Masdar City Overview - Project Development Overview - Toronto
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Masdar City Overview - Project Development Overview - Toronto



The vision of Masdar City (the world’s first zero-carbon city to be created before 2020) was shared by the Masdar City team at a September 16, 2009, business-to-business seminar held at MaRS.

The vision of Masdar City (the world’s first zero-carbon city to be created before 2020) was shared by the Masdar City team at a September 16, 2009, business-to-business seminar held at MaRS.

The seminar attracted nearly 70 cleantech suppliers, green technology leaders, government policy makers and sector funders. This presentation is an overview of the Masdar City project for this seminar.



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Masdar City Overview - Project Development Overview - Toronto Masdar City Overview - Project Development Overview - Toronto Presentation Transcript

  • Masdar City Project Development Overview © September 2009 © January 09
  • Agenda   Masdar Initiative   Masdar City Design and Build Overview   Masdar’s Business Model   Life in Masdar City
  • Masdar’s Mission is clear To turn Abu Dhabi into an international hub for renewable Support the development, energy commercialization and adoption of sustainable technology around the Mission globe Foster the development of a knowledge-based economy in Abu Dhabi View slide
  • Masdar Units The world’s first carbon- Masdar neutral, zero-waste city City Graduate-level institution focused on Masdar advanced energy Invest in Institute and sustainable production assets Industries technology and develop Masdar’s High -Tech solar cluster Portfolio of renewable Utilities & Asset Develop a portfolio of energy operating Carbon Management assets and strategic Management CDM projects and a investments CCS network in Abu Dhabi View slide
  • Industries Unit The Mandate – Solar Manufacturing Cluster   Develop a 4 sq. km solar cluster in Abu Dhabi   ‘Kick-start’ local renewable sector   Apply scale and leverage on Abu Dhabi's location and infrastructure •  to compete globally •  diversification of Abu Dhabi Masdar PV – Germany & Abu Dhabi   Production of thin film PV modules   US$ 600 million for 1st phase of development   210 MW production facilities in Germany and Abu Dhabi   German facility is fully operational   Abu Dhabi facility going live 2010
  • Carbon Management Unit Carbon Monetization (CDM Projects)   Drive the progress of a low carbon economy   10MW PV Plant is UN registered   100MW CSP Plant is UN registered   8 other projects in the UN registration pipeline, 9 others under development   Working on projects in the UAE, Bahrain, Nigeria and Uzbekistan Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)   Reducing Abu Dhabi’s carbon emissions   National CCS network (300km)   CO2 capture from industrial emission sources   Injection into mature oil reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery EOR
  • Utilities & Asset Management Unit Current Projects   WinWinD – €120m direct investment , wind turbine manufacturer   Torresol – JV with Sener, CSP   London Array Joint Venture with E.ON & Dong to build the world’s largest wind farm   100MW CSP plant in Abu Dhabi – Shams 1   500MW Hydrogen-fired power plant   25MW Sir Bani Yas Island wind farm   Seychelles wind farm project – to provide 25% Mahe Island energy needs
  • Masdar Clean Tech Fund Masdar Clean Tech Fund I-$250m $190 million in direct investments in clean tech companies $60 million is invested in leading funds focusing on cutting-edge clean technology By Stage By Sector Early Stage Fund ($1-3m) Investments Solar 25% Growth Stage 30% 35% ($5 – 12m) 45% Late Stage (~$20m) Other 30% Water 15% 20% Coming Soon….Masdar Clean Tech Fund II
  • Masdar Institute In partnership with: Graduate Level Institute   Offers Masters and PhD programs in science and engineering disciplines, focused on alternative energy and sustainable development   Courses have commenced: 98 students from 22 countries   Located in Masdar City   Full financial aid package for all students 
  • World Future Energy Summit Over 18,000 attendees from the renewable energy industry in 2009
  • Zayed Future Energy Prize Honoring those who have made the greatest contribution to renewable energy and sustainable living. 2009 Winner: Mr. Dipal Chandra Barua - Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh 2009 Finalist: Dr. Martin Green – Photovoltaic (PV) Research, Australia
  • Home of IRENA   The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organization focusing on renewable energies   The overarching goal of IRENA is a rapid transition towards the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy worldwide   The IRENA HQ will be located in Masdar City in the Masdar HQ building
  • Contributing to the entire life cycle • Masdar • Masdar Clean Tech Fund asdar investments • M Institute • Direct Investments • Manufacturing • Deployment
  • Agenda   Masdar Initiative   Masdar City Design and Build Overview   Masdar’s Business Model   Life in Masdar City
  • What is Masdar City? A Sustainable City providing the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint.   Cleantech Cluster   100 % Renewable Energy   Zero Waste   Carbon Neutral   Fossil Fuel Free Zone
