B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips - MaRS Best Practices
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B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips - MaRS Best Practices



Have you mastered the fundamentals of sales strategy for a growing B2B organization? Want to refresh your skills? ...

Have you mastered the fundamentals of sales strategy for a growing B2B organization? Want to refresh your skills?

This presentation covers the ins and outs of these best practices:

* Creating the right value proposition
* Choosing the best target
* Understanding how to reach your partners and customers
* Navigating the steps of the sales process
* Using tools to help with the close
* Leading the sales team



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B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips - MaRS Best Practices B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips - MaRS Best Practices Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation forB2B Sales Strategy: Insider Tips March 22, 2012 @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Agenda•  Introduction•  Value Proposition•  Targets•  Sales and Marketing•  Tactics•  Process Tools•  CRM•  Forecast•  Managing the Team•  Compensation•  Great Resources•  Follow-up items @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Introduction•  Mark Elliott co-founder•  VA Partners provides Part-time Sales and Marketing•  15+ Years of Sales and Marketing•  Created a $600,000 annual annuity stream for a finance company•  Grow Financial client from 1 to 44 customers and double revenue•  Close over $100,000 in sales directly from Social Media Leads•  Booked over 70 meetings using Social Media•  New clients for web based company increased revenue by 50%•  Worked with 50 clients over 5 years @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca View slide
  • Sales gets a bad reputation@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca View slide
  • Value Proposition •  What benefits are you selling? •  Revenue increase •  Cost reduction •  Productivity improvement •  Avoid something bad •  Quantify the benefit •  Selling through a channel •  Multiple Value Propositions •  How are you different vs. your competitors@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Targets •  Where do your benefits best match-up? •  Vertical focus •  Horizontal focus •  Leverage knowledge and success to own a market segment •  Best contacts within a company •  Could be multiple •  All organizations don t work the same way •  Call high in the organization@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales and Marketing •  Work in Alignment •  Segment target markets •  Marketing to support sales •  Web •  Brochures •  Presentations •  Social Media •  New Content: Blog •  PR •  Traditional Media •  What is a good lead •  Measure your activities@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales Tactics •  Research •  Social Media •  Web •  Jigsaw •  Linkedin •  Leverage 2nd •  Status Updates •  Twitter •  Regular Updates •  Reach out through Twitter •  Targeted Email •  Warm/Cold Calling@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales Process Tools •  Path to Sales Success •  Meeting plans •  Who are you meeting Prospecting •  Why do they want to meet? Qualifying •  Goals •  Next Steps Proposing •  Activity targets Closing •  Handling objections •  Sales deliverables Roll-out •  Brochures •  Presentations •  Proposals •  Web update@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales CRM •  Accounts •  Contacts •  Activities •  Opportunities •  Notes •  Leads •  Share information@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales Forecast •  Bottom up is best •  Consistent •  Specific opportunities •  Next steps defined •  Hold reps and managers accountable •  Follow-up@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales Team •  Roles are defined •  Expectations •  Support is in place •  Communications plans •  Formal one-on-one •  Team meetings •  Sales meetings •  Management by walking around •  Sales Plan@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Sales Compensation •  Simple •  Measureable •  Salary •  Commission •  Activities •  Meetings •  Proposals •  Demos •  Calls@markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Great Sales Resources Peer2Peer Senior SalesEntrepreneurs Tool Kit Sales 2.0 Book Linkedin Group http://yoursalesplaybook.com http://thesalesblog.com/ @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca
  • Follow-up items•  Presentation will be posted•  Hot Tips•  VA Partners Blog Summary•  Follow-up questions, please contact me @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.ca