Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (updated2) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) - Lulu


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Buy Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (updated2) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews."

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Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (updated2) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) - Lulu

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT © 2009 TERRY SHINTANI, MD, JD, MPH, KSJ Lose Weight While You Sleep™ WebHealthForYou.com
  2. 2.  Many people today suffer from the ill effects of being overweight. The extra pounds can rob us of energy, affect the quality of our daily life, and put us at high risk for serious health challenges like diabetes and heart disease.  Sadly, although many people want to do something about their weight…not nearly enough people to achieve their goals. But you‟re different. The moment you decided to buy this book, you started an important process that can literally change your life. And I know it probably wasn‟t easy! WebHealthForYou.com
  3. 3.  After all, “Lose Weight While You Sleep” sounds like a joke doesn‟t it? When you saw the title did you ask yourself…“What‟s the punch line???”  The serious truth is that you really can lose weight while you sleep…once you know some of the simple techniques of the Eat More, Weigh Less® Diet WebHealthForYou.com
  4. 4.  The good news is that those techniques and the science behind them are in your hands right now..  It‟s a plan of action that will let you turn your body into a naturally efficient calorie-burning system.  Why is it so important that you „go for the burn‟ with calories?  Simple . . .If you burn more calories, you can Eat More, Weigh Less®. WebHealthForYou.com
  5. 5.  Now, if you‟re worried that ramping up your daily calorie- burn is going to take a lot of time and effort, you can breath a sigh of relief. Because the beauty…the „miracle‟ actually of the Eat More, Weigh Less Diet is that it is as easy as anything could be! I'm going to teach you how to lose weight while you're asleep! WebHealthForYou.com
  6. 6. Defining Terms  Let me clarify what I mean when I say, “lose weight while you sleep.” If you can harness your body‟s metabolism…its calorie-burning capabilities…you can make it work for you 24 hours a day. (Some people call this re-setting your “setpoint,” meaning the rate at which your body burns energy to keep you at a certain weight.)  Your body‟s metabolism can be trained to burn more calories while you are active or inactive, while you are talking to friends or sitting and watching TV. So it‟s no joke that you can train your metabolic rate to burn more calories even while you SLEEP so you can Eat More, Weigh Less! WebHealthForYou.com
  7. 7. YOUR FAT FURNACE  Knowledge without action yields no results. So I‟ve made it easy for you to follow-up on what you learn. I‟ve developed a „checklist‟ of practical suggestions in the form of 63 simple things you can do.  I‟ve distilled concepts down to their essence and presented them in summary form so you can easily apply these principles right away. WebHealthForYou.com
  8. 8. What’s Going On Here?  How does it all work? Let‟s start with the basics. Let me first explain how your body burns calories and fat. Your body is always burning calories (energy) to some degree, even when you're sleeping.  You need energy in order to keep your breathing, heartbeat, and other body systems functioning. This energy comes from the food you eat and from nutrients you‟ve already stored in your body. WebHealthForYou.com
  9. 9.  You don't have to be thinking about what you're doing, or worrying about it. If you make a few preliminary adjustments, your Fat Furnace will work by itself, burning off calories automatically morning, noon, and (oh yes!)…while you sleep at night! WebHealthForYou.com
  10. 10. Focus on Factors You Can Fix  The scientific explanation of how we automatically burn calories is actually quite simple. Scientists have identified five major factors that determine how many calories we burn while we are at rest (1) (including while we are asleep). These factors control the setting of our Fat Furnace by determining the rate at which our bodies burn calories, including fat. WebHealthForYou.com
  11. 11.  One of these factors can't be changed and that‟s your hereditary metabolic rate (1,2,3). This rate is genetically determined, and try though you might, you can‟t change it. Everyone has a different genetically determined metabolic rate and - just as you might have suspected - this gives some people the edge when it comes to weight control. This is why some people never seem to gain weight, no matter what they eat, while others seem to eat very little and are nevertheless overweight. WebHealthForYou.com
  12. 12. But hold on!  Although you can‟t change your hereditary metabolic rate, you can overcome its affect on your weight to a large degree. . So while “overweight runs in my family” is a great excuse, there is so much you can do to maintain a healthy weight in spite of familial or genetic tendency.  What you eat and how you exercise can be changed…for the better! WebHealthForYou.com
  13. 13. Doing What Comes Naturally  Fight back! The best thing you can do to compensate for a familial or genetic tendency to be overweight is to be proactive and maximize the 7 Natural Fat Burning Factors that I‟ve outlined for you in this guide. WebHealthForYou.com
  14. 14. You’ll learn 7 natural fat burning factors and 7 natural fat burning strategies related to… 1.Your Sleep RDA – sleep more to weight less 2.Too Much of A Good Thing – unhealthy sleep patterns 3.How Much You Eat – it‟s not all about the calories! 4.What You Eat – food choices and food combining for better metabolism 5.Flexing Your Muscle Mass – how much muscle you retain and its impact on calories 6.Play Your Pounds Away – fat burning from active fun 7.Nutritional Supplementation – the good news (and bad) WebHealthForYou.com
  15. 15. For more information go to: WebHealthForYou.Com Or DrShintani.Com Or Hawaii Diet Cookbook 2013 (updated2) by Dr.Terry Shintani (Paperback) - Lulu WebHealthForYou.com