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Using the Cloud for lead generation via social networks

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  • Hello this is Paul Denman with Cloud Marketing, and thank you for joining our presentation.We will be introducing a new internet lead generation system using our own software platform to develop Social Media Marketing.The agenda for our meeting today will take us through about 5 minutes of information on how to develop high quality leads, in the cloud, without having to cold call.
  • On our agenda for today,We will be covering our Mission, Statistics on cloud marketing, our approach, the tools necessary to implement the program, generating 4 streams of income all at once, The 3 key elements on what you need to begin your campaign, What cloud marketing delivers, the 4 levels of leads you get from the process, your campaign dashboard, , group metrics, and a summary of the deliverables.
  • Cloud Marketing's mission is to To provide high quality lead generation through internet campaigns using social media systems.Your first question should be, what is the criteria to define a high quality lead. We will be discussion in detail how our propriety process attracts them, ranks them and tracks the program.
  • The days of Cold CallingMass Emailing,Hard Mail,PressAdvertising,Associations,Trade Shows, are yesterdays news and warring thin on the general market. I understand that some of these still continue to go into keeping customers informed, however the efficacy of these systems are losing their grip fast.The new approach , ………… CLOUD MARKETING campaigns.This new approach very simply is attracting new clients by offing business intelligence through what we call attraction marketing. This new way educates your customers and finds them in their own work environment of social networks and educational webinars. You can aim this system to any target audience, and our system gets much high yield of Director and C level contacts.
  • The cloud marketing approach identifies Target Prospects that are truly Interested in your offering.We Refine the exact Level Of InterestThen Capture that Information In “Real Time” After that, you Prepare An Immediate Follow-UpThis system gets Past the Gate Keeper & Executive Assistant You Target the Decision Maker Then you can Immediate Engage In A Qualification Discussion
  • #5 Webcasts Webcasts today are on the cutting edge of prospecting and sales technology. We use this methodology as an attraction marketing device.If they are used correctly and if all the tools that are available to promote the webcasts are utilized to maximize viewership, webcasts can be the most profitable sales tool in your arsenal.If you’re not familiar with this tool:There are 60,000 Monthly Decision Makers that come onto the The average webcast is viewed by over 100 decision makers ins a single webcast.Each webcast is automatically archived within 60 seconds after the live webcast and 6 x the amount of people that watch a live webcast will view the recorded or archived version.Once you have a media player uploaded it can be used on a unlimited number of web sites like these.There are 50 social network marketing components all built into the back end of our platform to market and promote each webcastYou can also send out automated email invitationsThe system also sends confirmations of registration as well as reminder notices and a link to a recorded version of a webcast if the live version is missed. The platform Tracks All Viewers of your webcasts & provides you with each viewers Full Contact informationThat’s the business networking aspect of it, then there’s the social networking aspect. If social networking and all the social networking options that are available on the market seem confusing to you…. They should!That is where Cloud Marketing comes in. We build a fully automated social media lead generation system for you that runs 24/7.
  • These are the key marketing tools we develop your web campaign with.Business NetworksLinkedInDiscussionsEventsWebcastsPress ReleasesInternet SystemsGroup MailInternet MetricsTracking SoftwareClick & View Monitoring
  • We generate 4 streams of income, with Social Media, Internet Presentations Hubs, HTML emails, and Real time Tracking.The benefits are immediate and wide exposure to your product and services.
  • Here is the order of which we provide each detail of the process.First the Design of the WebcastUp to 3 Webcasts submitted to: 50 Social Media Sites50 LinkedIn Groups10 LinkedIn EventsLinkedIn Contacts12 Press Release SitesWebsites and Industry BlogsAfter this is complete we begin the HTML email campaignThe Invitation to the WebcastProvides links to:Sales SheetsWhite PapersCase StudiesCompany InformationThe tracking and monitoring begins.HTML Email tracks recipients’ specific level and area of interestYour campaign Dashboard will identify target’s activity in “Real Time”Notification is released when a target downloads information
  • These are the 3 key work elements that we build for your campaign.First we build your Target Database. These are direct contacts from our greater than 1.5million names database, augmented with your own extra contacts as you wish, then including the specific Social Media networks that target the subject mater we are presenting. We help you build a marketing plan on how these systems will follow up with your contacts, and what deliverables would help gain more leads on a higher level of interest. Third, we take these target audiences and social media groups to the list and invited them through our system to the Webinar for tracking and storage.
