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IT Power Management Strategy
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IT Power Management Strategy


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  • 1. IT Power Management Strategy & Business Case Enterprise Architecture Information Technology Services Saint Louis University
  • 2. Why Look at Power Issues Now?
    • Proactive financial planning : the AmerenIP Illinois rate change story, future energy costs
    • Policy opportunity to define the default power configuration expectations of electronic devices
    • Environmental stewardship and the University Mission
    • Scheduled PC replacement , with HD data cleansing, creates opportunity to phase in new lower-power technology
    • Disposal Initiative already proposed for responsible electronics recycling and disposal
  • 3. Drivers for Computer Power Management Strategy
    • Billiken InfoShield completion: all PCs could now be power-optimized by managed software settings
    • Generational improvements computer hardware (Energy Star advancement)
    • Laptop interest increasing, especially faculty and students
    • Datacenter power load growth, partly from non-enterprise departmental servers
    • Peripherals and electronics default settings offer Energy Star options
    • CRT-based displays seldom purchased now
  • 4. Computer Hardware: Generational improvements
    • Personal Computers could be set to use 70% less energy than current (2002 IT Power Costs spreadsheet)
    • CPUs from Intel and AMD now emphasize “power manageability” ( if configured ! )
    • CPUs sit idle much of the time; new processors can enter “low power” state
    • Sleep instead of “screensavers” = $ savings
    • Managed, automated night shutdown
    • Potential HVAC savings from heat reduction
  • 5. Laptops in Energy Strategy?
    • Lowest power requirements, comparable computing power for most users
    • Built-in LCD monitor
    • Battery backup for brown-outs and outages
    • SLU wireless investments promote productive mobility
    • Discourage Monitors! Power savings , costs if external monitors are used
  • 6. SLU Personal Computers: 5764 Managed PCs by Summer 2007 No Mac Management at this time
  • 7. Potential Savings: Generational Changes in Power Management New Laptops New Desktops 2005 Desktops Assumptions
  • 8. Potential Savings: Generational Changes in Power Management New Laptops New Desktops 2005 Desktops
  • 9. What Will It Take to Do It?
    • Immediate deployment in 800 “shared use” PCs beginning in May
    • IT rollouts of power-optimized new PCs when purchased
    • Limited, clearly defined “exception request” policy for research computers, special needs
    • Community decision on applying power management to existing SLU-owned PCs
    • Adopt specific institutional PC-power goals
    • Consider student computers’ energy use
  • 10. Datacenter Power Strategies & Opportunities
    • IT exploring fewer, but more powerful physical servers hosting multiple “virtual” servers for the future
    • Server “high efficiency” power supplies
    • High-efficiency cooling enclosures
    • Policy needed on criteria for housing non-enterprise servers in Datacenters (unmanaged power growth)
  • 11. Printers, Copiers, Electronics
    • Encourage shared printers/copiers over personal printers
    • Enable “Energy Star” default settings as SLU installation standard
    • Expand “smart” shutdown management tools, such as in classroom presentation systems
  • 12. IT Helping SLU Stay Affordable through Stewardship & Compliance
    • http://;jsessionid =QCUZQOBD1R3G4QSNDLPCKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=197801530&queryText=green
    Enterprise Architecture, 3/23/07 – John M. Ashby [email_address]