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5 Search Marketing War Stories You Can Learn From - slides 8/13/13


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 5 Search War Stories You Can Learn From Mike Turner Director of Business Development August 13, 2013
  • 2. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Are the slides available? Engage with us on Social: Get a consultation: Email us at “” @webmarketing123 webmarketing123 Yes! Just email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 3. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 About Webmarketing123
  • 4. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 4 Search Engine Optimization Paid Search / Display Advertising Social Media Website Design International Expansion Custom Measurement and Attribution Our Services Since 2004, we’ve employed a metrics-based approach to converting online visibility into measurable business results
  • 5. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 5 Our approach is built on data-driven strategy and efficient execution. Each campaign includes: Business Research + Strategy Custom Scorecard Tracking Attribution + Data-driven Optimizations
  • 6. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 6 Fast Growing. Award Winning. Top 10 of Bay Area’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies Top 500 Fastest Growing Private US Companies
  • 7. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 7 We are experts at growing revenue for our clients.
  • 8. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 8 We have unique experience driving lead generation campaigns for global Fortune 500 companies. Across multiple business units and 4 countries we produced 34,356 new leads for a group of operating companies, including:
  • 9. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 9 U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013, Gartner Research Ever wonder how your marketing budget compares to others? A 2013 survey by Gartner Research Firm sheds light on how marketers budget for digital marketing.
  • 10. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 10 Digital marketing budgets total 2.5% of company revenue and will increase 9% this year. 10.4% of 2012 Revenue Was Spent on Marketing (digital and traditional channels), and Budgets Will Increase 6% in 2013 U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013, Gartner Research That means…. A $50 Million Revenue company Invests $1,365,000/yr. in digital.
  • 11. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 11 The majority spends between 10% and 50% of their marketing budget on digital marketing— the average is 25%. U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013, Gartner Research How Marketers Allocate Their Digital Marketing Budgets
  • 12. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 12 Up to 50% of Digital Marketing Activities Are Outsourced U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013, Gartner Research Marketers Outsource This Portion of Digital Marketing Activities Search marketing is the most outsourced digital marketing activity (50% of total marketers)
  • 13. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 “Increased funding is a double- edged sword. It brings new opportunities, but puts more pressure on marketers to deliver and prove a return on the investments.” – U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013, Gartner Research
  • 14. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 To achieve success, start with a revenue- focused plan Keywords Monthly Search Volume Resource management 673,000 Portfolio management 207,000 Project management software 59,200 It governance 27,600 Software project management 15,700 Project management tools 14,800 It project management 12,100 Project management office 8,700 Project portfolio management 6,600 Total Monthly Searches 1,024,700 Monthly Cost of Not Ranking on these Keywords Click Through Rate (7%, page 1 average) 71,729 new website visitors Visitor to Lead Rate (1-3%, B2B average) 1,793 new leads Raw Lead to Qualified Rate (15%) 269 new qualified leads Lead to Sale Rate (10%) 27 new deals Average sale price $100,000 $2,700,000 monthly revenue Annual Cost of Not Ranking $32,400,000 annual revenue And measure performance over time (SEO example)
  • 15. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Evaluate success in terms of revenue Revenue from SEO Report:
  • 16. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 16 Marketing is now accountable, cost-effective, scalable and measurable. …with the potential to lift your business to new levels.
  • 17. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123#123webinar | @webmarketing123 Let’s analyze some client war stories.
  • 18. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 18 Rebuild a poor performing website and SEO strategy (B2B Manufacturer) 1
  • 19. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Strategy:  Build timeline and action plan inserting SEO strategy into web design deliverables.  Focus on optimizing user experience 19 Mission: Rebuild a poor performing website and SEO strategy • Wireframe creation • Keyword Research • Content creation and mapping • Top-level nav / flat-architected website caters better for SEO • Leverage third party tool. Look at Google trends, keyword planner, own analytics, etc. Revised pages with added/new content experienced 124% average increase in page visits and a 34% increase in time spent.
  • 20. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 20 Example keyword mapping doc:
  • 21. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 21 Build a search strategy from scratch targeting multiple product lines (B2B Manufacturer) 2
  • 22. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Strategy:  Evaluate revenue potential and capture it with strategic program  Establish benchmarks and monitor closely overtime via scorecard 22 Mission: Build a search strategy from scratch targeting multiple product lines • Prioritized keywords, developed content marketing plan, developed unique tracking KPI scorecard.  Realized $32 million in missed revenue.  Applied Scorecard across all marketing
  • 23. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 23 Improve search ROI and get on page 1 for competitive keywords. (mobile device security company) 3
  • 24. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 Strategy:  Identify revenue opportunity for top keywords, evaluate existing program, as well as top competitors’ strategies 24 Mission: Improve search ROI and get on page 1 for top keywords • Leveraged internal resources to aggressively build content both on-page and off-page, including implementation of “Search-to-CRM” revenue tracking  Jumped from ranking #17 to #3 in 60 days  200% increase in conversion volume  Every one dollar invested led to $8 in return Since acquired by Citrix™
  • 25. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 25 Tightened budget placed more pressure on client contacts. Used to only care about hits to website, now cared about leads. (B2B technology company) 4
  • 26. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 26 Mission: Get more insight into ROI from Search Marketing, including revenue generated Strategy:  Gain more insight into which keywords were driving organic revenue  Prove value of working with SEO company • Implement “Search-to-CRM” revenue tracking tool • Set-up regular reporting & analysis to see which keywords were driving revenue and then re-focus program accordingly  Pinpointed two SEO keywords worth over $2M in pipeline revenue
  • 27. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 GOOGLE ANALYTICS- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | KEYTOUCH ATTRIBUTION- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | Measuring ROI from SEO Search to CRM Connector Tool Explained
  • 28. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 28 Company increased revenue goal from Digital Marketing (globally), but couldn’t add to headcount. 5
  • 29. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 29 CHALLENGE: Improve efficiency and expand globally Strategy:  Expand into untapped markets via use of SEO and SEM  Identify additional areas for improvement without additional investment • Integrated programs to optimize constantly and increase performance • Also, strategic outreach to websites mentioning brand to request quality back-links (a quick low effort win)  Furthering expansion due to early success– over $50 MM in closed-won revenue from search marketing
  • 30. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123  As a result of new media, platforms, and Google algorithm updates, SEO strategies must constantly evolve – those that focus on providing value and measuring revenue contribution will be most successful.  Before moving ahead with SEO, identify highest revenue potential keywords and generate an action plan that details which content is needed– prioritize and monitor with a KPI scorecard  When considering a web redesign, SEO best practices should be built into the strategy – keyword research and content mapping is essential for long-term success  For improved search rankings, focus on long-term content marketing strategies rather than easy link building and content generation tactics  Close the loop on measurement and get the most out of your marketing investments Key Takeaways
  • 31. OVERVIEW #123webinar | @webmarketing123 You’ll get:  Knowledge of where you rank in relation to competitors  Insight into how much revenue opportunity is available from Search (we’ll do the research)  Actions you can take today to accelerate results from your inbound marketing campaigns 31 Get a second opinion on your program performance in a 30-minute consultation. Simply email or call 800.619.1570 Give us:  Your top keywords  2 or 3 competitors  Your top objectives THANK YOU Mike Turner Director of Business Development