  • Here is a detail breakdown on how we do it. Step 1, Define key markets, define client offering to those markets, define key contact titles and groups in those markets, then we build a database of target contact names and add the contacts to your invite database list.
  • The preliminary work we have to do together is toDesign key marketing plan elements for your launch, such as Build a power point voice over andDesign Graphics and video as needed for the presentationSecond we Design a follow up plan to those leads generatedPDF filed brochure downloadsLinks in Webinars to yourown product specific web pagesOr the Design of a special web site landing page. In addition you may want to plan to follow up with your own hard copy mail outs.
  • Finally the campaign launch.Next we e-Mail Webinar Invites to yourtarget database that we have built.Conduct Webinars for 30 days 24/7. This webinar will run on demand after the first launch so that people can fit the viewing into their own timely schedule.Once the system is running it will Store Webinar viewers and level of clicks on all the information that we pick.As leads begin to flow in they must be followed up within 48 hours of requesting or viewing the information, with deliverables,collateral material or more training links as we predesigned in your campaign planner)
  • So here's the breakdown of what we provide our customers. We set up a tailored Selling System for you that provides you with an ongoing stream of new sales opportunities without cold calling.The system includes:Sales View which provides you with:Sales LeadsFull Contact InformationReporting StructureLinkedIn Profiles RSS Feeds on Top Prospects & CustomersBlog Bridge which provides you with new opportunities in the form of companies that meet your target customer profile and are:Buying, Building or Expanding Their FacilitiesCreating New JobsReleasing or Have Released A Hot New ProductInformation on Key Competitor Wins and LossesInformation On New Industry Trends and Applications for your Products and ServicesGroupMail and GroupMetrics which are e-marketing tracking and reporting desktop applications that:Track Recipients that View & Click Through Your E-Mail and E-Marketing DocumentsProvide you with the targeted interests of your Prospects and Customers Allows You To Track Interests By Category To make Targeted Follow-Up Call and E-Marketing CampaignsProvides You With Aggregated Reporting To Track The Success and ROI of Each Campaign Tracks the Hits To Your Website As A Result Of Each CampaignMaximize Your leverage Of Business Networking Tools Including LinkedIn and BrightTALKExpand Your ProfileSelect The Right GroupsPost and Engage In Group DiscussionsPost Whitepapers and Power PointsSet Up 3 WebcastsPost These Webcasts To Groups & EventsSubmit 5 Press Releases For You Guarantee They’ll Generate Targeted ProspectsProvide You With Full Contact Information Set Up a BlogAdd an RSS FeedAdd an AutopingerTwitterAdd To Your LinkedIn ProfileAdd To Your Email Signature Block
  • This is your DashBoard……..As the Webinars run, we are tracking all the viewers by their names and emails for storage for later follow up.
  • This shows that tracking one level deeper by providing real time, detailed breakdowns of the levels of clicks and activity on your campaign of each one of your viewers.Here we have seven levels of qualifying the leads automatically in the system.
  • In summary,Your Cloud Computing campaign platform provides Daily Qualified LeadsTargeted Decision MakersDetailed Contact InformationThe Stated Need or OpportunityAnd automatic capture and delivered to your desktop
  • For a cloud marketing planner and copy of this presentation on how to do your own Cloud Marketing Campaign, send an e-mail to or call our offices directly at 877.857.9847. This is Paul Denman signing off and hoping that you find your way in the Cloud.And thank you for attending.
