Beyond the Buzz: How to leverage the social web


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This session will discuss the tools currently at our disposal to help communicate, market, create community and brand awareness. Whether you come from a company, nonprofit organization or campaign perspective, this talk will be relevant in showing how communication has changed and why, more than ever, it is important to be strategic about getting your voice and ideas heard.

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Beyond the Buzz: How to leverage the social web

  1. 1. Follow or Tweet: #ent101
  2. 2. Beyond the Buzz How to leverage the social web By: Lisa Torjman, Associate, MaRS Discovery District January 27, 2010
  3. 3. AN INTRODUCTION – Why we’re here today
  4. 4. Hi, my name is Lisa 1.  Help run the Social Innovation Generation at MaRS program, which includes a social entrepreneurship program 2.  Creator of Net Change Week 3.  Work background in social marketing 4.  Academic background in cultural theory & semiotics 5.  Today’s focus: The Social Web…Caveat: I am not a “social media maverick”
  5. 5. There is no silver bullet BUT [strategy + tools + tactics] many new ways to create impact
  6. 6. Nice to meet you, ENT101 audience 1.  Coming from a multitude of disciplinary and work backgrounds 2.  Variety of entrepreneurial activity – a company, an organization, a campaign or event 3.  Came together today around a common interest 4.  We all have a different working knowledge of the “social web”
  7. 7. SETTING THE SCENE – the current communications paradigm
  8. 8. INDUSTRIAL/BROADCAST “we tell you”
  9. 9. Demand for better systems & shift in expectations
  10. 10. INTERACTIVE “Tell us what you think of what we tell you”
  11. 11. A new paradigm emerges when the current systems are rendered insufficient for the level at which we’re operating www.information_overload_as_driver/ofchange
  12. 12. SOCIAL “Talk amongst yourselves”
  13. 13. Overwhelmed?
  14. 14. This is not a strategy
  15. 15. The social web: how people socialize or interact with each other throughout the World Wide Web
  16. 16. How has the social web changed information? Consider the following…
  17. 17. INTUITIVE Distributed, self- organized systems instead of one centralized channel gives us more meaningful information.
  18. 18. DEMOCRATIZED A world in bits has changed how information is controlled
  19. 19. VALUABLE We’ve created the “link economy.” Making things linkable has changed the face of media, the way information can be searched and how we value it – Mathew Ingram, tech & business journalist
  20. 20. OPEN transparent, authentic, shared, remixed, collaborative co-created
  21. 21. VIRAL Copying and spreading information has never been easier or faster
  22. 22. MEASUREABLE Metrics & analytics give new level of detail in real time
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITY With the web as our window, we can now bear witness to change as it happens and to a detail like never before
  24. 24. CASE STUDIES – leveraging the power of the social web
  25. 25. “Because the world needs to know” •  350 Campaign: Open-source, people-powered •  350 parts per million is the safe level of C02 in our atmosphere. Any higher, the Earth is overheating •  350 is a # that transcends race, religion, nationality •  350 is the kernel and it is the whole story •  Based on a precedent Step It Up 2007 •  350 is “The most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history” – CNN
  26. 26. The World Responded
  27. 27. Hope. Action. Change. •  Obama Campaign: Make it personal to more people •  MyBO is the online mechanism that personalized the Obama campaign •  MyBO delivered information based on the hyper- segmentation of the audience, making data relevant by making it hyper local •  MyBO made it easy for online users to take offline action •  MyBO gave incentives: it charted your $ raised where everyone could see. Heaviest users got more rewards (like SMS texts before news broke to mainstream media) •  Obama’s campaign raised: $745M (33% offline, 67% online) compared to McCain’s ~$360M
  28. 28. “Get Local! Create your MyBO Account”
  29. 29. This is Amy, she’ll give you a tour
  30. 30. Hi Nicole, Hello James
  31. 31. The Apple consumer as environmental activist •  An open source campaign that mimicked the Apple brand, not Greenpeace brand •  Mobilized the Apple consumers to pressure Steve Jobs •  Apple consumers became ambassadors of the greener apple message •  Green My Apple online hub: a platform for consumers to create and remix their own Green My Apple ads •  Viral campaign: Using large scale platforms to publish their artifacts, everything is cross-posted to heavy- traffic sites like Flickr and YouTube •  Within 9 months of the campaign launch, Steve Jobs announces Apple to create greener product
  32. 32. Brand Remix
  33. 33. To Steve, from Brian
  34. 34. Ultimate consumer-centered approach •  Adopted a new strategy in reaction to the company’s inability to deal with customer feedback •  Dell can gauge which ideas are most relevant to customers •  Co-creation with customers •  Variety of ways to engage with the company & products: Ideas, Blogs, Videos, Discussions •  From closed corporation to accessible company •  Understood how to leverage their following to their best advantage
  35. 35. If we’re not on Twitter, there won’t be talk about us on Twitter
  36. 36. “Dell sucks”
  37. 37. How can we best service the community?
  38. 38. How can we best leverage the community?
  39. 39. Another case using
  40. 40. NEW CASE STUDY - how STAN can do it
  41. 41. User designed experiences •  Starbucks first social media website is a way for the company to get consumers to design their best coffee-going experience •  Co-create the future of the company with customers •  Cheap & strategic: a way for Starbucks to get more feedback, achieve a higher degree of openness and get some great new ideas •  Variety of ways to engage with the company & products: Share, vote, discuss, see •  75,000 ideas submitted in less than 6mos, thousands of votes, hundreds of comments
  42. 42. NEW CASE STUDY - how YOU can do it
  44. 44. Important take-aways •  It’s about people – trust & relationships •  Understand “people-powered” and WHY you want to leverage the social web •  Brand integrity: Authentic, consistent, easy? •  Experiment! Low/No barrier to entry, low/no cost •  Old tricks work too! Storytelling, incentives & competition •  Know how to measure what you put out there (the afterglow…)
  45. 45. And remember… •  There is no silver bullet, so “If you build it, they will come” does not apply here.
  46. 46. Where to start? Read, Follow, Attend, Inspire! •  Groundswell, Here Comes Everybody, What Would Google Do? Wikinomics, Facebook Cookbook •  Follow Idea Leaders: Clay Shirky, Jeff Jarvis, Jay Goldman, Don Tapscott, Beth Kanter •  Free resources: NetSquared toolkit, Slideshare •  Attend web-enabled events: MaRS’ Net Change (June 7-11, 2010), Changecamp, Ho-hoTO, Tweet-ups •  Inspiration download: Pass around great links regularly, like
  47. 47. Come to Net Change! June 7-11, 2010 HUB + + + 30 COLLABORATORS + ONLINE COMMUNITY + 2,000 PARTICIPANTS EQUALS
  48. 48. Shout-outs! Jon Warnow, StepItUp, 350 Rahaf Harfoush, Yes We Did Beka Economopoulos, Fission Strategy Jay Goldman, Rypple Thanks & be in touch! Lisa Torjman @lisatorjman