10 Time Management Tips to Make You More Productive


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Do you spend your day in a frenzy of activity and then wonder why you haven't accomplished all you set out to do? It's possible to stop feeling so overwhelmed and stressed to meet deadlines by adopting simple time management strategies.

Rory Beall, National Sales Manager at WebLink International, shares 10 time management tips to help you accomplish your daily to-do list as well as those long term initiatives that seem to get devoured by urgent needs.
In today's fast paced world, the demands on our time are as high as ever. Rethink how you've been managing your time and start getting more done!

This presentation you will learn:
• Tools for scheduling, in order to more effectively plan your day.
• Prioritizing techniques for feeling more organized and productive.
• How to talk to your boss and other stakeholders about what tasks will drive greatest results.
• How taking time to relax and unwind can lead to increased productivity.

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  • 10 Time Management Tips to Make You More Productive

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    2. 2. Who is WebLink? • Leading SaaS Association Management Software Company • Established in 1996 • 60 Employees • Based in Indianapolis, Indiana • Leading Software Provider to over 650 Association Customers; 5,500 Users; Supporting over 650,000 Members • Several Employees with Association Experience
    3. 3. About WebLink • Association Management Software • Website Design & Development • Non-Dues Revenue Programs
    4. 4. 4 Connect Features and Benefits Overview Connect • Interfaces - Desktop App/ iPad • Financial Management • Event Management • Members Only Engagement • Member Management • Communication/Marketing • Reporting /Analytics • Sales Management • Project Management • Website Management
    5. 5. CMS Select • Simple to drag and drop content using a live edit window. • Responsive website design; automatically adjusts to the screen its being viewed on: • Desktop • Tablet • Smart Phone • Fully integrated database and website.
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    8. 8. About Rory Beall • National Sales Manager: • With WebLink since 2012. • BA and MBA from Ball State University. • Avid sports fan; also enjoy travel, family and recently discovered crossfit.
    9. 9. Why time management? • Time is interesting. • To make an effective change you must make time management a habit, not a chore. • You have the ultimate say in how you manage and prioritize your day. • There are time management tips EVERYWHERE. • Weed through the clutter of information and go back to the basics.
    10. 10. 10 Time Management Tips to Make You More Productive
    11. 11. Tip 1: Have a plan! • Take 30 minutes when you first get into to work to plan your day. • Make sure your list is attainable. • Carry a planner or notebook and schedule your day, making sure to include all meetings and appointments. • For the more tech savvy crowd, use an app. TeuxDeux is an app that allows you to make a to-do list that you can have access to via your mobile device.
    12. 12. Tip 2: Complete the most important tasks first • Make sure to prioritize your task list based on task importance and estimated duration. • Each day, identify 2-3 critical tasks that must be completed and make sure to check these off your list first. • Focus on accomplishing one task at a time.
    13. 13. Synchronize tips 1 and 2 • Manage your minutes • Manage your hours • Manage your day
    14. 14. Tip 3: Remove the distractions • Work related AND non-work related: • Email • Work & Personal • Phone • Social Media • Web Browsing • Squirrels • There’s an app for that! • Self-Control (Mac) • ResuceTime (Mac, PC, Android, Linux) • Focus Booster (Browser, Windows, Mac) • My Minutes (iPhone)
    15. 15. Tip 4: Target to be done early • If you plan on being done on time, you will either be on time or late. • Leave yourself plenty of time for unexpected setbacks or delays. • Schedule tasks so they are complete before they become urgent - I promise, it will relieve you of unnecessary stress.
    16. 16. Tip 5: Have a time LIMIT to complete the task • Don’t just sit down and “get it done”. • Time constraints will help you focus and be more efficient.
    17. 17. Tip 6: Delegate • “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. • Assign out tasks that can be handled by others. • Entrust tasks to others.
    18. 18. Tip 7: Leave buffer time in between tasks • Leave 15-20 minute buffer between each task/ appointment to enhance your productivity. • Take a time-out, relax and rebuild your energy.
    19. 19. Tip 8: Schedule some uninterrupted time • Plan/ dedicate time each day when you can concentrate on important tasks, especially for those that will take a longer amount of time to complete. • Shut your office door or take refuge in a conference room to avoid disruptions. • Disconnect from phone and email.
    20. 20. Tip 9: Get your sleep and take time for YOU! • A lack of sleep and neglect for personal/vacation time takes a huge toll on performance and productivity. • Focus on getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night and don’t be hesitant to utilize those vacation days you are given – it will benefit both you and your organization in the long run. • A study conducted by Harvard University, researchers found that sleep deprivation equates to a $63.2 billion loss in productivity per year.
    21. 21. Tip 10: Learn to say NO • You can’t say yes to everything! • Don’t overcommit yourself or your time.
    22. 22. 2 Questions: We appreciate your feedback!
    23. 23. Thanks for joining us!
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