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advertising example

  1. 1. McNeil Consumer Healthcare Johnson & Johnson/Merck Advertising Education Seminar November 9, 1999
  2. 2. Advertising Education Seminar Who are we? & Why are we here? Who: McNeil and J&J Merck Stephen George - Marketing Manager, Loyalty Marketing Lisa Berry - Marketing Manager, Pepcid AC New Products Eileen Prophett - Ass‛t Marketing Manager, Relationship Marketing Why: Experience Training PASSION! F:lrb1022/2 
  3. 3. Advertising Education Seminar “Successful advertising sells the product without drawing attention to itself. It rivets the consumer‛s attention on the product.” -- David Ogilvy F:lrb1022/3 
  4. 4. Advertising Education Seminar Over to you: What is Great Advertising? F:lrb1022/4 
  5. 5. Advertising Education Seminar FUQUA‛s TOP SIX F:lrb1022/5 
  6. 6. Advertising Education Seminar Great Advertising is: äMemorable äRelevant äOwnable äProvocative äCredible äConsistent F:lrb1022/6 
  7. 7. Advertising Education Seminar What is the role of advertising? F:lrb1022/7 
  8. 8. Advertising Education Seminar The Role of Advertising is: äPosition your product to consumer äCreate a lasting relationship with the consumer äIntroduce news äCreate a unique and ownable image F:lrb1022/8 
  9. 9. Advertising Education Seminar  Evaluating Advertising  •Start with the Strategy •The Creative Brief is the strategic ..framework for what we see F:lrb1022/9 
  10. 10. Advertising Education Seminar Elements of a Creative Brief: äAdvertising objective/intent äTarget Audience äAccepted Consumer Belief (ACB) äSingle-Minded Proposition (SMP) äReason to Believe (RTB) äCharacter F:lrb1022/10 
  11. 11. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluating Advertising Evaluating Advertising  1. What is your gut reaction? äI liked it/ I didn‛t like it äWhy? (because it was funny, interesting, stupid, boring, irrelevant, etc.)  F:lrb1022/11 
  12. 12. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluating Advertising Evaluating Advertising  2. Is a clear strategy communicated? äCore message delivered äConsistent with the target äConsistent with Brand character  F:lrb1022/12 
  13. 13. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluating Advertising Evaluating Advertising  3. What‛s the Big Selling Idea? äIt had better be single-minded, relevant, interesting, memorable äIs the Selling Line (endline) relevant interesting, memorable? äThe Billboard Test  F:lrb1022/13 
  14. 14. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluating Advertising Evaluating Advertising  4. What‛s the Big Picture? äAre the visuals reinforcing the core message? äThe video test (turn the sound off) ~ does it still communicate? äAre the visuals relevant, interesting, memorable?  F:lrb1022/14 
  15. 15. Advertising Education Seminar 5. Is Drama used and is it good? äInteresting and relevant ~ did it stir the imagination and emotions? äIs the product the hero or does it just seem like a supporting actor? äIs the product integrated into the story? äIs it unique, ownable, campaignable? F:lrb1022/15 
  16. 16. Advertising Education Seminar 6. Product Registration and Recall What is the product being sold? ä F:lrb1022/16 
  17. 17. Advertising Education Seminar 7. Is it Campaignable? Does it have legs? (Can it be built on ä and extended?) F:lrb1022/17 
  18. 18. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluation Sheet Convince ________________________ (target): That Brand X _______________(SMP/benefit): Because ___________________ (RTB/support): The Character/Tonality is:_________________ F:lrb1022/18 
  19. 19. Advertising Education Seminar Evaluating Print Advertising Is it any Different than TV? F:lrb1022/19 
  20. 20. Advertising Education Seminar Some Points to Consider on Print: Is the message clear at a glance? ä Is the benefit in the headline? ä Does the illustration support the headline? ä Does 1st line of copy support the ä headline/illustration? F:lrb1022/20 
  21. 21. Advertising Education Seminar Some Points to Consider on Print: Is the ad easy to read/follow? ä Is the product easily identified? ä Is the brand clearly identified? ä F:lrb1022/21