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4 Signs Your Agency is Underperforming - Slides


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. #123webinar @webmarketing1234 Signs Your Agency is UnderperformingWhat to look for when evaluating agency performancevs.Chandler GaltCoordinator, Strategic Accounts@ChandlerGalt
  • 2. #123webinar @webmarketing123 2Fast growing. Award winning.Top 10 in Bay Area’s 100Fastest Growing CompaniesTop 500 Fastest GrowingPrivate US Companies
  • 3. #123webinar @webmarketing123 3Search Engine OptimizationPaid Search / Display AdvertisingSocial MediaWebsite DesignInternational ExpansionCustom Measurement and AttributionSince 2004, we’ve employed ametrics-based approach toconverting online visibility intomeasurable business resultsDigital Marketing Agency providing:
  • 4. #123webinar @webmarketing123 4Our approach is built on data-drivenstrategy and efficient execution.Business Research + StrategyScorecard TrackingAttribution + Data-driven Optimizations
  • 5. #123webinar @webmarketing123 5We are experts at growing revenue for clientswith cost-effective digital marketing.
  • 6. #123webinar @webmarketing123 6AGENDA1) 4 Signs of an underperforming agency2) 5 Characteristics of high performing agencies3) How to get the most out of your agency relationship4) Key Takeaways
  • 7. #123webinar @webmarketing123 7Signs of an underperforming agency1.  You’re not seeing steady growth over timeü  Your agency should be acquiring new information over time and be constantlyimproving the campaign.DateRanking“Badhat” agency report
  • 8. #123webinar @webmarketing123 8Signs of an underperforming agency2.  Your reporting is irregular and lacks insightsIs your reporting regular and useful? The reality is that most agencies aren’tincentivized or held accountable for sharing insights or honest results.For SEO, you should receive a monthly:ü  Ranking reportü  Performance snapshotü  Statement of work completedü  Planned actions for following month
  • 9. #123webinar @webmarketing123 9Signs of an underperforming agency3. You receive more recommendations than solutionsü  They probably tell you what needs to be done, but you may not have thetools or experience needed to accomplish the taskWe didn’t hit goals, because:•  You aren’t generating content•  You aren’t implementing needs•  We need more buy-in•  It’s Panda’s faultBadhat agency report
  • 10. #123webinar @webmarketing123 10Signs of an underperforming agency4. They aren’t measuring revenue from their effortsü  Focused on reporting on traffic and keyword rankings – which aren’t goodindicators of future revenueMonthly Website Visits   Monthly Organic Visits   Keywords in Top 10   % Growth in Organic Traffic   Leads   Opportunity $   Revenue  2,487   1,226   12   15   ?   ?   ?  Badhat agency report
  • 11. #123webinar @webmarketing123 11In short, poor performing agenciesaren’t transparent and don’t considerthe bigger picture.
  • 12. #123webinar @webmarketing123 12POLLHow well is your SEO agency is performing?
  • 13. #123webinar @webmarketing123 13AGENDA1) 4 Signs of an underperforming agency2) 5 Characteristics of high performing agencies3) How to get the most out of your agency relationship4) Key Takeaways
  • 14. #123webinar @webmarketing123 145 Characteristics of high performing agencies1. Reporting is tailored based on unique KPIs…and trends positivelyThe provide monthly:•  Ranking report, Performance snapshot, Statement of work completed, Planned actions forfollowing month•  Custom unique scorecards
  • 15. #123webinar @webmarketing123 155 Characteristics of high performing agencies1.  Reporting is tailored based on unique KPIs…and trends positively•  Beyond raw leads: tracking qualified leads, pipeline dollars, revenue
  • 16. #123webinar @webmarketing123 165 Characteristics of high performing agencies2. Educate on digital marketing best practices•  Digital marketing best practices (LPs), shift in search behaviors, new toolsAlso, consider the visitor experience:There are three simple questions users subconsciouslyask when they arrive on your page.1.  Where am I?2.  What can I do here?3.  Why should I do it?Example best practices:
  • 17. #123webinar @webmarketing123 175 Characteristics of high performing agencies3. Proactively confront problems or advances in industry•  Google algorithm changes, importance of content, authorship, not provided
  • 18. #123webinar @webmarketing123 185 Characteristics of high performing agencies4. Create solutions (Not Provided, Attribution, etc.)•  Not just mentioning problems, but building custom solutions (tool)
  • 19. #123webinar @webmarketing123 19GOOGLE ANALYTICS - - - - - - - - - - |KEYTOUCH ATTRIBUTION - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |We created a tool to track revenue back to keywords searched:
  • 20. #123webinar @webmarketing123 205 Characteristics of high performing agencies5. Develop integrated marketing strategy•  Not seeing programs within a silo – but how multiple channels work together
  • 21. #123webinar @webmarketing123 21In short, High performing agenciesare transparent into what they do andmeasure the value they provide tothe bigger picture.
  • 22. #123webinar @webmarketing123 22AGENDA1) 4 Signs of an underperforming agency2) Characteristics of high performing agencies3) How to get the most out of your agency relationship4) Key Takeaways
  • 23. #123webinar @webmarketing123 23Time   Duration   Item  8:00-8:15   15 min   Review of Goals and Objectives  8:15-9:00   45 min  PPC Overview/Education- PPC keywords- Types of Paid Advertising- Ad Copy best practices- Landing Page best practices- What Metrics Can We Effect and How  9:00-9:15   15 min   Break  9:15-10:15   60 min  2012 Review- Big Data Analysis on Quality (from SFDC)- Effects of Landing Page Changes- Analysis/Recommendations for next steps  10:15-11:45   90 min  Overview of Product Lines- Review Product landscape- Market Overview- Review 2013 critical wins and priorities- Customer Segmentation- Applications by Customer Segment- Sales Process- Core Prod./Application Revenue Drivers  11:45-12:15   30 min   Lunch/Break  12:15-12:45   30 min  Account Structure Review- Review Current Keyword Themes and Landing PageMapping- Review Current Ad Performance  Accelerator WorkshopsWhich KPIs aretop priorities?What willwinning looklike?Whatbenchmarksshould weuse?What are nextsteps?Utilizing Six Sigma techniques, we bring together allstakeholders to streamline implementation.
  • 24. #123webinar @webmarketing123 24How to calculate the revenue opportunity from SEO:Example keyword list: Keyword search volume (missed searches)More than 32 million in missed revenue annually
  • 25. #123webinar @webmarketing123 25In short, you should ask yourselves the following questions:•  Have my results trended positively over time? Are they providing reportingthat spans back longer than one month?•  Did my agency help set benchmarks so I can understand progressaccurately?•  Has my agency provided training on best practices for lead generation? Arethey teaching my team or intentionally creating a black-box?•  Do they frequently dive into Google Analytics and Webmaster tools tounderstand my customer behaviors better?•  Are they measuring the “money metrics” or simply reporting on traffic and“number of keywords on page 1”?
  • 26. #123webinar @webmarketing123 26Thank you!Chandler GaltCoordinator, Strategic AccountsFor a free consultation: Email Contact@webmarketing123Chandler.G@webmarketing123.com1.510.488.6136@ChandlerGaltIn a 30 minute consultation, discover:ü  If it’s time to fire your underperforming agencyü  How to measure revenue from your SEO programü  What action you can take to boost your results immediately