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8 Expert Lead Gen Tips for CMOs - slides


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. @webmarketing123 Are the slides available? We’re live tweetingwebinar highlights. Stay informed byfollowing us. Ready to take the next step with us?Practical MattersYes! Just emailseo@webmarketing123.comRequest a Complimentary SEO Assessment
  • 3. @webmarketing123ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWINGPRIVATE U.S. COMPANIESConverting online visibility intomeasurable business results#9 FASTEST GROWINGCOMPANY IN BAY AREAA few of our clients:SEO | PPC | Social Media | Website Design
  • 4. @webmarketing123Best Practice #1BUILD CAMPAIGNS FOR ALL STAGES OF THE BUYING CYCLEContent is everywhere.Multiple devices, platforms, and endless information sources empowerthem to do their own research regarding your product or service.1. Introduction to(your product category) –Get into their purchasedecision process early2. How to select the right(your product) – Push them yourdirection when they’re closer toconversion3. Top reasons toselect you as a vendor– Your value propositionand differentiatorsFirst three pieces of content we recommend:Customers are up to 57-70% of the way through their purchasedecision prior to engaging your sales reps.(Corporate Executive Board, Google)Top 3 content pieces you need right away:
  • 5. @webmarketing123Best Practice #2DON’T SETTLE FOR SUBPAR SEARCH RANKINGS90% of clicks happen on 1st page of results, 60%+ are on the top 3 resultsFirst three pieces of content we recommend:Position CTR1 45.46%2 15.69%3 10.09%4 5.49%5 5.00%6 3.94%7 2.51%Eye tracking data from official Google blogOptify Study, 2011
  • 6. @webmarketing123Best Practice #2DON’T SETTLE FOR SUBPAR SEARCH RANKINGS, CONT.Measuring SEO success by the following metrics is no longer effective:Keywords RevenueResource Management $30,000Portfolio Management $60,000Project ManagementSoftware$400,000Number of keywords on page 1Traffic to your websiteLeadsQualified Leads (SQL/MQL)Sales PipelineClosed Deal Revenue$$Measure the money metrics:$So that you can optimize for revenue:
  • 7. @webmarketing123Best Practice #2DON’T SETTLE FOR SUBPAR SEARCH RANKINGS, CONT.If you sell a product, don’t settle for rankingsbelow your third party distributors Ensure that your brand and message are front and center of your target audience Don’t miss a chance to influence potential prospects and differentiate yourproduct Distributors often also sell your competitors’ products, so every opportunity toinfluence the sales prospect directly is criticalClient Case Study
  • 8. @webmarketing123Best Practice #3DON’T FOCUS JUST ON LEAD VOLUME. OPTIMIZE CAMPAIGNSFOR LEAD QUALITY AND REVENUE ACQUISITION.More is better when it comesto leads, but quality is vital.First three pieces of content we recommend:Which campaigns and keywords are creatingmore pipeline opportunities that lead to sales?$85,000$60,000$275,000$ $$$ $ $CampaignRevenueOpportunityAllocation$Campaign ACampaign BCampaign CTrack which channels are impacting revenue, and then optimize.
  • 9. @webmarketing123Best Practice #4IMPLEMENT LEAD QUALIFICATION PROCESS FOR ANINCREASED WIN RATEB2B Marketers report their top priorityis generating leads (62%)But their top challenge is convertingqualified leads into customers (52%)(B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, Marketing Sherpa)$LeadsQualified LeadsOpportunities
  • 10. @webmarketing123Best Practice #4IMPLEMENT LEAD QUALIFICATION PROCESS FOR ANINCREASED WIN RATEJust 27% of all B2B leads are qualified andready for an immediate conversation with a sales rep.IMMEDIATE FOLLOW UP IS KEYResearch shows you are 7X more likely to reach alead within an hour of their request for informationFor the 73% who aren’t ready now, make sure to keep them warm.Targeted email content (nurture programs) work well for this(Short Life of Online Sales Leads, Harvard Business Review)A qualification process is necessaryto ensure efficient use of time.For those that ARE ready…
  • 11. @webmarketing123Best Practice #5USE A TARGETED LEAD NURTURE PROGRAM TO CONVERTPROSPECTS THAT AREN’T READY TO BUY.First three pieces of content we recommend:nurtured and closed $1.5 million in 4 months:65% of B2B marketers have yet to establish lead nurturingcampaigns …yet studies show a 35% lift in lead generation ROI bymarketers that employ lead nurturing programs (MarketingSherpa)Citrix abandoned its traditional email newsletter to focus on sendingtargeted offers for premium content downloads with a singe call to action.{7 days} {7 days}(MarketingSherpa)Nurture the 73% of leads that aren’t ready yet…
  • 12. @webmarketing123Best Practice #6IDENTIFY LEAD SOURCE FOR NOT JUST LEADS, BUTOPPORTUNITIES AND DEALS AS WELLFirst three pieces of content we recommend:More than half of CMOs feel insufficiently prepared to provide hardnumbers regarding marketing program ROI.(Deloitte CMO Summit, 2012)If you’re only tracking # of leads generated, you need to shiftfocus onto which are generating opportunities and deals.Sample report:
  • 13. @webmarketing123Best Practice #7CONDUCT AN ACCELERATION WORKSHOP TO ENSUREBUY-IN AND GET FASTER SEO RESULTS.First three pieces of content we recommend:Across multiple business unitsand 4 countries we produced34,356 new leadsFor a B2 B Manufacturer Get all key stakeholders in the same room to identify and resolve implementation roadblocks Establish individual ownership and clear action plansAcceleration workshop streamlines direction and approval processes
  • 14. @webmarketing123Best Practice #8UTILIZE A MONTHLY KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR (KPI) SCORECARDWITH CLEAR GOALS TO KEEP STAKEHOLDERS INFORMED.First three pieces of content we recommend: Standardizes metrics (custom KPIs per unique business) Creates common vision, shared goals, accountabilityWhich KPIs areyour priorities?What willwinning looklike?Whatbenchmarksshould weuse?What are the nextsteps?
  • 15. @webmarketing1231. Build campaigns for all stages of the buying cycle2. Don’t settle for subpar search rankings3. Don’t focus just on lead volume. Optimize campaigns for lead quality andrevenue acquisition4. Implement lead qualification process for an increased win rate5. Use a targeted lead nurture program to convert prospects that aren’t ready tobuy6. Identify lead source for not just leads, but opportunities and deals as well7. Conduct an Acceleration Workshop to ensure buy-in and get faster SEOresults8. Utilize a monthly key performance indicator (KPI) scorecard with clear goalsto keep stakeholders informed.Implement these 8 best practices and boost your online lead generation
  • 16. @webmarketing123Thank you!Download the 2012 State of Digital Marketing ReportAvailable on our homepage.Get a Consultation.Email: seo@webmarketing123Talk to a digital marketing expert about your: SEO/PPC/Social Media Marketing Measurement/Analytics Approach Lead Gen EffectivenessConnect with meEmail: