Windows vs Linux Hosting


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Windows vs Linux Hosting

  1. 1. Windows vs Linux Hosting Picking the right hosting solutions in India - Linux vs Windows Hosting   Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting? Are you wondering which web hosting solution you should use - Linux or Windows? Here is a short guide on Windows vs Linux web hosting. Linux and Windows operating systems are the two main types of operating system platforms on which you may host your website. Each has its own set of unique features, advantages and disadvantages. The right question isn’t “Which one is the best - Windows or Linux?” but “Which web hosting is the right choice for your needs?”. But before that you must realize that the operating system that you use on your desktop has nothing to do whit the one used by your web host to serve your webpage. Many people think that if they use Windows operating system on their PC, they have to use a windows hosting plan - that’s absolutely not true!! This statement is not true. Which operating system you run on your computer is irrelevant in making your decision. This means that if you are running Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows® 2000 or using an Apple Macintosh, you can still choose Linux as your hosting platform. The same rule applies if you had developed your website with MS FrontPage, usually Linux systems have FrontPage Extensions installed so you can often host your website developed in windows based applications on a Linux server.. Now let’s make a Linux Hosting Overview: Nowadays most of the web designers are choosing Linux servers to host their websites. Everyday Windows is losing costumers to Linux hosting and the web hosts are exploring this fact offering daily new promotions and Linux plans. And why are the web designers choosing Linux plans? First a short and very important advantage: the price, the web host 1/6
  2. 2. Windows vs Linux Hosting companies usually use free editions of Linux systems like Linux Red Hat, Linux Fedora Core or even FreeBSD operating system, this fact lowers the final price for the costumer because the web hosts don’t have to pay for the server operating system. All the Linux operating systems are under the GNU license, this means that anyone can access the source code and modify it, very important to optimize the server and resolve any problem or security issue, Linux systems are the most flexible and stable. It’s easier to upgrade and expand. By default these servers are installed in text mode, the system uses fewer resources and dedicates all its power to the WebPages hosted. Supports Perl, CGI-BIN, PHP, Shells, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS FrontPage extensions and much more. Windows Hosting Overview: Everyone knows Windows server operating systems family! It’s true that it is losing points to Linux hosting, is true that is more expensive than a Linux hosting plan but Windows is still Windows!! And it supports some tools that Linux cannot run. Only Windows plans support Scripting languages for dynamic content such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Active Perl and Visual C++. Only Windows hosting will run Microsoft specific applications such as MS SQL databases, MS Access Databases and IIS. This is very important and if you’re planning to use any of those languages or applications in you website, you have to buy a Windows hosting plan!. If you have decided to purchase a hosting account there are a few important aspects that have to be determined in advance in order to avoid problems in the future. Most inexperienced individuals might not know that there are two options when it comes to what operating system will be used on the hosting account which includes either Linux or Windows. Analysing Your Webhosting Needs Linux hosting accounts are currently the most popular alternatives for anyone wishing to start a website or a blog. Nearly all internet hosting companies offer Linux hosted solutions with prices varying considerably depending on the host, server hardware and the specifications offered by each individual package. Most affordable solutions cost only a few dollars (few hundres Rupees) per month and these offer all the requirements anyone wanting to start a 2/6
  3. 3. Windows vs Linux Hosting small or medium sized website will need. For more complex and feature rich options, a dedicated Linux server is definetly the best alternative. If you don’t know whether Linux hosting is the right option for you there are a few pointers that could help in the assessment process. Many popular scripts are developed specifically or work better on Linux servers. Examples of such scripts include Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce and phpBB to mention only a few. These scripts are mostly developed using the PHP scripting language with MySQL database, which performs exceptionally better on Linux servers and thus explaining why most people will prefer to use Linux based hosting services. Windows hosting solutions provide basically the same functions as their Linux counterpart except when utilizing ASP and ASP.Net that is exclusively native to Windows. Another aspect worth mentioning about Windows servers is that they are the only alternative that can run the Visual Basic and the VB Scripting language. In reality both alternatives work exceptionally well when used in distinct ways, making it very hard to determine which alternative is superior to the other, even if such a comparison is possible. When uncertain on which solution to opt for, the best practice is to research the requirements needed to host the site and only purchase the hosting account when all the details have been gathered. Which is Better - Windows or Linux Hosting? A Comparison. People often ask which hosting platform one should choose: Linux or Windows. Below, we've listed the major differences between the two that you should consider in making your decision. Market Share for Top Servers Across All Domains 3/6
  4. 4. Windows vs Linux Hosting Source: Netcraft. Visit for more information. Supported Features Features Linux Windows MS FrontPage 2000,2002 x x Flash x x Shockwave x x RealAudio / Video x x CGI-Script x x Perl x x PHP x x SSH x MySQL x Miva x ASP x MS Access x MS SQL x Visual Basic Scripts x Windows Media x 4/6
  5. 5. Windows vs Linux Hosting Performance In low-stress conditions Windows and Linux servers have very similar performances but under high load Linux is believed to be superior to Windows. Reliability The general consensus is that Linux is more reliable. It is believed that Linux servers have less downtime. Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 (now even Windows 2007) are much more stable and reliable than previous versions, but there are still cases where a server will require a reboot to resolve an issue. Functionality This is where these two platforms differ the most. There isn't much that can be achieved using one platform that can't be done on the other one. The main difference are the underlying technologies. For example, if you need a database driven website, you can choose either PHP/MySQL combination under Linux or ASP/MS SQL combination under Windows®2000. Security Out of the box, neither Linux or Windows is very secure for Internet use. A web server has to be constantly managed and security patches need to be applied to keep a server secure. But the known threats to Windows machines are much more than for Linux servers. Price Linux holds an edge due to the fact that the most of the software we use is open source (free) 5/6
  6. 6. Windows vs Linux Hosting and that it's easier to maintain Linux servers than Windows servers for the same level of reliability and performance. In upcoming economies like Indian, China, Argentina, Brazil etc, price is a big issue and the low cost Linux servers are in big demand. Unless you genuinely plan to use Windows platform specific features, it probably makes sense to choose the Linux platform. We hope this discussion will help resolve some of your doubts regarding Windows v/s Linux hosting . Both have their pros and cons. Whether Linux webhosting or Windows webhosting is good for you, depends entirely on your hosting needs! 6/6