Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux® Hosting


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Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux® Hosting

  1. 1. January 2007 | Free YourVirtual Private Server (VPS) v3 Verio FreeBSD Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux® Hosting CONTENTS The advantages of a dedicated server — without Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS).....1 the management responsibilities and the higher price tag. Flexible Solution..................................1 Is Linux for You?.................................2 Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) Verio’s Approach.................................3 The Verio Linux® VPS allows companies to achieve high levels of performance, control, and security while avoiding server management FairShare Technology .........................3 responsibilities. In this paper, Verio, the inventor of VPS technology, Overview of Virtualization Features ...3 examines the features of Linux-based virtual server hosting and its benefits High Application Performance.............4 for a range of business needs and applications. Flexibility and A flexible solution for addressing many challenges Management Control...........................4 Businesses face a variety of challenges in selecting a hosting solution. Extra Security......................................5 Among these are that: • Small businesses have little or no IT staff available for server Multiple Plans.....................................5 management. • Web designers, developers, and systems integrators have limited time for Conclusion..........................................6 learning new languages and tools. • Hosting service providers (HSPs) and VARs demand the highest levels of reliability and support. Available in the San Jose, California, and Sterling, Virginia, data centers. Available in the Tokyo, Japan, • ASPs and software vendors require the most secure, up-to-date, and data center only to viaVerio resellers. Verio and the Verio logo are trademarks and/or service marks of Verio powerful applications. Inc. in the United States and other countries. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. Microsoft is a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Red Hat and the Red Hat “Shadowman” logo are registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered marks of their respective owners. ©2007 Verio Inc. All rights reserved. Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting
  2. 2. January 2007 | 2 The Verio Linux VPS addresses each Linux: Is it the operating system for you? of these challenges by delivering a Selecting a hosting solution includes private, protected “sandbox” that deciding which operating system to operates as an independent server. The use. Linux now garners a significant Linux VPS behaves like a stand-alone share of the OS market, and its physical server and offers excellent adoption rate continues to climb. Some COMMON USES security, performance, and flexibility. of the reasons for this include: FOR LINUX-BASED Because of operating system–level • Linux is free. Developed and released SERVERS server virtualization, secure virtual under the GNU General Public environments coexist on a single License, the source code for Linux is • Host an e-commerce Website physical server. Each account operates available to everyone at no cost. • Support a corporate intranet in isolation, similar to a stand-alone • Linux is robust. Linux is a UNIX- server. like operating system that is highly • Build a custom development/test environment functional, adaptable, and robust. There are alternative approaches Developers can easily extend • Provide Web-based calendaring to operating system–level server functionality with e-commerce, • Provide multimedia applications databases, and a wide variety of virtualization, but each approach • Host an online game site requires some form of compromise. applications. • Manage an email system • Linux is popular. Because Linux • Create a customer support • Hardware emulation – Also referred is such a popular alternative to tracking system to as virtual machine technology, Microsoft® operating systems, the hardware emulation can run almost Linux developer community is large • Back up important data any operating system without and continues to grow. Because of • Host multiple Websites that, a significant number of Linux extensive modification, but the • Deploy podcasts solution offers little scalability applications are now available. • Host a blog and therefore fails to provide an Governments around the world are easy growth path. Management now beginning to endorse Linux as of this type of system tends to be the OS of choice. complex, requiring additional IT specialization, time, or resources. Verio Linux VPS features Red Hat® • Para-virtualization – This server Enterprise Linux (RHEL), a widely technology allows clients to run used OS based on open standards. multiple, modified operating The RHEL operating system provides systems. A virtual machine monitor support for a storage area network manages the server resources, which (SAN), a GNU compiler collection are shared. Although this approach (GCC), and the Red Hat Package can deliver performance superior Manager (RPM). Those familiar with to hardware emulation, resource open source software applications are allocation is static because operating likely to find it easy to perform basic systems must be modified, meaning essential configuration, administration, that scalability is still limited. and troubleshooting tasks. Verio Linux VPS is far more flexible, allowing you to achieve the control, performance, security, and reliability your business demands. Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting
  3. 3. January 2007 | 3 Verio delivers a superior approach to virtualization. Verio distinguishes its solution from Each Linux VPS is allocated its own other available Linux server offerings disk space and processes, which cannot with superior virtualization software. be abused by a “neighboring” account. The software partitions the resources Usage thresholds are implemented, of a physical server such that each user, monitored, and enforced. As a result, or VPS account, realizes performance, customer Websites and applications security, and control benefits that perform consistently and reliably. otherwise could be realized only with an actual dedicated server. A brief technical overview of the virtualization features In addition, the Verio solution has Verio Linux VPS is built on operating been developed to help customers system–level virtualization, which avoid many of the management differs from traditional virtual hassles commonly associated with machine architecture in that it always dedicated hardware resources. In runs the same OS kernel as the host short, Verio Linux VPS delivers a system. This approach allows Linux unique combination of performance, VPS accounts to run with near-zero control, security, and manageability. overhead, gaining higher efficiency In the following pages, each benefit and manageability. is examined in greater detail. An explanation of the Verio Linux VPS Technical highlights of Verio Linux advantage should begin with Verio VPS include: FairShare technology. • From an “applications” point FairShare technology: The high- of view, each Linux VPS is an performance approach to resource independent system by virtue of a management virtualization layer in the kernel of Verio FairShare technology manages the host OS, which is installed on a hardware node. how each Linux VPS uses processing power, memory, and network • Linux VPS systems behave like resources. Each is allocated its “fair a dedicated Linux system with standard startup scripts. share” and insulated from others on the same server, thereby protecting the • Software runs inside a Linux VPS individual account from the problems without operating system–level modifications or adjustment. of others. A fault in one application running within a Linux VPS account • Users can change configuration files does not affect any applications and install additional software. running on other Linux VPS accounts on the same physical server. Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting
  4. 4. January 2007 | 4 • Each Linux VPS has its own IP update and customize the account, the address, so the network virtualization account continues to use central files layer isolates each Linux VPS maintained by Verio. Verio system account, making traffic “snooping” administrators continuously manage impossible. updates to core services. • Firewall rules can be established DEFAULT from inside a Linux VPS. Complete flexibility and • Advanced routing features are APPLICATIONS supported. management control Verio Linux VPS assures root access Many applications come for total administrative control. VPS installed by default with High application performance and customers can install the software they each Verio Linux VPS stability require and configure the server to account, including: Verio Linux VPS is an enterprise- meet their unique needs. The system’s class platform, which delivers the best flexibility enables users to: • Red Hat Enterprise Linux open source technology and stability. (RHEL) ES 4 FairShare technology balances server • Configure and customize their server • Apache Web server and loads to ensure Verio Linux VPS has with friendly Web-based controls via Apache modules the highest levels of reliability. the CPX Control Panel. • FTP server • Install, customize, and run almost • POP and IMAP servers The solution supports a host of any custom or off-the-shelf mission-critical applications and tools. application. • Sendmail SMTP server A “skel” (skeleton) package of core • OpenSSH • Host multiple sites with unique services is preconfigured with each domain names. • SSL Verio Linux VPS account, including: • Create and run unlimited email • GNU compiler collection (gcc) accounts. • Perl and mod_perl • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) • Use Red Hat Package Manager • Ruby and HTTPS (RPM), an open packaging system • Python • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for Linux, to install a variety of (SMTP), Post Office Protocol applications and tools. (POP), and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for email To help administrators make quick • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) work of application installations, • Shell access tools: Secure Shell Verio Linux VPS includes a library of (SSH) and cron custom installation scripts, or vinstall utilities: Core services are managed by Verio, but customers can configure them • SpamAssassin Spam Filtering to satisfy specific needs and rely on Verio for support, if needed. A new • Apache Tomcat Linux VPS comes configured as a • ClamAV Virus Scanning Web and email server. The account • CPX: Control panel begins as a copy-on-write (COW) • MySQL image of a Verio-tested, basic RHEL • PHP: Hypertext processor installation. As system administrators Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting
  5. 5. January 2007 | 5 Extra security, extra peace of mind Verio’s commitment to server security The virtualization approach employed also includes: by Verio, along with its hardened OS, makes the Linux VPS inherently • Round-the-clock monitoring and secure. A server sandbox creates a intrusion detection, provided by the fully isolated environment in which Verio/NTT Communications global each Linux VPS has its own complete Tier-1 data center directory structure, virtual file system, • Triple data backups for data integrity and set of independent applications. • Operating systems and hardware that Security policy limits one Linux VPS are continuously tuned from interfering with another Linux VPS. • Verio technical experts to manage updates and patches • World-class technical support available 24/7/365 Multiple plans to suit demanding price-performance needs Verio offers three Linux VPS plans starting at just $89.95 month. Customers can select Basic or Pro editions to get started and then upgrade within the Linux product portfolio as needed. All plans offer a common set of features, including FairShare technology, but some key performance factors differ among tiers, such as disk space, total processes, total open files, CPU priority, memory, and burstable memory. The table provided here specifies resource allocation details and other key features. Verio Linux VPS Linux VPS Basic Linux VPS Pro Linux VPS Pro Plus Resources Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB Bandwidth Transfer No charge No charge No charge Email Accounts No limit No limit No limit User Accounts No limit No limit No limit Domain Names (Websites) No limit No limit No limit Resource Rating Good Better Best (CPU, memory, etc.) Key Features Root Access X X X Firewall Up to 100 rules Up to 200 rules Up to 400 rules Dedicated IP address 1 1 1 Additional IP addresses available* 4 (5 total) 9 (10 total) 19 (20 total) Software package library X X X Urchin Web Analytics X X X Java X Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting
  6. 6. January 2007 | 6 The usage guidelines table below is useful for selecting a plan, based on expected application needs and user requirements. Usage Guidelines Linux VPS Basic Linux VPS 1000 Linux VPS 2000 Less than 100 GB Less than 200 GB Less than 400 GB per Bandwidth Usage per month per month month Average Number 15 30 60 of Subhosts E-commerce, Multimedia or Suggested Uses Websites and email databases, or other enterprise development and Applications dynamic applications suites, including Java Conclusion: Verio Linux VPS delivers About Verio more performance and reliability. Verio — now part of NTT Verio Linux VPS is an ideal hosting Communications, the world’s largest solution for businesses that want telecommunications company — to free up time and resources from pioneered VPS technology over ongoing server management and 10 years ago. Verio’s outstanding maintenance requirements. Verio Linux reputation and longevity in the industry VPS allows customers to focus on make it a strong business partner for business and technology issues, while your company. certified experts manage the server. The Verio 360º Managed Servers Based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux product family delivers the managed OS, the Verio VPS solution delivers hosting, services, and the benefits of open source technology, secure infrastructure supporting thousands of applications that you require. and development tools while delivering Composed of the world-class stability. In addition to this Verio 360º Managed optimum combination of performance, Private Server control, and security, businesses count dedicated hosting and on Verio for unparalleled support. Verio 360º Virtual Private Server plans, these products deliver fully managed solutions designed to reduce server management hassles and minimize your time and cost requirements. Free Your Business: The Benefits of Managed Linux Hosting