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    US07FFT-mod_ftp.ppt US07FFT-mod_ftp.ppt Presentation Transcript

    • Apache HTTP mod_ftp William A. Rowe, Jr. ASF Member, httpd and APR projects Sr. Software Engineer, Covalent Technologies
    • FTP Overview
      • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an efficient protocol for transferring files over a TCP/IP network
      • Unlike HTTP, FTP is designed to handle binary files directly without encoding and decoding data
      • FTP session can be initiated over a command line, using graphical tools or via the Web Browser
      • Need to have a login account on the FTP server machine, or login as “anonymous”
      • Several FTP commands for manipulating files
        • STOR, DELE, LIST, RMD, MKD etc.
    • Shortcomings of traditional FTP
        • Lacks in enterprise integration, security and performance
        • Need to have a parallel management infrastructure for serving FTP
        • User administration
        • Logging, log rotation
        • Security
        • Many do not support FTP restart
        • Monolithic architecture, missing extensibility
    • mod_ftp overview
      • Fully RFC Compliant FTP implementation powered by Apache 2.0 (RFC: 959, 1123, 2228, 2389)‏
      • Leverages the new architecture of Apache 2, whereby content serving protocols are also modules now
      • Same instance of Apache can serve FTP, Secure FTP as well as HTTP and HTTPS.
      • Many FTP clients supported for SSL
        • CuteFTP, WSFTP Pro etc.
      • Supports FTP restart
    • mod_ftp Additional Features
      • FTP over SSL
      • Extensive authentication and authorization support
      • Dynamic content
      • Robust and known API
        • Allows for extensive expandability
        • Leverages Apache web server popularity
        • Extensible with module integration, mod_perl
    • FTP over SSL
      • mod_ftp leverages mod_ssl to encrypt traffic
        • Digital Certificates (X.509)‏
      • Explicit SSL
        • Server accepts both encrypted and unencrypted connections
      • Implicit SSL
        • Server accepts encrypted SSL connections only
        • User must connect using SSL, port 990 by default
      • ServerName ftphost.mydomain:21
      • ServerRoot / path / to /server/ $(ServerName)
      • ServerAdmin webmaster@ ftphost.mydomain
      • DocumentRoot "/ path / to /server/ $(ServerName) /ftpdocs"
      • <Directory />
      • Options FollowSymLinks
      • AllowOverride None
      • </Directory>
      • <Directory &quot;/ path / to /server/ $(ServerName) /ftpdocs&quot;>
      • <Limit MKD RMD STOR DELE RNFR>
      • Order deny,allow
      • Deny from all
      • </Limit>
      • </Directory>
      • LoadModule ftp_module / path /modules/
      • LogFormat &quot;%u [%a] %r&quot; cmd_log
      • LogFormat &quot;%{%b %e %H:%M:%S %Y}t %T %a %B %U %M %F %d %W %u %S %Z %Y&quot; trans_log
      Config Example
    • Config Example continued
      • Listen 21
      • <VirtualHost _default_:21>
      • DocumentRoot &quot;/ path / to /ftpdocs&quot;
      • FTP On
      • ErrorLog logs/ftp_error_log
      • CustomLog logs/ftp_command_log cmd_log
      • CustomLog logs/ftp_transfer_log transfer_log env=do_trans_log
      • <Directory &quot;/ path / to /ftpdocs&quot;>
      • <IfModule mod_authz_file.c>
      • AuthType Basic
      • AuthName &quot;FTP Authentication&quot;
      • AuthUserFile &quot;/ path / to /ftp_userfile&quot;
      • Require valid-user
      • </IfModule>
      • </Directory>
      • </VirtualHost>
    • Good References
    • Contact and Followup
      • [email_address]
      • IRC help at #apache
      • Peer help at