Unique And Innovative Approach Based Software Development CompanyWith the increase in the frequency of outsourced software...
company must always have a contingency plan in order to deal with the situations of project       failure.   2) Requiremen...
Unique And Innovative Approach Based Software Development Company
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Unique And Innovative Approach Based Software Development Company


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Unique And Innovative Approach Based Software Development Company

  1. 1. Unique And Innovative Approach Based Software Development CompanyWith the increase in the frequency of outsourced software development projects the number ofcompanies involved in software development has also increased. It is becoming a challenging task forfirms who want to outsource their projects to choose one from many. The potential clients nowevaluate the software firms on various parameters. One of them is the approach of the company whiledeveloping the software. The firms who want to outsource their projects now have plenty of options tochoose from. So they gave priority to the unique approach that development firms adopt indevelopment projects. These unique approaches help both the client and the company. The companycan optimize the use of resources while the client gets their solutions in comparatively less cost andsmall time frame.The approach of companies includes the delivery models that they adopt for delivery of the projects totheir clients. The companies often adopt the traditional approach to manage their resources whiledelivering the project to the client. But these models sometimes fail because of the difference in theclient’s requirement and the end product. To avoid such circumstances the firms use Waterfall modelfor project delivery. Some of the reasons why project deadlines exceed are:-  Communication gap between company and the client  The technology used  Ill-defined system requirement  Poor reporting  Poor project management  Inefficient skill management  Poor estimate of required resources  Unrealistic project goals  Commercial PressureAll of the above stated happens because of the company’s inability to understand the exact requirementof client. To avoid this they must use some specified project management tools. The tools work bestwhen an accurate method is used by the company otherwise these tools also sometimes proved to beineffective. This is the reason that today the traditional waterfall model is getting extinct.In order to deliver the project in estimated time and cost company must take care of the basic projectmanagement approaches that include :- 1) Risk Management- The risk management includes basically understanding the risks involved in the project, then deciding the ways to avoid or minimize those risks, reducing the effect of negative impacts of risk on the client as well as the company. Accepting some or all the aspects of a particular risk makes it easier to analyze it deeply and then deciding on the ways to deal with it. Before starting the project means when the project is in evaluation stage the company must analyze it from every perspective whether it be cost, time, resources, skills etc. The
  2. 2. company must always have a contingency plan in order to deal with the situations of project failure. 2) Requirement Management- The process of requirement management starts with the evaluation of initial documents stating the clients requirement , prioritizing from the requirements means deciding on which of the clients requirement should be given priority these were those without which the clients basic needs will not get fulfilled. So this makes these requirements a top priority in the list. It is a very important part of project management because it is over analyzing the client’s requirement that the company can move towards designing the solution. 3) Change Management- This part of the development is also important because it focuses on the part of scope document which can be marked as flexible. Basically this part falls under lower priority in requirement list. It can’t be the major requirements as that will change the entire scope of the project. Analysis of the impact that the change can have on the whole project is also an important part of the change management because it is after the analysis of this that the resources can be managed accordingly. 4) Software configuration Management – It is that part of software development outsourcing that deals with the naming of the project, the versions of the project to be released, deciding the clients view on the conventions according to their needs and requirements. 5) Release Management- This deals with the documentation and the processes involved in the release of the final product, If the project is getting developed in various phases then deciding upon which phase is to be released when. Every project needs to go through three phases namely development testing and production before the release. Data management is also a part of release management.Hence we can say that the companies must focus on innovative approaches in a development project inorder to deliver their clients with the product not only in estimated time and cost but also the productthat satisfies their needs and requirements. By adoption of such techniques the company can providebenefits to both client and themselves as well as it will lead to better management of skills andresources which is very important. The competition is increasing day by day and hence the focus shouldbe now shifted to the techniques.This article is associated with the OTS – Outsource Software Development Company, which provide thecustom software development solutions around the globe. For more info visit:http://www.otssolutions.com/