics-based approach to converting online visibility into measurable business results. 2012 WE’RE ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING PRIVATE U.S. COMPANIES @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    3. 3. Some Practical Matters Yes! Just email Are the slides available? Tweet today’s event using #123webinar @webmarketing123 Stay informed by following us. webmarketing123 Ready to take the next step with us? Request a Complimentary SEO Assessment Today. @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    4. 4. Agenda1 The Power of Visual Storytelling2 The Business Case for Video3 The SEO Value of Video4 6 Principles of Successful Video4 3 Month Game Plan @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    5. 5. The Power of Visual Storytelling @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    6. 6. The Power of Visual StorytellingWhat Can Video Do?• Grab peoples attention• Bring your ideas to life• Tell your story in less time• Make your website stickier• Create a buzz and be found• Update your brand for the 21st century @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    7. 7. The Power of Visual StorytellingDrive Revenue• Content Marketing• Demand Generation• Sales EnablementStrengthen Your Organization• Training• Internal Communications• Investor Relations @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    8. 8. Agenda1 The Power of Visual Storytelling2 The Business Case for Video3 The SEO Value of Video4 6 Principles of Successful Video4 3 Month Game Plan @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    9. 9. The Business Case for Video50% of internet traffic is video (Cisco) 4 billion daily views on YouTube2.5 days of video uploaded every minute24 million U.S. smartphone users are regularly watching online videos on their phones @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    10. 10. The Business Case for Video Online Video Effectiveness Shines 400% higher engagement than static content (flimp)64% increase in prospect’s propensity to buy after watching video (internet retailer) 2-3 times higher email click-thru rates (forrester) 9% increase of time spent on website (internet retailer) @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    11. 11. The Business Case for VideoVideo has become a critical information source for senior executives75%* of Executives are viewing work-related videos on business-relatedwebsites weekly (Interactive Media Strategies study, 2011)*quadrupled since similar study in 2007Work-related video is driving executives to take action.65% of viewers will visit vendor’s website. 53% conducted an onlinesearch. @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    12. 12. The Business Case for VideoHave you used Video for Marketing?81% yes, 13% considering, 7% no(Web Video Marketing Council Q4 2011)Half of B2B marketers are increasing use of onlinevideo, ⅓ “aggressively” increasing, and only 15%have no plans.(B2B Magazine Survey, 2011)B2B Marketers employing Video: rising from 42% in2010 to 52% in 2011, and a 36% increase inconfidence.(B2B Magazine Survey, 2011) @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    13. 13. Video is a Social play:We read alone but watch in groups 54% of senior executives share work-related videos at least weekly @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    14. 14. The Business Case for VideoCost Savings:How many Customer Service Calls couldbe avoided if you had Video FAQ? @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    15. 15. The Business Case for VideoRevenue Impact:What if you could measure theimpact of video on closed deals? @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    16. 16. Agenda1 The Power of Visual Storytelling2 The Business Case for Video3 The SEO Value of Video4 6 Principles of Successful Video4 3 Month Game Plan @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    17. 17. The SEO Value of VideoAn indexed video stands a 50Xchance of ranking on first results page thanany textual page. (Forrester Research)And a 41% higher click-throughrate than a plain text ad.(ReelSEO) @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    18. 18. The SEO Value of VideoTitlesURL Titles TagsTags SEOCaptions or Full Transcriptions Captions or Transcriptions URLs @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    19. 19. MobilityCentral | simple, powerful mobility management @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    20. 20. Agenda1 The Power of Visual Storytelling2 The Business Case for Video3 The SEO Value of Video4 6 Principles of Successful Video4 3 Month Game Plan @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    21. 21. 5 Principles of Successful Video1. Develop a Clear Goal @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    22. 22. 5 Principles of Successful Video2. Match the Message to the Medium @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    23. 23. 4 Principles of Successful Video3. Flexible Distribution @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    24. 24. 4 Principles of Successful Video4. Embed Your Video ina Branded Environment @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    25. 25. 4 Principles of Successful VideoMobilityCentral | simple, powerful mobility management @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    26. 26. The SEO Value of Video @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    27. 27. 4 Principles of Successful Video5. Establish Your Metrics @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    28. 28. 4 Principles of Successful Video6. SuperchargeYourEmail with Video @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    29. 29. Agenda1 The Power of Visual Storytelling2 The Business Case for Video3 The SEO Value of Video4 6 Principles of Successful Video4 3 Month Game Plan @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    30. 30. Cultivate Your Storytellers @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    31. 31. Repurpose Existing Content @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    32. 32. Start at the Top... and the Bottom Company Profile Simple How-to @webmarketing123 #123webinar
    34. 34. Thank you! We invite you to:Get a Video Consultation• Discuss how video can further your business objectives Request a Video Consultation:• Develop a Game Plan to start developing and deploying content that yields measurable results.Get an SEO Consultation.Learn how Search Engine Optimization can:• Improve organic search rankings Request an SEO Consultation:• Attract more quality prospects• Convert more leads @webmarketing123 #123webinar
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