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May 19-20 l Washington, DC l Omni Shoreham
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May 19-20 l Washington, DC l Omni Shoreham






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  • hello i am so and and you so too, title/role and a little background on myself (former olympic games winner or anything interesting) set context for what going to cover in next xx minutes
  • Adding an Addition level of Reseller in Plesk… Branding, Multi-client, Templates…
  • Plesk 9

May 19-20 l Washington, DC l Omni Shoreham May 19-20 l Washington, DC l Omni Shoreham Presentation Transcript

  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel 9.0 Beta Release Webinar Ravi Pimplaskar, Product Marketing Manager, Service Provider Division Todd L Crumpler, Sales Development Manager, Service Provider Division
    • Release 9.0 New Features
    • What’s in Beta
    • Supported Platforms
    • Upgrade Strategy
    • Licensing
    • Q/A
    • Webinar Questions can be sent by emailing [email_address] . Please use the word Webinar Question in the subject line.
  • What’s New in Plesk 9 UI New Vista-like skin New Home Page Elements Navigation Improvements Object Context Navigation
  • Home Page Elements
      • Improved statistics
      • Mostly used commands are presented by icons
      • Other commands are available from drop-down menu
  • Navigation Improvements Improved favorites & last visited pages Easily accessible from every screen to navigate to needed pages Search available from every page to fast access to needed objects New menu items for easy access to important screens of control panel (Mail, Applications, Settings) Enhanced filtering on object lists Now it’s possible to filter by status, resource usage, ownership and other parameters
  • Context Navigation Concept
    • Plesk 9 understands when you are working in a specific context in the object hierarchy of Administrator – Resellers – Clients – Domains
      • You enter a context by selecting an appropriate object from the list or by finding it via the Search field in the left navigation bar
      • The task page a user is on becomes the context and the home page for any new selection. Work quickly in different domains, clients, resellers, for any context you choose.
      • All creation operations work within the current context Account
      • Executing “Create Domain” from Administrator's Home Page will create a domain for Administrator
      • Doing this from a Client’s Home Page you’ll create a domain for this client
    • New Reseller role
    • Same functionality as Plesk Admin except for server management
    • Ability to have its own Clients and Domains
    • Separate billing management
    • Customizable look and feel for control panel branding
    • New Ability to Oversell Account Resources
    • Flexible Resource Management – different reactions to Overuse
    • Full API Backward Compatibility Eliminating Upgrade Concerns
    CLIENT Domain Administrator RESELLER Domain Administrator CLIENT Domain Administrator CLIENT PLESK ADMIN PLESK ADMIN
  • Easy Account Migration PLESK ADMIN PLESK ADMIN DOMAIN CLIENT Existing Clients can be easily migrated to Resellers to get full benefits of the new role Domain Administrator RESELLER Domain Administrator
  • Resource Management
    • Overselling Resources
      • Administrators, Resellers, and Clients can now oversell their granted system resources, which means the total amount of limits distributed to their sub-accounts can exceed their own account limits
    • Overusing Resources
      • Administrator and Reseller can allow their clients exceeding the resource limits assigned to them
      • Notification can be issued before a resource limit is reached
  • Application Packaging Standard (APS) Catalog
    • Browse through applications available on APS Publishing site
      • Convenient grouping by application types
      • Flexible search criteria
      • Check for applications updates
      • Install selected applications on Plesk server
      • Push applications into Clients’ application pools
  • Application Packaging Standard (APS) Catalog Administrator browses applications grouped by categories on APS Publishing site. Selects desired applications and downloads them to server Application Vault. Administrator manages Application Vault by assigning application access to the Resellers and Clients. Assigned applications show up in clients’ Application Pools Clients select applications from their own Application Pools and install them on Web sites. CLIENT’S APPLICATION POOL APPLICATION VAULT Domain Domain APS CATALOG
      • PHP over CGI/FastCGI
      • Faster execution of PHP scripts
      • Safe execution of PHP scripts
      • Choice of PHP version ( Windows only )
      • lighttpd for Control Panel server
      • Easier configuration
      • Increased Parallels Virtuozzo Container density
      • Multiple MTA Options
      • Postfix
      • Multiple webmail on Unix
      • @mail support
    System Improvements
  • Improved Multi-Level Backup/Restore
      • Each user can order full or partial backup within his/her scope of visibility. The backup can contain just Control Panel configuration or include services content.
      • The backup can be stored locally, or outside the Plesk server.
    *Feature Not Currently in Beta PLESK ADMIN DOMAIN RESELLER CLIENT Web User Mail User LOCAL DISK / WORKSTATION PROVIDER’S FTP / USER’S FTP Backup Backup Backup Backup
    • Complete Hosting Solution
      • Seamless end to end integration
      • Sell, Provision, Manage hosting plans
      • Full automation and management of domain registrations
      • Hosting plans synchronized with provisioning templates
      • Integrated GUI for service provider and clients
      • Support for over 20 payment gateways
    • UI Navigation between Control Panel and Billing
    Plesk Billing *Feature Currently Not in Beta
  • Unix Platforms OS Version VZ EZ x64 Beta? Fedora Core 4, 5 Yes Yes Yes Fedora Core 6 Yes Yes Yes Fedora 7, 8 Yes Yes Yes CentOS 4.X Yes Yes Yes CentOS 5.X Yes Yes Yes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Yes Yes Yes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Yes Yes Yes SuSE Linux 9.3 Yes Yes SuSE Linux 10.0 Yes Yes Yes SuSE Linux 10.1 Yes Yes Yes openSuSE 10.2,10.3 Yes Yes Yes openSuSE 11.0 Yes SuSE Enterprise 10 Yes Yes SuSE Enterprise 9.0 Yes Yes FreeBSD 6.1 Yes Debian GNU/Linux 3.1, 4.0 Yes 4.0 only Yes Ubuntu 6.06, 7.10, 8.04 LTS Yes Yes Yes
  • Windows Platforms
    • MS SQL 2008 Fully Supported
    OS Version VZ3 VZ4 i386 x64 Beta? Windows 2003 Server Web Edition SP1 , SP2, R2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition SP1 , SP2, R2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition SP1 , SP2, R2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows 2003 Server Data Center Edition SP1 , SP2, R2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition SP1 Yes Yes Yes Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition SP1 Yes Yes Yes Windows 2008 Server Data Center Edition SP1 Yes Yes Yes
    • UI Improvements
    • Resellers
    • APS Catalog
    • PHP over CGI/FastCGI
    • lighttpd for Control Panel server
    What’s in Beta Download Today?
  • Upgrade Strategy
    • Direct Upgrade from 7.5, 7.6 and 8.x versions will be possible
    • Pre 7.5.x versions can be migrated by Plesk migration tools
    • Business model is not changed during upgrade
      • Resellers are not created
      • Oversell / overuse modes are turned off
    • No future upgrade from Beta to Production
    • License Keys:
      • Beta supplied with unlimited test key activated till November 1 st 2008.
      • Production installation will upgrade your key automatically if you have active SUS subscription
      • All acquired add-ons will be preserved
  • Questions ?
    • Webinar Questions can be sent via Webex Chat or by emailing [email_address] . Please use the word Webinar Question in the subject line.
    • Please send your testing feedback or questions to [email_address] at any time.
    • In case you didn't have a chance to download and try the distribution, you may do it at http://www.parallels.com/en/download/plesk9beta/ and fill in the feedback form at http://www.parallels.com/en/products/plesk9/beta/survey . If you encounter any problems, feel free to send a problem report to us by submitting it via http://www.parallels.com/en/products/plesk9/beta/problemreport .