The (original) eat more, weigh


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The (original) eat more, weigh

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  3. 3. What if you could eat your way to a slim new you?Sound too good to be true? Of course it does. But thefield of nutrition is finding that it can be true for you.And Im delighted that youve given me theopportunity to be able to tell you exactly how to do it.Welcome to the Eat More, Weigh Less
  4. 4. If youre like most people who struggle to control theirweight, you must be tired of others telling you that youneed to eat less--especially if youre striving to do justthat. Now you can happily inform these misguided criticsthat a better way to lose weight is to EAT MORE!Shocking though it may seem, eating more actually CANmake you lose weight - if you know how. Scientificevidence recently published in many of the mostreputable journals in the world indicates that most of usare overweight in large part because we arent eatingenough of the kinds of foods that satisfies our hunger.This leaves us empty and craving more food, so we try tosatisfy the resulting hunger by stuffing ourselves with thewrong kinds of food, and we end up
  5. 5. I realize that the Eat More Diet concept runs counter toeverything else youve ever learned about weight control.To make this program work for you, youll have to learn tolook at food in a totally different way. No more deliberatestarving, no more counting calories, no more tiny portionsand self denial. Youll learn how to choose foods basednot on calories but on the "Eat More Index" (EMI) of Food,a unique way to discover what foods help you lose weight.The index grades food not by calories alone but by howmuch each food fills your stomach and satisfies you. Byusing the EMI, youll learn how to eat as much as 200%more food than you now do--AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT!
  6. 6. Still skeptical? Consider that in the past 10 to 20 yearswe have decreased our caloric intake of food byapproximately ten percent, yet obesity actuallyincreased over the same period of time. Consider alsothat Chinese people eat 20 percent more thanAmericans but have 25 percent less obesity. In fact, astunning report out of Harvard University publishedin May, 1988 in the American Journal of ClinicalNutrition states that in 8 out of 10 studies world-wideof the eating habits and weight of thousands, peoplewho ate more actually weighed less, and only a partof that difference was attributable to exercise!
  7. 7. You can see, then, that a logical way to lose weight mightwell be to EAT MORE. In this book, youll learn how tolose weight by eating all you want. Youll see how thelatest scientific evidence suggests that in the long run youMUST eat more in order to weigh less!This concept has been demonstrated in many experienceswith my patients. One of them, Arthur H., was 61" andweighed 290 pounds when he first came to me for help.The first week on the Eat More Diet, Arthur lost 12pounds--more than a pound a day! In the first threemonths Arthur lost 62 pounds, and he kept it off whileeating more than he ever had in his
  8. 8. Whats even better is that because this is not a fooddeprivation diet, as are most other diets, theres lesschance for yo-yo dieting. No more eating tinyportions of food or a stale powder for a period oftime -- losing weight -- and then gorging yourselfwhen the diet period is over -- only to gain the
  9. 9. When I first saw Jane N., a 53-year-old secretary, sheweighed 155 pounds. (She was only 51" tall and hernormal weight was 105 pounds.) In six months, Janelost 44 pounds--and she wasnt even trying to loseweight! Whats even more remarkable is that itsbeen five years since she lost the weight, and she haskept the weight
  10. 10. A lot of people--including Jane, Arthur and otherpatients--have already demonstrated this. Another ofmy patients, Janice M. went on the program and lost42 pounds in six months, and she was also on the dietfor health reasons, not for weight loss! Kevin D. lost53 pounds in four months. And for the first time inhis life, he was on a diet that never left him hungry!IF THEY CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
  11. 11. I emphasize the positive aspects of the Eat More Dietbecause its important that you realize that you haventpicked up just another `quick fix diet book. The troublewith diets is that you get "on" a diet, and eventually youllget "off" of one. Approximately 90 percent of all peopleregain every pound theyve lost when they get "off" theirdiet. By contrast, the Eat More Diet is designed so thatyou can fully incorporate it into every aspect of your lifeand stay slim for good!
  12. 12. Earl M. started on the program in 1988. I closely monitored himfor 30 days during which time he learned the principles of theEat More Diet. At first, he was skeptical. "Its practically theopposite of what other doctors have told me," he said. But a fewweeks into the program, he was saying, "I cant believe howsimple it is--and it really works!" In that time, Earl lost 21pounds. He learned how to choose and prepare foods, andlearned to make certain he ate till he was completely full.Earl continued the program on his own and 3 months laterwhen he came in for another check-up, I was delighted tosee that he had lost an additional 38 pounds. One yearlater he had lost 20 pounds more and was holding steady.He lost a whopping total of 79 pounds, and hes kept offevery bit of
  13. 13. Jane N. proudly tells me, "My friends dont recognize meany more." Like the rest of my Eat More Diet patients, shehas incorporated the Eat More Diet program into her life.At 49 years old, Jane was convinced she was going to beoverweight forever. To make things even more difficult,she worked long hours at her government job, spent mostof her work-time at a desk, and had trouble getting muchexercise. "But Ive not only lost 44 pounds on the Eat MoreDiet program," she now says, "Ive gone from size 10dresses to a size 4!" She also looks ten years younger thanshe did five years ago, when she first started on theprogram, and she hasnt gained back even one
  14. 14. In the Eat More Diet program, well translate recentscientific studies to practical action as you discover how toachieve your ideal body weight while also maximizingyour health. Since at least six of the ten leading causes ofdeath are diet-related you will also reap the added rewardof decreasing your risks of many serious diseases.And--youre going to enjoy eating as much as you wantwhile doing all this!Startling, isnt it? And perhaps hard to accept, after alifetime of listening to the propaganda that you have todeprive yourself in order to be slim. But--startling ornot-- this book will show you how to "eat yourself slim"!
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