  • Cloud presentation 5 25-2011

    2. 2. AGENDA<br /><ul><li>Cloud Marketing Mission
    3. 3. Cloud Marketing Statistics
    4. 4. Cloud Marketing Approach
    5. 5. Cloud Marketing Tools
    6. 6. 4 Streams of Income
    7. 7. The 3 key work elements
    8. 8. What cloud marketing delivers
    9. 9. 4 levels of leads
    10. 10. Your campaign dashboard
    11. 11. Group Metrics
    12. 12. Summary</li></li></ul><li>Cloud Marketing Mission<br />To provide high quality lead generation through internet campaigns using social media. <br />
    13. 13. The Cloud Marketing Approach<br />THE <br />WALL<br />Social Media Groups<br />Cold Calling<br />Mass Emailing<br />Hard Mail<br />Press<br />Advertising<br />Associations<br />Trade Shows<br />Buyers<br />YOU<br />Online Webinars<br />The Social Media <br />Campaigns ZONE<br />
    14. 14. Cloud Marketing Approach<br /> Identify Target Prospects Interested<br /> Refine exact Level Of Interest<br />3) Capture Information In “Real Time”<br />4) Prepare An Immediate Follow-Up<br />5) Past the Gate Keeper & Executive Assistant<br />6) You Target the Decision Maker<br />7)Then you can Immediate Engage In A Qualification Discussion<br />
    15. 15. Webinar Statistics<br /><ul><li>60,000Monthly Viewers in Webinars
    16. 16. Avg. 100 Viewers / Single Webcast
    17. 17. Six times more viewers see it that were not invited
    18. 18. A media player can reside on an unlimited # of sites
    19. 19. Our system connects to over 50 Social Networks
    20. 20. Email announcements & reminders
    21. 21. Inviting to a webcast is automatic</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Cloud Marketing Tools</li></ul>Business Networks<br /><ul><li>LinkedIn
    22. 22. Discussions
    23. 23. Events
    24. 24. Webcasts
    25. 25. Press Releases</li></ul>Cloud<br />Marketing<br />Campaign<br />Internet Systems<br /><ul><li>Group Mail
    26. 26. Internet Metrics
    27. 27. Tracking Software
    28. 28. Click & View Monitoring</li></li></ul><li>4 Streams of Income<br />Social Media<br />Internet Presentation Hubs BrighttalkNextslideetc..<br />HTML email campaign elements<br />Real time tracking<br />
    29. 29. Cloud Marketing Prospecting<br />
    30. 30. <ul><li>Cloud Marketing Process</li></ul>The 3 key work elements<br />Build Your Target Database<br />Design Your Marketing Material and Plans<br />Launch the Webinar & e-Mail Campaign<br />
    31. 31. Building Targeted Database<br /><ul><li>Cloud Marketing Process</li></ul>STEP #1<br />Define <br />key markets <br />client offerings to those markets <br />key contact titles & groups in those markets<br />Build a database of target contact names<br />Add the contacts to your invite database<br />
    32. 32. Build Presentation<br /><ul><li>Cloud Marketing Process</li></ul>STEP #2<br />Design key marketing plan elements for launch<br />Build a power point voice over<br />Design Graphics and video as needed<br />Design a follow up plan to the leads generated<br />PDF filed brochure downloads<br />Links in Webinars to clients web pages<br />Design of a special web site landing page<br />Hard copy mail outs.<br />
    33. 33. Build Presentation<br /><ul><li>Cloud Marketing Process</li></ul>STEP #3<br />e-Mail webinar invites to your target database<br />Conduct webinar for 30 days, 24/7<br />Store webinar viewers and level of clicks<br />Follow up with deliverables <br />(ie. Collateral material or more training links) <br />
    34. 34. Cloud Marketing Delivers !<br /> 1<br /> 2<br /> 3<br /> 4<br /> 5<br />Sales Intelligence<br />Business Intelligence<br />Tracking Software <br />Business Networking <br />Social Networking <br />Sales View<br />Sales LeadsReportingLinkedInRSS FeedsProspectsCustomersFacilitiesContracts<br />Blog BridgeNew AccountsExpanding OpsCreating Jobs New ProductsCompetitors<br />Win / LoseOEM / IndustryNew Markets <br />Group MailGroup MetricsDesktop App.20 TemplatesUpload ListsTracks ViewsTracks ClicksMeasure ROICustom ExportsWebsite Hits<br />LinkedIn<br />WebcastsExpand ProfileSelect GroupsDiscussionsWhitepapers/PPT(3) WebcastsPost GroupsPost EventsGenerate Leads<br />BlogRSS Feed<br />Autopinger<br />TwitterDaily UpdatesAdd LinkedInAdd EmailNews Releases<br />
    35. 35. Lead Qualification System<br />Scoring System based on Prospect Activity delivers Warm Leads to Sales Dashboard<br /><ul><li>Email info for all Level 1 activity
    36. 36. Full Contact info for Levels 3 &4</li></ul>Level 4<br />Level 3<br />Level 2<br />Level 1<br />
    37. 37. Your Monitoring Dashboard <br />
    38. 38. Group Mail & Group Metrics<br />
    39. 39. Summary<br /><ul><li>Daily Qualified Leads
    40. 40. Targeted Decision Makers
    41. 41. Detailed Contact Information
    42. 42. Stated Need & Opportunity
    43. 43. Automatically Identified
    44. 44. Delivered to your Desktop </li></li></ul><li>Cloud Marketing ph:<br />