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Innovation Across Borders - Session 8 thomas strodtbeck
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Innovation Across Borders - Session 8 thomas strodtbeck


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  • 1. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. (Supra)national Intermediary Systems Facilitating Inward Investments and Cross-border Business Development (Push and Pull Strategies)
  • 2. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Presented by: Tom Strodtbeck Director of International Programs National Business Incubation Association Liverpool, United Kingdom International Headquarters Athens, Ohio USA
  • 3. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved.
    • Presentation in brief
    • Pull strategies are (usually) inward investment strategies
      • Key metric: jobs
    • Push strategies are (usually) business development strategies
      • Key metric: sales
    • Facilitators of push and pull strategies do well to focus on:
      • Key business relationships in the new market
      • Education on business culture, and especially, sales and investment strategies
    • Existing home-market business success a plus; regardless, proof-of- relevance is
    • key and should be addressed early in the process
  • 4. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Pull Strategies
    • Strategies designed to facilitate inward investment and business development, key metrics include job creation, investment and tax revenue
    • Successful pull strategy facilitators leverage existing resources:
      • Regional development agencies
      • National trade and investment authorities
      • NGOs
    • Pull strategies identify competitive advantages to facilitate deal flow:
      • Market and capital access
      • Geographic, cultural, and sector advantages
  • 5. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Pull Strategies
    • The US Market Access Center, San Jose, California
    • Market access
      • California, US.
    • Geographic advantage
      • Located near large urban areas:
    • San Francisco, LA, San Diego
    • Sector dynamics
      • Technology
    • Capital access
      • 50% of US venture deals
    • Other
      • Cultural connections
  • 6. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Pull Strategies
    • Cultural relationships
    • Center for Innovation, Grand Forks, ND, USA
    • Cultural connections
      • Bruce Gjovig
    • Professional relationships
    • Montpelier Agglomeration, Montpelier, France
    • Professional network/MOUs: Tacoma, New York, China
    • Services available in French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German and Chinese
  • 7. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Push Strategies
    • Business development strategies designed to help local businesses expand into international markets: key metric is sales
    • Pretty much EVERYONE wants to do this!
    • Lots of government support:
      • Export Development Canada ( )
      • United Kingdom Trade and Investment ( )
      • European Union Market Access Database ( )
      • US National Export Initiative ( )
    • Challenge: finding reciprocal partnerships
  • 8. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Push Strategies
    • Technology Business Accelerators (TechBA), Mexico
    • Founded in 2004 to support top tier innovative companies in bringing products into international markets
    • Identified top innovation ecosystems:
      • San Jose/Silicon Valley; ICT, Green tech
      • Detroit: Automotive
      • Austin, Texas: ICT, Telecom
      • Phoenix: Energy, Logistics
      • Vancouver: Multimedia
      • Montreal: Aerospace
      • Madrid: Aerospace, ICT
    Each TechBA office identifies Regional innovation partners. As an example, the IC2 Incubator in Austin; US Market Access Center in San Jose.
  • 9. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Push Strategies
    • Initial Acceleration:
    • Market readiness
    • Investment readiness
    • Education:
      • Business culture
      • Sales culture
      • Investment culture
    • Mentoring
    • Business matchmaking
    • Sell! Sell! Sell!
  • 10. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Push Strategies
    • TechBA Lessons Learned:
    • The international (?) challenge of connecting technologists to business talent
    • Businesses that are primarily grant funded are suspect of private equity deals; education needed
    • Mentoring and coaching just as important as educational programs
    • Business matchmaking a key service of TechBA offices
    • Special emphasis on sales: sales culture, sales process, and getting sales.
    Results so far: 633 companies served $ 106 million (US) in transactions 3500 jobs created Source:
  • 11. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. One final thought… People do business with people.
  • 12. ©2009, NBIA. All rights reserved. Thank you! Tom Strodtbeck Director of International Programs National Business Incubation Association Liverpool, United Kingdom [email_address] Skype ID: tom_strodtbeck