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  • 1. Feedback forms  Future events  Follow up for foundation  PR opportunities  Staines Event  Device porting 2
  • 2. Agenda  Agenda:  9:30 - Reception and Registration of Companies and Devices  10:00 - World Wide Web and the Internet of Things  W3C briefing on the Web of Things Community Group and ongoing standards work on richer access to devices as an alternative to developing with native SDKs -Dave Raggett, W3C  10:20 - Security Challenges for Internet Connected Devices John Lyle, University of Oxford  10:40 - Coffee and Demos  11:00 - Introduction to the webinos architecture  Architecture 101: main concepts - core benefits of a distributed IOT architecture - Alan Baldwin, Samsung  11:20 - 28 webinos APIs and how to extend them  An introduction to the rich set of remotable JavaScript API and how to create new ones - Claes Nilsson, Sony Mobile  11:40 - webinos for IOT and M2M  Looking at the three different architectures for IOT integration - Nick Allott, UbiApps  12:00 Participant presentations  Each attendee is given a slot (approx. 5 mins) to present their device or service. To explain what it does, the benefits, and the value they see in a wider ecosystem interaction  12:30 Interactive Device Workshop Review of presentations, exploration of the practicalities of integration Practical introduction to the afternoon activities Introduction of the webinos foundation – and the formal webinos device porting program  12:45 - Lunch and Demos  14:00 - Practical porting and one-on-one consultations  Hands on technical workshop. Develop webinos drivers for your devices.  You are welcome to also attend the meeting on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th July to complete your project and join in with the webinos members 3