  • United Arab Emirates •  The United Arab Emirates is strategically The UAE provides access to the World... located at the crossroads between the east and west •  A gateway to the Middle East and North Africa, the Indian Sub-continent and Europe UAE Fast Facts Population (2009): 4,800,000 Surface Area: 83,600 km² ... And links developed to emerging GDP per capita (2008): $40,000 USD countries Exports (2008) $210,500 USD (millions) Imports (2008): $145,800 USD (millions) Major Trading Partners China (13.5%) (2008, % of Imports) India (9.8%) East USA (9.2%) West Source: United Nations
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE •  Political and Resource capital of the UAE •  Abu Dhabi generates 60% of the UAE’s GDP and is home to 40% of the population •  Masdar is taking the lead with the Abu Dhabi’s 7% Renewable Energy target by 2020 Abu Dhabi Fast Facts Population: 930,000 GDP per capita: $64,300 USD Annual Tourists: 1,800,000 Residential Units: 180,000 (approx.) Office Space : 1,400,000 m² Industrial Space: 4,000,000 m² Source: Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, EIU Map: ameinfo
  • Masdar City Location
  • Masdar City Aerial View Total population of 90,000 40,000 residents 50,000 business commuters
  • Traditional Arabic City Design Fez   Narrow streets   Natural shading   High Density/Low Rise Living   Public spaces   Mixed Use   Walkable
  • Passive Design reduces Demand Natural Wind Towers Northeast/Southwest Roof – Day Shading Orientation
  • Masdar City Layering PV roof Building plots Raised street level Abu Dhabi metro Wind Primary PRT Tower infrastructure
  • Mobility Grid Car Parks Car Parks LRT LRT PRT PRT Car Park Car Park ( outside) ( outside)
  • Integrated Mobility   Walking, electric vehicles, cycling, PRT and LRT are the modes of transportation within Masdar City Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) PRT Fast Facts PRT Vehicles: 3,000 PRT Stations: 85-100 FRT Vehicles 810 PRT Trips per day: 135,000 Max. Walking Distance to 150m PRT Station: Interior view of the PRT LRT Trips per hour: 5,000 people
  • 10MW Photovoltaic Plant  5MW thin-film  5MW monocrystalline  Registered under the UN’s CDM programme In partnership with:
  • Masdar City is Under Construction Masdar Institute - Phase 1a 45,000 sq.m August 2009
  • Masdar City is Under Construction Masdar Institute - Phase 1a 45,000 sq.m August 2009
  • Agenda   Masdar Initiative   Masdar City Design and Build Overview   Masdar’s Business Model   Life in Masdar City
  • Masdar’s Business Model Cleantech Cluster Positive Business Green Living Environmen t R&D and Association Business with Masdar Incubation Access to Markets
  • Cleantech Cluster Availability of capital sources to Involvement with leading grow businesses (e.g. Masdar research and industry best Clean Tech Fund) practice Knowledge Access to a community of venture Continuous formal and capital firms specializing in informal information sharing funding and incubating across the city Cleantech Capital Talent Access to extended supply The expertise of the Masdar chains through cluster of Institute’s faculty and Cleantech companies in Masdar graduates Markets A pool of skilled labour with Benefit from the ‘One-Stop -Shop’ approach for Cleantech expertise in Cleantech that companies will be attracted to Masdar City
  • Green Living Corporate Residents Tenants Traditional Arabic Fulfill corporate design with sustainability community spaces responsibilities and green areas Masdar City is Highly developed powered by 100% Developed by: mobility solutions – renewable energy only 150m from the sources and nearest link committed to zero net waste output Adoption of the “One The city will contain Planet Living” the latest in green principles developed infrastructure (eg. by BioRegional and Computing facilities) WWF
  • Association with Masdar
  • Access to Markets •  Potential for Masdar long-term City deals and partnerships •  Participation in UAE the dynamic UAE economy •  Access to the growing GCC markets in the GCC region •  Gateway to the expanding Asia markets in India and China
  • R&D and Business Incubation Research & Business Development Incubation Access to Access to the sources of Masdar Institute capital from the VC community Access to skilled Support from IP labour from the rights and legal Cleantech advice cluster Ideal Availability of environment to leading-edge pilot new research technologies and facilities test ideas
  • Business & Regulatory Environment Free Zone Status 0% taxes for companies and individuals 0% import tariffs into the Free Zone 100% foreign ownership No restrictions on capital movement Trade without a local sponsor Hire expatriate staff Access to students from the Masdar Institute
  • Agenda   Masdar Initiative   Masdar City Design and Build Overview   Masdar’s Business Model   Life in Masdar City
  • Masdar HQ - Exterior
  • Masdar HQ - Interior
  • Masdar City Centre - Day
  • Masdar City Centre - Night
  • Public Space - Green Fingers
  • Masdar City - Streetscapes
  • Masdar City – Terrace
  • Looking for Partners….. “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”….Henry Ford
  • Thank you! Ryan Scott Tompkins Associate, Business Development Property Development Unit T: +971 2 653 1028 Masdar – Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company P.O. Box 54115 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates